15 New Technologies That Will Make Your 2020 Much More Interesting

If you love all things tech, here are 15 great pieces of kit you need in your life.
Christopher McFadden
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Are you looking for some great tech to make your 2020 a fantastic year? Then why not check out some of these great suggestions?


What new cool technology is coming in 2020?

If you are looking for something a little different next year, here are some great gadgets you can get your hands on in 2020.

What are some great new technologies I can buy right now?

If you are looking for some great gift ideas, or just want to make your life a little bit easier, here are 15 great gadgets you can get your hands on right now.

1. Meet the new challenger to Apple's Airpods - Echobeat

Echobeat is the latest generation of wireless earphones out of Silicon Valley who are vying for a cut of the Apple Airpods market. They are the top of the range in quality and are a bit more affordable than their competition.

Echobeat wireless headphones have great ergonomics and do not compromise on sound quality. They work using BlueTooth technology meaning you can run, climb, cycle, or just move around without the fear of them being yanked out of your lugholes by the cable. 

2. FIXD - The micro-car mechanic that will save you a fortune

FIXD is a relatively new innovative gadget that will save you a ton of cash on unnecessary car repairs. It can also help you clear up any doubt what that mysterious "check engine" warning light has appeared again.

Simply plug it into your car's diagnostics port and the little device will tell exactly what the problem is in no time. It only works on cars built since 1996 and has already sold over 50 million dollars in sales in 2018.

3. DroneX is your own personal photographer

DroneX is a new mini-drone that is perfect for any beginner in the world of drones. It is compact, relatively cheap and is just the size of an average smartphone.

Charge the battery, install the app and in within seconds you will be good to go.

4. Xtra-PC breathes new life into old PCs and laptops

If you have an old PC or laptop lying around, or your current one is getting a bit slow, why not try Xtra-PC. This tiny USB drive contains an incredibly fast operating system based on Linux that can bypass your computer's existing sluggish one.

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Simply insert it into a USB port, restart the computer and you are all set. You don't need any other technical skills to use it.

5. Mosquitotron is a non-toxic mosquito trap

Meet Mosquitotron; a non-toxic yet effective mosquito trap. This great little anti-pest gadget will keep you and your family safe from being harassed by these little flying devils. 

It uses UV light to attract and ultimately capture any mosquitoes in your home. Victims are then sucked into the unit and killed by being dried to death.

6. TapNCharge is a great little wireless charging pad

If you are fed up with hunting around your house for that damned charging cable, you might want to consider a wireless charging pad like TapNCharge. Place it anywhere you want in your home, plonk your phone on top and the pad will do the rest.

7. Keysmart might be the future of keychains

2020 new tech keysmart
Source: KeySmart

If you need to carry around a ton of keys in your pocket, you might want to save space by trying out KeySmart. This great little gadget helps you organize and hold your keys in one small, neat package. 

Not only that, you trouser pockets should last the little bit longer too. Win, win. 

8. Turn your phone into a HUD with Vizr

Vizr lets you turn your run of the mill smartphone into a cool Heads-up Display. This will be especially handy if you rely on your mobile device as an in-car GPS. 

Never take your eyes off the road again with this great piece of kit. 

9. Get your own personal car GPS tracker with iTrack

iTrack is a great little device that plugs into your car's diagnostics port to feed you real-time updates about your car's current position. Sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that if your car does mysteriously disappear one day you'll be able to track its location and tell the authorities. 

10. SonicX Pro is the next generation in toothbrushes

2020 tech gadgets sonicX pro
Source: SonicX Pro

Improper or ineffective brushing is the number one cause of many dental problems. This can cost you your hard-earned cash at the dentist as well as impact your quality of life.

Avoid this problem in the future with the next generation in toothbrushes - SonicX Pro. It is 100 times more powerful than other electric toothbrushes on the market. 

11. Muama will make you fluent in any language in no time

Muama might be the translation assistant you have always dreamed of. Becoming fluent in any foreign language takes dedication and a lot of practice so anything that helps speed up the process is of great benefit.

This pocket-sized device lets you speak in our native tongue to any non-speakers anywhere in the world. The device translates vocal sentences into the chosen output language within seconds enabling hassle-free two-way communication.

12. Get your own personal gadget-masseuse

Save a ton of cash on professional masseuses with this great little gadget. NeckMassager will relieve neck and back pain in no time and all from the comfort of your own chair.

Simply slip it on to your neck and let it massage your tired muscles in a soothing and relaxing fashion.

13. Upgrade your old showerhead with Ionic Spa

2020 interesting gadgets ionic spa
Source: dynergy

Ionic Spa is a revolutionary showerhead that was designed by two passionate engineers. It promises to offer you a better showering experience an prevents the buildup of limescale over time. 

It will also reduce your water consumption meaning it will pay for itself over the long run. 

14. Back up and store your photos and videos with PhotoStick

PhotoStick is not just any ordinary USB external storage device. Plug it in, click "Go" and let The PhotoStick find and backup all your precious videos and photos in no time.

It has the capacity to store around 60,000 photos and videos.

15. Keep a check on your health with this new smartwatch

Hot on the heels of other smartwatches that can keep an eye on your vitals comes the latest entry into the market. XWatch is the personal 24/7 health diagnostic gadget that you've always needed.

This new smartwatch has all the features you need in order to keep track of your life – a calendar, and the ability to monitor your vitals at all times. It can even perform an examination of your heart.

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