15 Notable Uses of Exoskeletons from Around the World

Exoskeletons appear to the be future for many industries and our way of life around the world.
Christopher McFadden
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Exoskeletons have long been the things of science fiction. But many private companies and public organizations are currently designing and building them for a variety of applications. 

From helping the disabled to walk once again to building the super-soldiers of the future, exoskeletons are shaping up to be a very real part of our lives in years to come. Here then are some of the most interesting uses of exoskeletons from around the world. 


What are some great uses of exoskeletons from around the world?

So, without further ado, here are some interesting uses of exoskeletons from around the world. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. A Nike-backed company are developing an exoskeleton wearable that makes you faster

An exoskeleton development company back by Nike is producing a wearable that will, they say, help make wearers faster. The company's "exoskeleton" is actually a wearable ankle device that should increase running speed and efficiency by as much as 14%.

"People report that it feels effortless — like you are soaring and flying," Steve Collins, a mechanical engineer at Stanford University, said in an interview

2. This exoskeleton wouldn't look out of place in "Aliens"

Exoskeleton doing a 3 person task from r/EngineeringPorn

This amazing exoskeleton appears to have been inspired by the powerlifters featured in the sci-fi classic "Aliens". They even demonstrate its usability by lifting a missile onto a rack.

Let's just hope bioengineers don't develop a real Xenomorph to match. 

3. This company are currently trialing an exoskeleton to help manual laborers

A Chinese tech company, ULS Robotics, have developed and are currently trialling their new exoskeleton suit. It has been specially designed to help manual laborers perform their tasks with ease. 

4. This exoskeleton-come-wheelchair is designed to help the disabled

Called the "Laddroller" this amazing hybrid between an exoskeleton and a wheelchair might just be the future for the disabled. It is 4-wheel drive in wheelchair mode but is specially designed to help the user "stand" using its posture adjustment feature. 

5. Meet one of the world's first "Racing Mechs"

This amazing exoskeleton, or should we really call it a mech, is the world's first designed for racing, according to its creators. Called "Prosthesis", it weighs an amazing 8,000 pounds (3,629 kgs).

6. This relatively simple exoskeleton is helping paralyzed people walk again

Another great use for exoskeletons is to help those who have lost the use of their own legs. Such initiatives give back the wearer's freedom, mobility, and self-esteem. 

7. This amazing exoskeleton helps the disabled skin up mountains

Called "TWIICE", this amazing exoskeleton has been adapted to help the disabled to skin up mountains. This device will certainly open up a whole new world to those who have trouble even walking. 

8. This hand "exoskeleton" can be controlled with your mind

Scientists at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) are attempting to develop a special "exoskeleton" for the hand that can be controlled using the wearer's brainwaves. 

9. The U.S. Army is currently developing a special exoskeleton to build "super-soldiers"

Many armed forces around the world are also beginning to experiment with exoskeletons. One such is the United States Army who is hoping to build so-called "super-soldiers" with them. 

10. This Indian designer has built his own exoskeleton to help "fight terrorism"

An engineer in India decided to design and build their very own anti-terrorism exoskeleton. Featuring a 9v battery and various "aggressive" features, this is an excellent DIY effort. 

Though its efficacy in the heat of battle is probably questionable. 

11. This expandable exoskeleton is designed to help disabled children walk

exoskeleton use around world child
Source: CISC

This amazing exoskeleton has, like many others, been designed to help the disabled restore some sense of mobility to their lives. The exception is that this one is specifically designed for children and can "grow" with them as they age. 

12. This exoskeleton has been designed to help firefighters tackle blazes

A special exoskeleton concept has been developed to help firefighters in their dangerous task to fight fires. Built using lightweight materials like titanium, it also incorporates various firefighting equipment. 

13. This exoskeleton has been designed to help construction workers

This very special exoskeleton has been designed to help construction workers reduce fatigue and injury in the workplace. By literally taking the weight off their shoulders, exoskeletons like this are likely to be the future of many a construction site around the world. 

14. This exoskeleton has been designed to help people climb stairs

This specially designed exoskeleton has been designed to help people climb stairs. Primarily designed for anyone who is paralyzed, it could also help the old overcome the obstacle of staircases too. 

15. This exoskeleton has been designed to help lift luggage at airports

And finally, this exoskeleton has been designed to help workers at airports move around heavy luggage. This not only saves time but would also provide a safer working environment for staff and your things. 

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