15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'

If you think you could use some practical items, be sure to check our list!
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This year, we have spent most of our time inside. Staying at home was not an option but rather was a necessity. There are a lot of fun activities to do inside, and we have done them during the curfews.

However, the active use of household supplies might have worn out or aged some of our furniture or other common products. Also, during these challenging times, tackling common household problems might have been a drag after a while. Yet, there are a lot of simple products that can make your day and ease your chores.

These life-changing products are not composed of complicated designs and expensive materials but rather are simple touches that are designed to help us in our daily lives.

If you are looking for common household inventions that might be useful for the next year and the rest of your life, be sure to check our list!


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1. Dish Drying Rack - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Surpahs/Amazon

You will love this brilliant multifunction kitchen gadget, especially if you wash your dishes by hand and have limited space to dry them.

You can easily air-dry your tableware, cookware, and glassware. Thanks to its sturdy design, it can hold heavy pods and frying pans.

Also, you can dry vegetables before making a salad instead of waiting for them to dry in a wet salad bowl.

2. Hanging Shower Organizer - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: iDesign/Amazon

Featuring 2 extra-wide storage shelves and 10 hanging hooks, this shower caddy can help you upgrade your bathroom!

Measuring 16"x4"x22.5", this compact but effective caddy might be an excellent way to make use of the limited space in the shower.

The storage shelves will allow you to keep your bathroom necessities such as shampoo, bar soap, and shower gels while the hanging hooks will serve for the storage of razors, loofahs, and sponges. 

3. Sliding Barn Door - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'

In addition to saving space, you can open up multiple rooms without the annoyance of swinging doors with a modern twist on the classical barn door.

Thanks to professional instruction and the customer service team, you will not need any extra help to install this convenient and sleek looking door into your house!

All the necessary hardware is included in the box from door stoppers to floor guides so that you can enjoy this modern touch to your house without a hassle.

4. Stainless Steel Ice Bucket - Buy Now


15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Bellemain/Amazon

Ice buckets are lifesavers on hot days, however, they can also create their own mess. But not this one!

Thanks to the enhanced double-wall insulation, there is no condensation thus no wet messes on your table!
The dual wall also allows ice to stick around much longer.

Its powerful stainless steel design not only makes it a convenient long-lasting item but also serves as a treat to the eyes!

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5. Hardwired Smoke Detector - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: First Alert/Amazon

Here is an item that can literally save your life!

This hardwired smoke alarm can help you keep your family safe and thanks to its battery backup, it will continue monitoring even if there is a power failure.

Its sideload battery compartment, tamper-resistant locking brackets, and universal mounting brackets make this very easy to use and install.

6. Purifying Wood Cleaner - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Guardsman/Amazon

If you have wood furnishings that have built-up residues such as dirt or dried spills, you are in for a treat because you can get rid of them in a matter of seconds without damaging the woodwork thanks to this wood cleaner.

Its convenient foam spray applies easily and deeply to residues and leaves a fresh clean wood behind!

7. Premium Pantry Moth Traps - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Dr. Killigan's/Amazon

Although it may seem a little cruel at first, pantry moths are genuine pets that can carry harmful bacteria.

In order to get rid of the health threat posed by these moths, this pantry moth trap can be at your service!

Infestations of these moths can be a really overwhelming problem and if you want to get rid of them for good, you will need to end the life cycle and this moth trap is designed to ensure that.

8. Anti-Vibration Pads - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: STEADY-PAD/Amazon

It is frustrating to have furniture or apiece of equipment that is not steady.

If you have a table with a shaky leg, studying on it might be close to impossible.

The same annoying feeling goes for your walking dryer as well. However, you can say goodbye to these problems with this pad!

9. Door Knob Wall Shield - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Xfenvs/Amazon

Not all of us are blessed with gentle touch and hands.

Unfortunately, the doors are swung harshly by those people and the walls behind them are the main victim.
You can stop this with a very easy way though; this transparent doorknob shield can prevent the collision of the door and the wall.

Its soft design prevents noise coming from this collision as well.  

10. Produce Saver - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Bluapple/Amazon

It is not uncommon for vegetables to rot since their shelf life is shorter compared to other foods.

However, you can keep your vegetables fresh for much longer thanks to these blue apples.
Vegetables naturally emit ethylene gas and this paces up the rotting process.

By absorbing the aforementioned gas, this item keeps your food fresher. With these apples, you can save money, eat fresher, and reduce waste!

11. Purp Clip - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: OXO/Amazon

These magnetic all-purpose clips can help you organize your home, office, garage, or workroom.

Its soft, comfortable grip along with strong nonslip mouth holds will allow you to seal bags, post notes, and organize papers.

Made of sturdy plastic, it will last for a very long time the bright colors will give you a boost whenever you see one!

12. Magnetic Pickup Tool - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: RAK/Amazon

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, this awesome tool can come in handy for a variety of purposes from construction to auto repair and other DIY projects.

Its aluminum-alloy body is as sturdy as it is light, and thanks to its energy-efficient LED chip and bulbs, you will have a long-lasting experience with this tool.

Also, its water-resistant capabilities will let you use this item in many activities like fishing or boating.

13. Red Wine Stain Remover - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Wine Away/Amazon

It is unfortunate to spill red wine onto your shirt or over the carpet. None of us want it, but it gets harder and harder as the number of glasses increases.

This product is an impressive remover of red wine stains, and it is formulated to eliminate most stains of red wine from carpets and clothing. It works both on fresh and dried stains.

There is no need for bleach or phosphates anymore! It can also be used for removing other stains like blood, ink, sauce, coffee, and more.

14. Leather Recoloring Balm - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Furniture Clinic/Amazon

If you need to restore faded and scratched leather, this item with 16 different color choices can help you repair leather couches, upholstery, or any genuine product.

Apart from clothing, you can also use this product for different materials like scratched car seats or faded purses.

Having the Good Housekeeping Seal, the brand guarantees your happiness.   

15. Universal Socket Tools - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Hanpure/Amazon

If you have a handyman in your house or you are on your own, this product can help you on so many occasions.

With the ability to instantly adjust to grip hex nuts, square nuts, hooks, crew eyes, tension screws, bolt heads, even worn and damaged heads, you will no longer search for the right screwdriver.

You can save a lot of time and space with this item. It is also a great gift option for those who love repairing! 

16. Bulb Changer Kit - Buy Now

15+ of the Most Practical Household ‘Problem-Solvers'
Source: Ettore/Amazon

Changing a light bulb might look easy but reaching to the ceiling is too much of an effort sometimes.

Also, it can get dangerous if you try climbing up to a high ladder, and getting electrocuted is always a probability if you are changing the bulb with your bare hands.

It is best to stay on the safe side and this kit can be a great option for you to do so!

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