15 Weird Yet Brilliant Japanese Inventions

Japan is famed for its cutting-edge technology but they sometimes (ahem) get a bit carried away. As these 15 weird yet brilliant Japanese inventions attest.
Christopher McFadden

Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun, is a place where technological development never sleeps. So much so they might just be living in the future but sometimes (ok often) they make some really weird, yet brilliant, inventions.

As you are about to find out sometimes they get a little carried away. But remember for anyone living in the past, like us, stuff from the future might look a bit odd to our eyes.

And, unbelievably, this list excludes any mention of wacky and futuristic vending machines. Below is a compilation video summarising the inventions seen here.

1. Don't get up, this fridge will come to you

Fancy a beer? Please don't get up, have your drink come to you!

Simply 'holla' and this amazing Japanese fridge will dutifully deliver your ice-cold beverage to wherever you're seated. This fridge is possibly the ultimate in convenience and an inspired invention.

But it gets better.

This fridge can also tell you the status of its contents and take your dirty dishes back to the sink. It is the gift that keeps on giving - thank you Japan!

2. Never miss an update with these push-notification glasses

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions glasses
Source: Fun-Iki

These glasses make sure you never need to check your smartphone screen again for notifications. They will prompt you, literally in front of your eyes, every time a text or other notification comes through to you.

This device can also be set to notify you about tasks or any other notices you see fit. To maximize the glasses utility you can even customize each notification type to a particular color.

The glasses also have the capacity to provide audio notifications if you run out of colors, or they distract you too much.

3. Check out this selfie stick with a microphone

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions selfie
Source: SELFIE MIC/Amazon

Let's face it, if any nation was going to perfect the selfie stick it was going to be Japan. After all, they did invent the thing in the first place.

The obvious thing traditional selfie sticks were lacking in was an integrated microphone. This is critical design flaw is now a thing of the past thanks to the people of this great nation.

But why? We hear you ask.

Well, the Japanese tend to use this device to record videos of themselves singing. Apparently, it's a big thing over there.

Frankly, this invention is a little weird but is actually brilliant too.

4. This USB mini-washing machine is inspired

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions washing machine
Source: japantrendshop

Have you a need for a small washing machine that can be plugged into your computer? Wouldn't it be handy to have such a device to clean your glasses or waterproof watches as you work?

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Well, the Japanese have beaten you to it and invented it already. This little table top washing machine can complete its cleaning cycle in as little as 2 minutes, right before your very eyes.

You'll need to add some water, obviously, but otherwise just plug it in and turn it on. Obviously be careful not to knock it over whilst filled and operational - that might just spoil your day and your computer for that matter.

5. Your life is now complete with this butter grater

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions grater
Source: Cooks Innovations/Amazon

We all have those moments we when we feel our lives just aren't as good as they could be. Something is missing, but what is it?

Could it be, perhaps, that your life has a butter grater shaped hole in it? Well fret no longer, the Japanese have your back.

Now you can butter your toast with ease and feel at peace with the world. But seriously, is this lazy or the epitome of convenience?

We just can't decide.

6. The infamous head umbrella

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions umbrella
Source: Amazon

This Japanese invention is something of a legend. It has been around for some time now and is a classic example of very practical headwear.

Japan is subject to frequent showers and typhoons and they tend to go through a lot of umbrellas, as you can imagine. So it was only a matter of time before something like this came along.

It might look a little dorky but it's very useful and, better yet, completely hands-free.

Why not get one for yourself? You'll be the talk of the town (or a laughing stock).

7. Lest we forget the flying umbrella

In an attempt to save its populace from the oppression of using their hands to hold umbrellas, the Japanese also invented the flying umbrella. Millions can thank Asahi Power Services for this ingenious and convenient device - their troubles are now over.

This drone-mounted umbrella actually uses artificial intelligence to hover above its owner as they go about their daily business. Asahi's device could well be the most overengineered solution to a basic problem we've ever seen.

Frankly, it's an awesome idea and one that truly does deserve to succeed.

8. Have you seen these toilet cisterns come with sinks?

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions toilet-sink
Source: Gareth Jones/Flickr

This is another older Japanese invention and one that makes complete sense. The toilet-sink combination cistern has actually been around for over half a century and it's amazing they aren't more common around the rest of the world.

The premise is very simple. Any wastewater from the sink drains into the toilet's cistern ready to be used when you flush the toilet itself!

This is an absolutely brilliant and simple device that deserves a lot more praise. If any architects are reading this we expect to see more of them in our toilets of the future.

9. Eyedrop funnels are truly inspired

#Chindogu #OTheDay:
"Eye Drop Funnel Glasses" - for pupil-point accuracy pic.twitter.com/uIhcLyMgSc

— Cinemania (@RealCinemania) October 24, 2017

The Japanese have successfully solved the problem of inaccurate eye drop deployment. Whilst this issue still plagues the rest of the world, in Japan, it is a thing of the past.

These eyedrop funnel glasses single-handedly ensure you never waste eye drops ever again. Not to mention hit the mark every time.

Whilst they look a little goofy, you'll only really be using these in private anyway. To be honest for anyone who needs to use eye drops on a regular basis this invention is a life saver.

10. The Karaoke muffler saves lives

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions karaoke
Source: japantrendshop

For those of you who are very self-conscious whilst singing the Japanese have invented a Karaoke muffler. This device is compatible with PS3, PC, Wii, and Wii U and allows you to belt out a tune safe in the knowledge no-one will ever hear you.

Of course, for those "Karaoke-phobes" out there this could very well save some lives too.

As to how effective this device is is anyone's guess but the manufacturer claims it reduces noise levels by around 70%.

But wait it gets better. The device's creators claim that by singing full gusto, their device will actually help you lose weight - win, win.

How could anyone resist?

11. Stressed? Why not get yourself a bubblewrap keyring?

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions bubble wrap
Source: Berocia/Amazon

There is nothing more satisfying than a sheet of bubble wrap to pop when you're feeling a little stressed. Sadly sheets run out of bubbles to pop all too quickly.

What would be great is if you could have a never-ending supply of pop-able bubbles without the need to resupply your bubble wrap. Well, thanks to the Japanese now you do.

This bubble wrap keyring does just that giving you bubbles to pop whenever you need them and always at hand. Thank you Japan, we love you!

12. The highly coveted chopstick fan

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions chopstick
Source: Brenden The Fetus/YouTube

Any noodle lover will immediately see the benefit of this weird looking, yet ingenious invention. By adding a small fan to your chopsticks you need not wait for your noodles to cool down on their own.

Simply dig in, turn on and chow down on those delicious noodles without wasting your valuable time waiting. Now all you have to do is think of a way of spending those extra few minutes a day productively.

The Japanese truly are the masters of invention.

13. Check out this battleship inspired scratch T-shirt

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions battleships
Source: chindogu

The Japanese have, apparently, thought of everything. Their ingenuity even stretches to solving the age-old problem of directing third parties to that irritating, out of reach, back itch.

By combining a grid similar to those seen on the game Battleships and a T-shirt you can direct them to the exact location using a little handheld indicator. This T-shirt and accompanying accessory is an absolute essential to any chronic back-itch sufferer.

What an absolutely inspired idea! Japan is simply amazing.

14. Floor cleaning baby grow

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions baby
Source: Verve Jelly/Amazon

It’s a little-known fact that every member of the family is expected to pull their weight in Japan. Being a toddler is no excuse for slacking off, hence the need for this ingenious invention.

Whilst it looks very strange, this parent labor saving device keeps their floors spick and span. Those little monsters are crawling around the floor anyway so why not have them help you out with some household chores?

Seems a fair trade after all you have to spend a small fortune feeding and cleaning them. Good work Japan!

15. Overpriced shaped melons

Weird but Brilliant Japanese Inventions https://images.interestingengineering.com/images/SEPTEMBER/Japan_is_the_future_design_food.jpg
Source: nathui518 / Instagram  

Even Japanese food isn't safe from their incessant need to be inventive. In Japan, you can have your melons grown in any shape you deem fit.

Some of the most expensive forms are cube shaped but you can also have them customized. If you are a fan of anime, pokemon, or anything really, you have them embossed on your watermelons.

Quite astonishing.

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