17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020

If you are curious about what people got themselves this year, take a look at our list!
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Only a few days are left for the next year. Considering this year's ups and downs, it is perfectly normal to have mixed feelings and different expectations from the upcoming year. 
2020 has been hard on almost everybody thus may have not been your favorite year but, still, this year also taught us the importance of little things and being grateful for the things we have. Each of us found our own way to cope with this year; some of us may have chosen to watch films or read books while the others tried to develop new skills.

While holding onto these activities, we also got lost in the world of gadgets and technology, in a good way. What's more preserving our social bonds with one another, continuing our education and much more have been possible this way. Therefore, in order to honor these gadgets that have been by our side in these trying times, we have gathered the most preferred items of 2020.
If you are curious about these products, be sure to check our list. Maybe you will come across something that can be useful for the upcoming years too!


Scroll down for allegiant items that have been helpful in our one year journey!

1. Fire HD Tablet - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Amazon

Tablets have been quite useful in assisting with our daily tasks for work and school. They are portable productivity stations and far more convenient compared to older computers. They are also great for instant meetings! So, the Fire HD tablet with its 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM might be the best option for your daily needs.  

2. Gift Card in a Holiday Gift Box - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Amazon

Choosing a gift for someone is like gambling. You can make them very happy or let them down. The chances for the latter increases if you are not familiar with the person's interests. However, you can show them that you care and let them choose for themselves by giving them a gift card nested in a beautiful gift box! No risks, yes happy faces. 

3. USB Headset - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Mpow/Amazon

This year we have become much more familiar with online meetings, courses, and effective results. It seems, at least for now, that they will be a part of our lives in the future. With 2 connection options to your device and high sound quality, this headset can be a great companion for you in your future calls!

4. Mini Projector- Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: VANKYO/Amazon

We have been mostly in our houses this year and our entertainment options have been inevitably limited. However, there is always an option for those who are looking for it. This projector has enhanced so many people's viewing and gaming experience during the long-lasting lockdowns. Regardless of the circumstances, the projector can also be quite handy for you if you would like a superior viewing experience.     

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5. Noise Cancelling Earbuds - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Bose/Amazon

It is not surprising that wireless earbuds are among the hits of this year and Bose's earbuds with their unrivaled noise-canceling features can show you why it is so. With crisp details, deep, full bass, and 11 levels of noise cancelation modes, you can use this device on almost every occasion. Also, its sleek design might be a great conversation starter.

6. Interactive Self-Balancing Robot - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: WowWee/Amazon

This award-winning, self-balancing interactive robot is here to make your and your child's day with its games, personality, and cold dance moves! Apart from fun games, you can also control this cute robot by using its app, and thanks to its GestureSense technology, it responds to touch, sound, and motion as well!

7. Core Controller - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Xbox/Amazon

Games have always been a fun way to spend some quality time. Take this year for example; how else would you cope with the loneliness? This new controller with a sharper incline on the tops and handles allows your grip to fit around it more snugly. If you have tiny hands or want to play videogames with your girlfriend or little nephew, this controller might be a great option for them. You can also customize and style your controller with these cool designs!

8. GPS Tracker for Vehicles - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Vyncs/Amazon

 Whether you need it for professional reasons or have a rebellious teenage kid that keeps taking the car without your permission, this GPS tracker for vehicles can help you solve your problem! With real-time tracking in almost every country, you can trace your vehicle's whereabouts from your mobile or from the website.

9. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: ThisWorx/Amazon

Cars are like second homes to us. Just like you want your house to be clean and in order, it is perfectly normal to wish the same thing for your car. It may have been frustrating to see floors and carpets getting messy. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem with this portable car vacuum cleaner! Say goodbye to cigarette ashes, pet hair, or any kind of dry or wet messes! You can clean your car just like a professional with this tool in your reach.

10. Dash Cam for Cars - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Ainhyzic/Amazon

 Whether you travel a lot and want to record your journey or just being cautious in traffic, this dash cam can effectively serve your needs. Coming with a special WDR system adjusting the balance in low light or exposure, it will display clear driving conditions regardless of your environment. In the event of any shock, the dash camera will automatically open and start recording for you.

11. Memory Card - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: SanDisk/Amazon

It is frustrating to see the notification that says your storage is almost full. Whether you see this notification on your smartphone, tablet, or MIL camera, you can make sure to never see such a notification with this memory card. With capacities, up to 512 GB and 98MB/s transfer read, this memory card has got your back! 

12. Car Phone Dashboard - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: IPOW/Amazon

If you are traveling a lot by your car, you probably use GPS and other similar map applications to find your way. These days no one seems to remember the street names and there is no reason to as long as you have GPS and a smartphone with you. However, looking at your phone while driving can be quite dangerous if you do not have the necessary materials. This convenient dashboard with its adjustable viewing angle and 4 sticky gel footprints combines comfort with safety!

13. Sky Lite - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: BlissLights/Amazon

Falling asleep under the night sky is something spectacular. However, with so much light in the city and the cold weather, it is quite hard to see the stars and not catch a cold. Still, there is a way for you to sleep under the stars with this laser star projector with LED nebula galaxy. With soothing aurora effects, any room can become a relaxing environment.

14. Gear Bots - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Klutz/Amazon 

These bots can be a perfect way to put a smile on your child's face this Christmas! By using LEGO Technic bricks, you can build 8 physics-driven kinetic creatures. This can be a great toy for future engineers as this STEM toy includes a 64-page book about axles, cams, cranks alongside step-by-step instructions. 

15. Space STEM Flash Card Game - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Qurious/Amazon

Here is an interactive, educational card game for the whole family! Learn about and explore space while discovering its history of human exploration in the most entertaining way possible. With great details, fun facts, and numerous ways to play, this card game can be the new star of family game nights!

16. Echo Buds - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: Amazon

Here is another great earbud option! You will hear crisp and dynamic audio thanks to its premium speakers. Also, these buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, listen to audiobooks, or make calls. You can also access other voice assistants as well. Its sweat-resistant and customizable fit features make this earbud a convenient option for any kind of activity.

17. 50 Things To See With A Telescope - Buy Now

17 of the Most Sold Products in 2020
Source: John A Read/Amazon

You may have got your child a telescope but does s/he know exactly what to look at? Maybe your child sees the same things over and over again when s/he looks through the telescope and might want to break the cycle. If that is the case, this book featuring 50 different objects to see with a telescope can be a great way for your child to engage in the night sky!   

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