The 20 Coolest Inventions of 2016

What are the 20 best inventions from this year? We've compiled our favorites - from the cool and gadgety to the life-saving.
Interesting Engineering

We are back with another list of inventions, but these are the overall best inventions, the ones that made the world better and smarter.

Sometimes the advances can be simple like a smart food bowl to engage your dog or a voice-based alarm. Or they can be profound: An all purpose shelter for persons displaced by armed conflicts and natural disasters.

Regardless of their scope, each of these 20 is extraordinary and worthy of our curiosity. While some of these creations have struggled for years, others took less time. But all have the potential to shake up industries, and even make our daily existences a little bit easier.

And so, without further ado, here are our 20 cool inventions of 2016.

Kobi - the lawnmower robot

What is Kobi?
Lawn mowing would no longer be a concern. Especially, for the people with a huge backyard. Kobi is a lawn mowing robot with a speed of 2 miles per hour that comes with three different capabilities - mowing your lawn, removing leaves and blowing away the snow.

Being an autonomous robot, it can be controlled right from your smartphone. Through an app, the actions like where to go, when to start, and when to stop can be very well controlled. Moreover, Kobi uses a combination of a high-end GPS and several sensors to achieve inch-level positioning accuracy. Every time, Kobi makes sure that it cuts and mulches the lawn a fraction of an inch, and picks up the leaves before they pile up.

While configuring Kobi for the first time, make sure you set the outside perimeters, fixed obstacles (if any), and also the location to dump the waste.

Being a smart robot, Kobi knows when it snows Through a connected weather forecast. Hence, Kobi removes snow a few inches at a time while it is still falling. This makes Kobi energy efficient and self-managing.

An additional and special feature with Kobi is it’s protected by a pin code and has an efficient anti-theft detection. When there is a possibility of theft, it will emit an ear piercing alarm in addition to a warning message to your connected phone. Later, Kobi will enter into “disable mode,” making it useless for everyone else other than you.

Here comes the catch. You can configure the Kobi as per your requirements and also give your valuable feedback for its better performance improvement.

An important point to remember is that the amount of area it can cover will depend on the activity. It can maintain lawns up to 7 acres, pick up leaves within a 3-acre range and remove snow within 0.37 acres. Currently, they are under test phase.

Cost - Price starts at $3,999.

Where to preorder?
You can preorder it on the official website, thekobi.

Watch Kobi in action:

ONO - the smartphone’s 3D printer

What is ONO?
Imagine transforming your old useless mobile phone to a brand new portable 3D printer. Unbelievable! But yes! It’s under the Kickstarter campaign now. ONO converts your smartphone into a portable 3D printer.

With this simple portable device ONO, you can convert your Android or iPhone or Windows phone into a 3D printer and print objects right from your device. All you need is a flat screen smartphone with a touch screen and the installed app. ONO uses the smartphone’s screen as a light source and hardens the resins thereby creating 3D objects layer by layer. in addition, ONO is portable due to the usage of AA batteries.

Moreover, ONO can reach a remarkable resolution of 32 microns along X-Y axis and 50-microns along the Z axis. As the new phones come with better screen resolutions, the ONO can print higher resolution objects.

In addition, through ONO app you can also share your exclusive designs to your friends via message. ONO can build 1 cm in approximately 46 minutes, or 1 inch in approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes, with an iPhone 6.

ONO is a collective effort of erudite involving a struggle for two long years. In 2014, founders Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele initiated the simple and unique idea of an affordable 3D printer for everyone. The aim of ONO is to 'expand the possibilities for innovation and advancement of the technology across the entire spectrum of users.'

Earlier called as OLO, ONO was rebranded as there is another company with the similar name.

The operation is quite simple. Choose a model to print from the ONO App. Pour the patented resin of your choice into ONO and close the cover. Wait for the ONO to finish the rest. The unused resin can be recycled for future prints. Moreover, the resin tank and build plate are removable, thus making it easier for cleaning.

The printing film is also reusable and can be used for up to 10 prints. In addition, ONO is compatible with a variety of other 3D apps.

Cost - $99

Where to buy?
Currently, ONO is under shipping to backers of the Kickstarter campaign, it will be available for sale soon. Follow this official website for more updates.

Watch how ONO works:

Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 - The self-lacing shoe

What is Nike Hyperadapt 1.0?
Tired of tying shoe lace while running for a competition? Then this product is for you. In March 2016, Nike launches its much-awaited breakthrough product. Challenging the traditional shoe lace model, Nike's Hyperadapt 1.0 is a self-lacing shoe which tightens automatically as your heel hits in.

The shoe is an outcome of an extensive research in digital, electrical and mechanical engineering. “When you step in, your heel will hit a sensor and the system will automatically tighten. The two buttons on the side will help you tighten and loosen. You can adjust it until it’s perfect,” explains Tiffany Beers, Senior Innovator, NIKE, Inc., and the project’s technical lead.

In other words, when the shoe is worn, the sensors detect the leg. Based on the algorithmic calculations, a "lace engine" located at the base of the sneaker controls a system of nylon bands which tighten around the foot. During a fly, precise, consistent, personalized lock-down can be manually adjusted, says Nike.

Aiming the minimal distraction for a sportsman and the micro adjustment, this product stands as one among the Time’s best inventions of 2016.

In addition, special features like heel lighten up as an indication to the shoe tightening and also when the batteries need to be charged, are truly incredible. The charging (accomplished with a small clip-on charger) takes three full hours and runs for an entire week.

“It is amazing to consider a shoe that senses what the body needs in real-time. That eliminates a multitude of distractions, including mental attrition, and thus truly benefits performance,” says Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s vice president of design and special projects.

Cost - Starting at $720 from December 01, 2016.

Where to buy?
Visit and the NIKE+ APP for the information regarding the purchase of the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0.

Here's a hands-on look of Hyperadapt 1.0:

MesoGlue - The metallic glue

What is MesoGlue?
Are you worried to hold things which get considerably hot while soldering or welding? Then this innovative product will be a huge relief for you. MesoGlue is a metallic glue which can take up the job of soldering or welding without heating the device.

Intended to fix the heating problem, the metallic glue allows for the attachment of items together with a metal bond, at low temperature, in other words, room temperature. This patented process sounds similar to a glue or tape but gives you the strength and thermal/electrical conductance of a metal bond.

Professor Hanchen Huang of Northeastern University and two of his Ph.D. students - Professor Stephen Station of University of North Florida and Paul Elliott of Northeastern University are the people behind this incredible invention.

“It’s like welding or soldering but without the heat,” says Huang, who is a professor and chair in the Depart­ment of Mechan­ical and Indus­trial Engineering. The professional patent was received through Northeastern University.

MesoGlue can work on anything including a computer’s central processing unit, a printed circuit board, a glass and a metal filament in a light bulb. Moreover, the MesoGlue will reduce the risk of heat damage to the components and also eliminates the complexity of the soldering process.

Although most of the applications concentrate in the electronics industry, the MesoGlue has many other important applications. MesoGlue can be used as a thermal interface material to connect a CPU or other power dense devices to a heat sink. Thereby the MesoGlue eliminates the problems faced with other attachment methods. In addition, they can be used to attach heat-spreaders or silicon dies to aluminum or copper heat sinks. Moreover, materials with any Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTEs) can be hermetically bonded without any size change.They can be also be used to connect pipes or other structural members together.

According to Popular Mechanics, at present MesoGlue can only be used in a laboratory. However, the team is working in developing a commercial version of the product.

Watch an introduction to MesoGlue:

Flyte- The Levitating Light Bulb

What is Flyte?
Flyte is another one among the Time’s best inventions of 2016 list. Powered by the air via induction, Flyte is a levitating light bulb which floats over by magnetic levitation. Except for air, Flyte requires no batteries and power.

The man behind this interesting innovation is Simon Morris who is obsessed in making the objects float. The levitating bulb is a combination of inspiration from Nikola Tesla’s Wireless power transfer and magnetic levitation. Some of his other projects are Concrete (an interactive musical skateboard), Nike Air Max 1 Reinvented (a magnetically levitating Nike sneaker) and Invitation au Voyage (a magnetically hovering skateboard).

This wireless power module transmits about 5V. Moreover, it uses energy efficient LEDs rated at about 50,000 hours, which means 12 hours per day for 11 years! The environment-friendly Flyte comes with a brightness of 60 Lumens and can be used indoor only.

Now there might be a lingering doubt in your mind - but how do I turn it off? The answer is - just a single tap. A capacitive touch sensor is present in the base of the wood. Just touch the wood surface for the light to turn off.

Moreover, an additional feature of Flyte will make you more attracted to it. You may even charge your phone wirelessly through this wood surface. The built-in induction coil will transform the Flyte into a wireless charging base station as you place your phone on the base.

Cost - The cost varies according to the color, base, single bulb and entire two pack. The two pack (bulb and base) starts at $349.

Where to buy?
The bulbs are available for purchase on their official website along with additional information.

Watch the floating Flyte here:

Hello Sense - The ultimate alarm clock

What is Sense?
This innovative product Sense is not only beautiful but also helps you fall asleep, improves and monitor your sleep and wakes you up through voice control. Sense comes with a Sleep Pill, will take sleep monitoring to a next level by also tracking the reason behind your sleep.

No need to carry or wear or charge the Sleep Pill. It can easily clip to your pillow and tracks your sleep using a precision accelerometer. Sense is packed with sensors that monitor the bedroom conditions such as temperature, air quality, VOC, Humidity, light noise, etc. for a better sleep. Especially, Sense plays soothing sleep sounds to cover up night time noise.

Depending upon your sleep cycle, Sense’s Smart Alarm wakes you gently, up to 30 minutes before your set time and even identifies the best time for you to wake up each morning. Moreover, you can connect this device to your compatible devices, control connected lights and adjust the temperature.

Sense is supported on Mobile device with support for BLE 4.0, iOS 8 or later, or Android 4.4 or later. Through the Sense mobile app, you can get detailed breakdown of your sleep cycles and the environment at night. Moreover, you can also know the quality of your sleep. In addition, Sense observes your sleeping patterns and provide you with detailed, and personalized suggestions on how to improve your sleep according to the changes to the environment and routine.

In short, Sense is a smart alarm with a sound machine and sleep monitor. This is also listed among the Time’s best inventions of 2016 list.

Cost - Available in two colors - cotton and charcoal, the starting price is at $149

Where to buy?
Currently shipped within the United States, the sense is available on the official website for sale.

Meet Sense:

Jewelbot - A wearable programming tool for kids

What is Jewelbot?
Jewelbot is a friendship bracelet that teaches kids to code irrespective of prior programming experience or a help from a parent. Using basic engineering logic, these Jewelbots can be programmed to do just about anything thus opening their minds to STEM and reduce the lack of interest. Moreover, this technology-enabled jewelry for tween and teen girls, enhance the way of communication with friends.

Founded by Sara Chipps, co-founder of the national non-profit Girl Develop It, and fashion-tech entrepreneur Brooke Moreland, the Jewelbots are an amalgamation of fashion, technology, and friendship.

Perfect for beginners of age group 7-14, Jewelbots enhance the basis for principles of programming. Jewelbots use Arduino language. Kids can learn how to write their own software through step-by-step tutorials, sample code, articles, and online courses.

In addition, an open source Arduino IDE is also provided, which offers a full-fledged coding experience for pros. Moreover, you can share your code and meet new friends and also engage with like-minded coders. Connect your Jewelbot to a computer and upload a Jewelbot mod or develop your own custom code. Through available coding challenges, kids can test their skills. You can code your bot to light up when a BFF is near or buzz the bot to send messages to a pal across the school.

Kids can connect with up to 8 different friends in addition to assigning a color to them. The Jewelbot glows if a friend is nearby. Especially, if all kids of a friend group are together, their Jewelbots will go into "Rainbow party mode". Each Jewelbot comes with two charms and three different bands.

Jewelbots allow kids to come up with their own set of codes on the fly. However, Jewelbots don’t contain a GPS and do not store any personal data. The app version is yet to be released. For the curious tinkerer, Jewelbots offer the perfect platform to explore what is possible with wearable technology.

Cost - Starting at $69, it is also available in twin and Squad pack.

Where to buy?
It is available for an online purchase on their official website along with online Target stores.

Watch the video to know more about Jewelbots:

Pearl RearVision -The wireless backup camera and alert system.

What is Pearl RearVision?
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) final rule, by May 2018, a rear visibility technology is required in all new vehicles weighing under 10,000 pounds. This invention marks the important safety upgrade for your car.

No drilling, no wires, and no professional installation required. RearVision is a new wireless rearview camera along with parking sensors which turn your phone into a rear-view screen. Combining the sophisticated hardware with intelligent software, the RearVision is a pack of the camera frame, car adapter and phone mount, which can be installed easily in minutes.

In addition to being theft-resistant, audible and visual alerts warn you when objects, cars, and people are in your path. The warning signals range from a simple ripple and tone for long distance objects to a firmer warning when an obstacle is close by.

While parallel parking or maneuvering into tight spots, RearVision’s Smart Parking Guidelines can measure the distance to obstacles in your path. Moreover, to check for the oncoming traffic on both sides, you can move your camera.

The installation is also pretty simple. Just place the camera frame around your license plate and plug the car adapter into the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port. Now using the Pearl App turn your phone into a rearview screen and finally mount the phone.

Underneath its smooth and slim exterior, lies the technologies like efficient solar panels and vision algorithms powered by a high-performance processor. In addition, there are two precise HD cameras with advanced technology such as one of the HD camera acts sensitive to the infrared spectrum for a better night view. Each camera has a custom seven-element lens with up to 180° field of view and a hydrophobic coating to repel water droplets in rainy weather.

Moreover, for a better and clear wide angle view, an advanced image processor manages visibility and corrects distortion. During a sunny and cloudy weather, the solar panel in the camera frame charges. However, there is a built-in battery inside the camera frame which helps during less sunny times of the year.

Cost - $499

Where to buy?
Check it out here.

Watch the most advanced backup camera in action here:

Withings Thermo -A smart thermometer

What is Thermo?

Winner of CES innovation award for 2016 and RedDot best of the best award for 2016, Thermo is a medically approved smart thermometer. In other words, it's a fast, simple, contactless thermometer with an automatic sync of data into the dedicated app through Wi-Fi. However, the data will sync via Bluetooth if Wi-Fi is not available.

This remarkable invention requires no contact with skin, saliva, earwax or other body fluid; thus making it the most sanitary way to take anyone’s temperature. In addition to monitoring the temperature, this also allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders, and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone. Moreover, it comes with a protective cap making it easy to carry while traveling.

Temporal artery is considered the best place to detect temperature changes, as the blood that circulates there comes from the core of the body. Thermo uses this artery to measure the temperature.

Thermo works on a revolutionary technology called HotSpot Sensor Technology. Just sweep across the forehead and wait for the inbuilt 16 infrared sensors to take over 4,000 measurements and find the hottest point. In addition to the temperature readings, a color-coded LED indicator enhances the readability. The LED provides more precise data depending on the age of the user and temperature (normal, elevated or high).

Due to the auto sync option to your smartphone, the temperature details of every family member is stored in one common platform. You can even enter comments, medications, and even add photos of the patient which helps you compare the effectiveness of the treatment. Thereby a complete history is available to share with a doctor.

In addition, the Thermo app gives health advice based on age, fever history, and symptoms. Moreover, Boston Children’s Hospital provides Thermia, an educational information on proper medications and dosages.

Thermo supports up to 8 users. Moreover, during the night you can measure with lights-off making it more reliable.

Cost - $99.95

Where to buy?
It’s available on the company website along with Amazon.

Meet the smart temporal thermometer:

Better Shelter - An all-purpose shelter

What is Better Shelter?
The Better Shelter is a social firm that develops and provides innovative housing solutions for persons disturbed by armed conflicts and natural disasters.

For many million refugees living in camps or temporary settlements, an insecure tent is the only home they have. Sanitary conditions are poor with a widespread disease. The Better shelter is designed for and with refugees. Outlined to last at least 3 years, the Better Shelter meets the basic needs along with privacy, security, and familiarity without causing deforestation.

Better Shelter began in 2010 as a small design and innovation project based in Hällefors, Sweden under the partnership of UNHCR and the IKEA.

The shelter resembles a house with four windows and high ceiling along with semi-hard but non-transparent walls. Moreover, according to the location, preference, and usage, the doors and windows can be customized. The roof and walls are made of polyolefin panels and treated with UV protection thereby reducing the strong Sun effects.

In short, Better Shelter is a redesign of the old asylum with an advanced technology. Designed to make it safe and secure, the Better Shelter comes with a lockable (from both sides) door. Due to its robust frame and lightweight layout, the shelter can easily be dismantled, moved and reassembled. All it needs is 4 hours of time to assemble.

What makes Better Shelter unique? its special features; Better Shelter is equipped with a solar panel on the roof which charges the LED light inside the shelter. The light can be used for 4 hours during the night time and can also charge a mobile phone through a USB port in the lamp. The strong frame is made up of galvanized steel which will withstand rain, snow and strong winds. Moreover, the steel frame is modular and many of the structure’s components are interchangeable. Unlike tents, the damaged parts can be replaced individually.

According to Better Shelter, Prototypes have been tested and evaluated by UNHCR with respect to the personal, social and cultural expectations of the people that it aspires to rehabilitate, as well as the environmental, logistic and financial framework it is designed for. This product is one among the list of Time’s Best Inventions of 2016.

Order Inquiry
You can place an order inquiry here.

Watch the assembling of Better Shelter:

MiniMed 670G - The Artificial pancreas

What is MiniMed 670G?
People with Diabetes - now maintaining your glucose level is much more simple, easy and quick. To reduce the work of continual monitoring of blood sugar level and adjusting it with insulin, Medtronic comes up with MiniMed 670G. The MiniMed 670G system is the the first hybrid closed loop insulin delivery system approved by FDA. As the user attach the iPod-size device to their body, for every five minutes, it measures the blood-­sugar levels, providing more insulin or retaining it as needed.

In other words, MiniMed 670G system is the most advanced insulin pump and sensor system designed to help people with type 1 diabetes of age 14 and older. However, the system requires a prescription and is not approved to use for pregnant women and people with impaired kidney function.

This masterpiece is among the Time’s list of best inventions for 2016.

The MiniMed 670G comes with an exclusive SmartGuard HCL technology, which can be programmed to automatically adjust the delivery of basal insulin based on Continuous Glucose Monitor sensor. A pack of MiniMed 670G System consists of the following: MiniMed 670G insulin pump, the Guardian Link transmitter, the Guardian Sensor 3, One-Press Server, and the Contour NEXT Link 2.4 glucose meter. Similar to MiniMed 630G pump system, MiniMed 670G is more customizable and convenient with features like a waterproof design and a color screen.

Where to buy?
Shipping of MiniMed 670G will begin from Spring 2017. However, customers who want to be first in line to receive the new system can check out the Priority Pathway Program.

Watch the video below to know more about the exclusive features of MiniMed 670G:

Sevenhug’s Smart Remote- A remote for everything

What is Smart Remote?
How good would it be, if you can control every device at your home with a single remote? Amazing right! Here comes the Smart Remote which instantly adapts to anything you point at. Smart Remote is the world’s first 'context aware' remote control for your home.

Smart Remote is a revolutionary product that lets you instantly control any device including TV, media player, speaker, lights, thermostats, sockets, smart hubs, blinds, fans, cams, locks and more, just with one single touch. At present, Smart Remote is compatible with over 25,000 devices and can be controlled by any device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared. When you point at any device, Smart Remote’s high-definition touch screen will instantly display an instinctive interface to control that specific device.

Now the doubts time! What if you two devices you wish to control, are right next to each other? Say a TV and speaker. No worries! Smart Remote lets you easily select which one you want to control first. Just use the device selection carousel which automatically appears at the top of the remote.

Moreover, you can also control devices located in other areas of your house. For example, you could point at your living room fireplace and control the thermostat in your hallway or point in the direction of your garage door to make sure you remembered to close it.

To add your devices, use the Smart Remote free iOS and Android app and then use Smart Remote to locate each device in your room. In addition, you can also group lights, scenes to control multiple devices and thus get access to multiple services simultaneously with a single touch. For example, you can create a scene for “Watch TV” that will turn on your TV, media player and dim your lights all at once. You can only control devices when you are in the vicinity of the room where you placed the 3 Room Sensors.

Here comes the catch! It supports services like Uber, Lyft, IFTTT or weather forecast and comes with a ‘lost and found’ button. To activate Uber service in the Smart Remote, sign into your Uber account and design a location in your room (Example: Door). An integration of a precise indoor positioning system into a consumer electronic device makes the Smart Remote a breakthrough technology. The indoor positioning system combines with 9-axis motion tracking sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass) which make the Smart Remote aware of its location and orientation in space.

The journey of designing this incredible gadget began in 2014 with a mission to connect people and their homes. Smart Remote made its first appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2015. A few weeks later, the prototype version 2 was displayed at CES in Las Vegas in 2016.

Smart Remote is the winner of three CES 2017 awards including the most innovative product in the Smart Home category.

Cost - $229

Where to buy?
You have to wait till June 2017 to buy this Smart tool. The first batch of Smart Remote starter kits will be shipped to early-bird backers. Second and follow-on batch will ship in July 2017. However, you can pre-order here.

Watch the Smart Remote in action:

Wynd - The smart air purifier

What is Wynd?
Next time you travel, make sure you take Wynd with you! Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution.  It helps you breathe clean air and feel refreshed.

A medical-grade air filter in the purifier captures pollutants above a certain weight. The purified air is thus diffused as a jet stream through the top of the device.

Wynd is not only an air purifier but also an intelligent personal air quality system. It monitors your environment and cleans as needed. Similar in size to a water bottle and weighing less than a pound, it’s easy to use anywhere including offices, hotels, cars, public transportation, etc.

With a battery capacity of 8 hours for a typical use, Wynd can deliver over 8 liters of clean air per second. Moreover, Wynd can instantly funnel clean air towards you without waiting for fresh air. In less than 10 minutes, Wynd can clean over 70% of particles in a typical car cabin which fits right into a cup holder. Now keep your baby safe while taking for a walk. In a semi-enclosed stroller, Wynd can reduce PM2.5 (fine particles) by over 50% and PM10 (coarse particles) by over 70%.

In addition to an air purifier, the Wynd Air Quality Tracker continuously monitors the environment by sensing the level of particulate pollution, from sources such as allergens, tobacco smoke, bacteria, mold spores, and smog. The color of light indicates how healthy is the air and also alerts the user when the air is unhealthy.

Through the auto mode, Wynd can automatically adjust its purification level and thus maintain a cleaner environment. The smartphone app helps you to get more insights about the environment and even can know the air quality level at friends and family environment.

The founder Ray Wu frequently traveled to Asia, where poor air quality made him feel and desired to take a healthy air with him on the go. Thus the MIT engineer brought together a team that included other MIT engineers, seasoned designers, and even a former rocket scientist to build such a device. This is among the list of Time’s 2016 best inventions.

Cost - If pre-ordered, the air quality tracker starts at $76 and the purifier is available from $154

Where to buy?
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Wynd is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo.

Watch an introductory video on Wynd:

CleverPet - A new food bowl to engage your dog

What is CleverPet?
CleverPet is a smart connected platform that lets you provide the mental stimulation your dog desires, even when you are not around. In other words, CleverPet is a learning console that engages and teaches your dog. Founded in 2013 by Leo Trottier and Dan Knudsen, it uses scientifically proven techniques to offer interactions which adapt to individual dog's needs.

However, as your dog learns these interactions grow more challenging. For a home alone pet, CleverPet completely transforms the experience. It can even reward your pet when it learns something new. While a pet engages with the device and learns, the device can feed your dog and even make it easy for you to keep a track on your pet.

The CleverPet uses cutting-edge algorithms based on behavioral science. The device comes with three sensitive touch pads, which light up interactively and are designed for your dog’s nose or paw. When the pet touches the pads on the device, the pet will win the food.

Your dog will have a huge variety of interactive games to try out. Typically, 50-300 plays per day. As the CleverPet adjusts levels based on your pet's performance, it's never too easy or too hard for your pet. Moreover, it holds enough food to feed most dogs until you get home. It’s compatible with a wide range of dry food sizes. Usually, it fits 2.5 cups of dry kibble.

In addition, even when your pet is home alone you can listen to it and there is a speaker which plays your recorded voice. Through the website and app, you can keep track of your pet’s progress, get live updates, and even change the game.

Moreover, the RESTful API and Arduino compatibility help you write your own custom code.

CleverPet is the Winner of CONNECT’s 29th Annual Most Innovative New Product Awards.

Cost - $299

Where to buy?
You can order it here.

Watch the CleverPet in action:

Daqri Smart Helmet -The smart Hard hat

What is Smart Helmet?
LA-based augmented reality company Daqri’s Smart Helmet gives workers additional layers of information about their surroundings. Intended to increase the productivity, efficiency, and safety, the helmet was specifically created for workers in industrial settings, such as oil rigs, water treatment plants along with manufacturing and construction sites. In other words, it can show the wearer stored information like safety guidelines and worker instructions.

It doubles as a hard hat and safety goggles making it ideal for working with heavy machinery or in technical fields. The headgear uses a combination of cameras and sensors to capture and record real-time information about the user's surroundings, from valve readings to thermal data.

Moreover, to help to assess problems onsite and offsite, the helmet includes four cameras.
The device could be integrated with building information modeling (BIM) software. This could assist the users with explicit internal structural elements, such as the interior of a pipe.

The battery-operated design helps the helmet to work for longer hours. Moreover, the two USB ports help reduce the additional task of carrying extra things like flashlights or gas detectors, which can be attached to the helmet itself.

Cost - The third version of the helmet is available for $15,000 as a developer edition.

Watch the Daqri Helmet's hands on:

URB-E – A foldable electric scooter

What is URB-E?
No more parking tickets, if you own a URB-E. Even though you have never ridden a bicycle, URB-E would be comfortable to you. URBE-E is the most compact foldable electric scooter.

Weighing just 35 pounds (16 kg), it’s the ultimate last-mile transportation solution. Built from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, the URB-E can slide under your desk in the office.

The three wheel trike design allows additional stability and greater lower speed maneuverability, thus making it perfect for navigating through pedestrian traffic. While in folded position, the two rear wheels serve as a stable way to roll the URB-E around.

Designed by a former Lead Engineer at Porsche, this foldable scooter is hand built in America. On a single charge of 4 hours, the URB-E can go 15 MPH for up to 20 miles. URB-E is safe and easy to ride due to its low center of gravity and responsive brakes.

Moreover, you can charge your phone or tablet on the go with the USB Dock provided. Here’s the catch! You can customize the URB-E the way you want by adding anything from a basket or a bell to Bluetooth speakers. The design comes in striking colors (available in Arctic white, and Gunmetal gray, with Silver forks) with shock-absorbing suspension and a comfortable seat.

Cost - $1499

Where to buy?
It’s available on the official website.

Watch the foldable electric scooter in action:

Quell – A wearable pain relief technology

What is Quell?
Be it a nerve pain or an arthritic and joint pain, or a leg and foot pain, or a widespread pain or a lower back pain, Quell can help with the pain relief. Quell is a 100% drug-free wearable chronic pain relief technology.

The patented OptiTherapy technology automatically adjusts healing to deliver the finest relief. With an advanced neurotechnology, this slim and lightweight design ensures effectiveness.

As the Quell is worn on the upper calf, it stimulates sensory nerves, which carry neural pulses to your brain. These pulses tap into the body’s natural pain relief response and thus blocking pain signals in your body for a widespread pain relief.

Enabled by Bluetooth, the Quell Android, and iOS app lets you control therapy right from your smartphone. In addition to adjusting the intensity of the therapy, you can also start and stop the therapy sessions. Moreover, you can review therapy and sleep trends over time in 1 day to 3 months on the customizable therapy and sleep tracking screens. You can also monitor 8 important dimensions of sleep such as your body movement, the position of the chronic pain area during the night, etc.

Quell is simple to use. All you need to do is just snap in the electrode and wrap around the calf followed by turning on the device. Created by a team of scientists and engineers at NeuroMetrix, this technology is FDA approved.

However, Quell is not a cure and using Quell doesn’t eliminate the cause of your pain. It can only turn down the volume of pain.

Cost - The starter kit costs $249
Where to buy?
Available for an online purchase on official website along with Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, easy breath, FSA Store, Medtronic, The Grommet, Hammacher Schlemmer. In addition, it is also available at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Target.

Watch the video to know more about the wearable technology:

SensorWake – The smell based alarm clock

What is SensorWake?
With this olfactory alarm clock, you will wake up in just two minutes. Now every morning would be a superior customized breathing. In other words, the olfactory alarm-clock gradually awakens you from your sleep using pleasant and enjoyable scents within 2 minutes.

Especially, you can choose from a wide variety of available assortment of scents, like espresso, croissants, seaside, toast, chocolate, peppermint and grass. Designed by an 18-year-old French entrepreneur Guillaume Rolland, this incredible smart alarm is as easier as an espresso machine. This revolutionary design was awarded as one of the top 15 inventions that can change the world, at the 2014 Google Science Fair.

The patented SensorWake technology releases a scent through dry air diffusion system; a process in which the molecules remain unchanged without heating. The scent is available in the form of a recyclable capsule that lasts for 30 awakenings. The perfume molecules detach and are transported by the air flow from the capsule.

After setting up the wake-up time, insert the scent of your choice. The diffusion starts at the scheduled time. In addition, SensorWake includes an audio alarm that goes off after 3 minutes if you’re not awake.

The scent refills are healthy, solvent-free and they comply with the highest air quality standards including REACH certification, CARB certification, and IFRA certification. Moreover, the capsules will leave no residue including on the surfaces, clothes, or anything else in your room.

Cost - $109 for the entire pack and the scented capsule costs $5.45 each.

Where to buy?
They are available for an online order at

Watch the olfactory alarm clock in action:

Oombrella – The unforgettable umbrella

What is Oombrella?
Oombrella is a smart umbrella that alerts you before it rains and also alerts if you leave it behind, through notifications. When it's forecast to rain outside soon, Oombrella will send an alert to your smartphone precisely where and when you need an umbrella. Oombrella gets the weather forecast from the Wezzoo, a social and real-time weather service.

Now you cannot leave the umbrella even in at restaurant or party. When you are 30/50m -100/130 feet away from the Oombrella, your smartphone will notify you. In addition, an integrated buzzer and a light inside the capsule will alert the user about an incoming call on the smartphone or an important notification.

Moreover, the design of Oombrella is eye-catching. The umbrella shade is made with a shiny material with bright effects and smoothest noise under the rain. Furthermore, it's UV resistant and windproof! Available in three different colors, the Shiny, the Black Edition and the White Edition along with two sizes - classic (95cm long (3.1 feet) with a curved handle) and fit-in-my-bag (25 cm long (0.82 feet) with a straight handle).

No more worries about heavier winds. The kevlar-made ribs help Oombrella to withstand the high winds including hailstorms and snowstorms. Moreover, the Oombrella's capsule ensures a more comfortable, ergonomic and distinct grip.

In addition, the top of the Oombrella comes with a screw thread. You can now screw anything from a camera to a GoPro on the top of this extraordinary umbrella.

The smartphone (iOS and Android) app allows the user to access all the stats of the last trip with the oombrella including duration, weather conditions, temperature, and humidity. Moreover, you can track history like the number of days and times used, weather report, etc. You can also know nearby Oombrella community members.

Here comes the catch! The capsule, which helps the Oombrella to perform the smart functions, can be easily connected to any umbrella. Thereby your own umbrella can be turned into a smart umbrella.

Cost - The 1x Oombrella starts at €64 along with shipping charges.

Where to buy?
Currently, the project is seeking support. The early bird, 1x Oombrella is estimated to hit the market from March 2017.

Watch a video on the unforgettable umbrella:

Morpher Helmet -The folding helmet

What is Morpher Helmet?
Wouldn't it be extremely convenient and incredible if a helmet is also foldable? Morpher is an innovative new helmet which folds flat and slides right away into your bag.

Considering the environmental impact and health benefits, day by day the usage of bicycles (bikes) is extensively increasing. But unfortunately, a majority of cyclists do not wear a helmet as it is convenient to carry around. Being the SFEDI Gold qualified innovation consultant, the English inventor Jeffrey Woolf OBE landed in this remarkable invention after he met with a fatal accident. Though he was severely injured in the accident, his head escaped narrowly from injuries because of the helmet. Known as a lateral thinker, he is also a businessman, journalist, innovation specialist and chairman of the Judging panel for the World Innovation Awards which are held annually in London.

Morpher folds & unfolds quickly and simply, making it ideal for cyclists. Eventually, the company aims to extend the helmet to other users including skiers, skaters, snowboarders, hockey players, horse riders etc.This patented helmet is designed by Strategic Sports, one of the world's largest and finest OEM helmet manufacturer, ensuring all relevant safety standards are followed.

Moreover, the helmets and their components are wholly recyclable.

The helmets can be adjusted to fit the user heads with a circumference in between 50.5 & 58cm. (19.8 to 22.7 inches. 6 1/8 to 7 1/8 UK hat sizes.) Thereby it's apt for mid-teens to small ladies to medium+ men. However, in future, more size ranges including larger helmets & children's helmets would be released.

Morpher is one among the Time's best inventions of 2016. In addition, it is also a winner of various other awards including iF D+I Award for 2016, Edison gold award for 2015, Platinum award at the British Invention of the Year, for the best new safety product, Popular Science Magazine's safety invention of the year, Gold Award for the best Safety Innovation at Brussels Eureka and The Innova special award for the best new transport innovation.

Cost - $119 and shipping charges.
Where to buy?
After selling the first units to the Indiegogo backers, the product is available again on Indiegogo. Currently, the helmet is available in Matt Black color with an adjustable size range from 52 to 61+ cm.
Estimated to ship from the HongKong fulfillment house by March 2017, the shipping kit will include a reflective Morpher rear logo, a simple magic magnetic buckle, and a soft Morpher anti-scratch carry bag.

Moreover, the company is also innovative in selling the product. Vending machines are placed by major bicycle hire points.

Watch the inventor Jeffrey Woolf talk about the folding helmet:

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Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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