20 pound objects can hover thanks to the CLM 2 floating shelf

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Shelving comes in useful in our homes for storing gadgets, books, our electronic gadgets and much more. However shelving doesn’t always look cool, in fact it can look downright boring. That’s unless you have the CLM 2 levitating shelf that is a great looking floating shelf, which allows you to show off your prized possessions in a unique way.

[Image Source: CreaLEV]

Any type of object up to around 20 pounds in weight can be placed above the shelving plate and it magically floats there in place a few inches from the plate. It is certainly a great and much better solution that your bog standard wooden or glass shelving that is secured to the wall with unsightly brackets and screws.

The CLM 2 comes from a company going by the name of Crealev. This is the same company that has used the same technology to make objects appear as though they are hanging there is fresh air at product booths or in museums. The shelf is aimed at home owners this time around and it does happen to have a great deal of power behind it. The company says that the display shelf is able to hold up anything up to as much as 22 pounds maximum weight.

The CLM 2 from Crealev comes in two parts. There is the base which sits on any surface you want and then there is a disc that floats above the main base, this is the shelf. The disc hovers above the base at about 3.4 inches. Of course when something is situated on top of the disc, it does drop down with the added weight. However the object you put on the disc will still float around an inch to 1.9 inches. This will depend on the weight of the object.

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[Image Source: CreaLEV]

The system is very easy to set up as all you need to do is plug the base unit into the wall socket. You then put the disc on top of it, making sure that the rubber side is facing down. When the disc is at the correct height and position, it then locks in. This means the system is ready and the disc will float, along with anything you put on top. Bear in mind that as the magnets that the system uses are exceptionally strong, you should be careful what you place on top of the disc. This is one display shelf that does look very cool.

At the moment there isn’t a price for the floating shelf system, you can however get a quote over on the website.

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