200 Drones Fly Indoors Simultaneously, Breaking World Record

San Giovanni festival in Italy saw a drone light show with 200 drones that broke a world record.
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A spectacular way to welcome guests to theme parks or festivals that are slowly reopening around the world is by sending a fleet of drones donned with bright lights into formation high up in the air.

This is precisely what French startup and drone light show specialist, Dronisos, did at the San Giovanni Festival in Italy on Wednesday. Dronisos beat the world record of the most drones flying indoors simultaneously. 


World record

Before Dronisos' impressive drone light show this week, where 200 drones took to the air indoors, the record was at 160 drones flying indoors simultaneously.

The light show was set up to celebrate the 3rd edition of the San Giovanni Festival, which was aired on national TV to celebrate the end of the confinement in Turin, Genova, and Firenze. 

The show was choreographed by Antoine Marc and Silvia Gribaudi

200 Drones Fly Indoors Simultaneously, Breaking World Record
Dronisos drones at the San Giovanni Festival, Source: Dronisos

Dronisos uses lights affixed on their drones to create compelling stories thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Their shows take place both indoors and outdoors, in a real technological feat. 

So far, many of their shows have taken place in theme parks across Europe and Asia, and create memorable experiences for people, especially at the moment, after months of laying low and not being able to go to any theme parks or festivals. 

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200 Drones Fly Indoors Simultaneously, Breaking World Record
Dronisos team checking the event, Source: Dronisos

In speaking of the San Giovanni Festival, Laurent Perchais, CEO fo Dronisos said, "We put this show together behind closed doors in the facilities of our partner Aerocampus in the south of France, with the ambitious goal of simultaneously conveying a lot of emotion and pushing the limits of our technology."

"We are very proud to set this new world record for the indoor choreography using the largest drone swarm, as we used 200 drones for this show while the previous record was a display using 160 UAVs."

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