22 best innovations of 2022: IE celebrates a year in engineering

What was your favorite innovation of 2022?
Mike Brown
Innovations of 2022
Innovations of 2022

Ibrahim Can/Interesting Engineering

In 2022, energy surged into the spotlight.

The after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as Russia's war in Ukraine, triggered large-scale global inflation this year. As the worst effects of high energy bills hit families, it led to renewed interest in cleaner solutions. An independent electricity supply, paired with reduced carbon emissions? It's a no-brainer, and it's little wonder that engineers brought forward numerous innovative solutions to answer the call.

Engineers didn't just propose new energy solutions. They transformed healthcare with vaccine proposals and 3D-printed body parts. They designed new stadiums, created more immersive virtual reality, and developed AI-powered chatbots.

Their imagination wasn't just confined to Earth, either. New ways of getting to space could make it cheaper and easier than ever to send payloads into orbit. And thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, we're learning more about the mysteries of our universe than ever before.

Interesting Engineering wants to celebrate this. We're proud to unveil our countdown of the 22 best innovations of 2022, counting down day-by-day until the end of the year with a look at all the advancements that made it a special year for engineering.

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