23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level

If you want to take your business to the next level, check out this article for the best deals on the market.
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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most companies have started to work from home. If you are setting up your home office, you might consider looking into what's available in the market for you.

It may seem difficult to create a space where you can both feel comfortable and focus easily, but in any case, with a few items, you can set up a small home office or a professional studio to work efficiently. 

Companies such as Dell Technologies and Acer offer many deals for home-officers. You can enjoy working from home with high-quality computer accessories.

You will definitely love the free delivery option that is possible every day on Dell.com! You can shop without a care thanks to the free delivery and easy returns on PCs and electronics. 


For starters, for those who don't want to purchase computer components separately, Logitech has offers that enable you to save up to 23% on bundles.

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Logitech

1. Monitors

Monitors are vital products for those who do designs from their computers. Specifically, for engineers using 3D drawing programs such as AutoDesk, having a high-resolution and high-quality display is extremely important since they have to spend hours staring at a monitor. 

Dell 24 Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2415Q

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Dell

This monitor's 23.8-inch screen and 4K resolution make it great for photographers and video editors who always use complicated programs on their computers.

You will see all the details on the screen, and edit your designs and videos in high resolution. Thanks to its full adjustability, it will provide you maximum comfort. 

Also, check out these deals:

Asus MZ27AQ Designo 27”

BenQ 32 inch, 4K UHD

Philips Brilliance 272P7VUBNB

2. Keyboards

Keyboards have become our companions since we even eat our meals over them. Choosing the right keyboard is important for your business and daily activities on the internet since quick and easy typing is crucial. 

New generation keyboards will grab your attention with their new features and designs. 

If you are thinking about buying a new keyboard for your home office, you need to do good research since finding a keyboard that suits your needs in this big market can be a bit difficult.

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Here are some of the best keyboards for your home office: 

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Logitech

You can work in the darkest places of your house thanks to its laser-etched, backlit keys. They are bright enough to enable you to type in the dark. Moreover, thanks to its wireless design, you can put it anywhere on your desk and adjust the most comfortable position. 

The PerfectStroke key system makes every keystroke fluid and whisper-quite. Enjoy this happy tapping experience. 

Other best keyboards: 

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K350 Wireless Wave Keyboard

3. Mouses

People who spend hours a day in front of a computer know how much a wireless mouse can improve productivity at work. A good mouse should have features such as quick swipe and instant touch detection. Besides, having an ergonomic mouse will make sure you don't get wrist pains. 

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Logitech/Amazon

This mouse is amazing for both working and gaming. It allows you to get stuff done all day with just 3 minutes of charging.

It can work across three computers, including navigating, file sharing, and copy-pasting between them. The price tag may scare you, but this is the best mouse you can find in terms of productivity and speed.

Other gadgets that you might consider: 

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

Anker Ergonomic Optical

Apple Magic Mouse 2

4. Headphones

The best headphones, microphone, or speaker will help make working from home really work for you, based on what you are doing. If you work in a job that requires you to make calls all the time, Bluetooth headphones or earphones are ideal for you. 

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Willful/Amazon

If you're not getting too many calls, then a casual on-ear headset will do the job. For both occasions, a headset that blocks external sounds will be the best choice.

Marshall Mid ANC

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Marshall/Amazon

You may be working from home, but this shouldn't prevent you from looking stylish.

These Marshall headphones feature active noise-canceling. You can take a lot of calls with these headphones since they'll last you for up to 15 hours. You can wirelessly answer or reject calls with the multi-directional control knob.

Other options: 

Willful Wireless Headset with Microphone

Plantronics Voyager 5200-UC Bluetooth Headset

 5. USB Hubs

Dealing with tangled wires everywhere and trying to find enough sockets for everything... Imagine how difficult it would be if there were no USB hubs. 

USB hubs allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time on your computer. This way, you won't have to wait for your devices to charge one by one to finish your work. You can add more and more devices to your desktop or laptop thanks to them. 

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Sabrent/Amazon

Sabrent USB hub allows you to add up to 4 devices to your computer. Also, you can take it with you when traveling since it's built as a lightweight and sleek companion. You can transfer data 10 times quicker than older USB 2.0 standards.  

Here are the other best USB hubs that you can use in your home office: 

AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub

QGeeM USB C Hub Adapter

6. Laptops

Laptops are more useful than desktop computers for those who want a lighter device.

If you are going to use the laptop for business, you should consider buying one that is speedy enough for you to do your tasks without going crazy.

Moreover, having a long battery life doesn't hurt too.

Dell XPS 15

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Amazon Renewed/Amazon

If you are a Windows person, this laptop is the best Windows deal you can find on the market. The 15.6" screen gives you a clear view. Dell XPS 15 is one of the best Windows computers you can buy for any creative applications, daily works, and gaming. 

Other business laptops: 

Apple MacBook Pro

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

7. WiFi Routers

The most important thing for most people when they are working from home is to have fast internet access. 

This is understandable since the internet is the key point in getting stuff done quickly. For this very reason, you should buy a high-quality WiFi router. 

Google WiFi

23 Computer Gadgets to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level
Source: Google/Amazon

If you're looking for a budget-friendly WiFi router, Google WiFi provides a fast connection thanks to its Network Assist technology. It provides internet for up to 1,500 square ft. 

Other routers for working faster: 

D-Link WiFi Router


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