23 Ways People Stay Connected Using Drones While in Quarantine

Here are some ways that people are using drones to stay connected with others while maintaining physical distancing during the quarantine.
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Since many of us are now confined to our homes for an indefinite period of time, it is more important than ever to maintain communication and social contact as much as possible. While doing this person-to-person is not advisable, or usually permissible, drone communication might be the perfect solution.


What ways are people communicating and staying social using drones?

So, without further ado, here are some ways that people are communicating and socializing using drones. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This photographer is using drones to take portraits of families from the safety of their balconies

First up is this great example of drone communication use during the current crisis. 

A tech-savvy photographer in Lithuania, called Adas Vasiliauskas, has been using drones to continue working during the current pandemic. His clientele appears to be very pleased with this novel product and even dress up for the occasion. 

2. This chap takes his dog for a walk using his drone

Determined to prevent his dog from suffering during the pandemic, this guy decided to use their drone for their dog's daily walks. 

3. These neighbors are socializing using a drone

quarantine drones drinks
Source: Joe Mignone/Facebook

A set of neighbors in Melbourne, Australia, decided to use a drone to keep in contact. The drone was used to deliver drinks to one another to get around the problems of social distancing. 

4. This guy used a drone to try to pick up a girl

Here is another great example of drone communication during the lockdown. One guy in Brooklyn, New York decided to give a girl his number using his drone.

He had seen her dancing on a rooftop and decided to take his chances. 

5. This person used a drone to deliver much-needed toilet paper to his mate

A very generous man in San Francisco decided to sent his friend some toilet paper using his drone. Since the city's inhabitants are currently under a shelter-in-place order, this great use of a drone to help a mate is truly heartwarming.

6. In China, authorities are using drones to "persuade" citizens to wear masks

In China, drones are being used to help remind their fellow citizens to wear masks or practice social distancing whenever out and about. In this case, police make use of drones to communicate very important safety measures. 

7. Drone footage of cities around the world really does sum up the current situation

There are many examples of drone footage floating around of the emptied streets of many major cities around the world. This really does communicate the scale of the current pandemic to anyone who is housebound. 

8. This drone expert managed to track a golf ball in flight

One different example of drone communication use is this interesting footage. A veteran drone user managed to capture the entire flight of a golf ball.

This really is an interesting thing to watch. 

9. This clever drone-user turned their drone into a ghoul to scare people off the streets

A sneaky drone operator decided to disguise their drone as a ghoul to scare people off the streets who were breaking curfew. This funny stunt is a great example of drone communication.

10. A mysterious drone is being used in New York to keep citizens indoors

Videos have recently surfaced of a mysterious drone being used in New York City. This drone, apparently operated by an "anti-COVID-19 volunteer" is warning people to maintain physical distancing. 

11. This photographer used his drone to warn an elderly neighbor to wear a mask

Here is another great example of drone communication during the quarantine. A Chinese photographer used his drone to warn an elderly neighbor to make sure she wears a mask when out and about. 

12. This restaurant is using drones to enforce social distancing

drone communication takeaway
Source: e.vnexpress.net

In the Hanoi region of China, one restaurant is using drones for some important drone communication. It decided to use drones to make home food deliveries to reduce human contact as much as reasonably possible. 

13. This drone was used to deliver wine to a couple quarantined on a cruise ship

Drone delivers wine to couple on quarantined coronavirus cruise ship from r/technews

In an excellent example of drones being used to help people stay social, a locked-down couple had some wine delivered.

14. An Italian mayor is using drones to keep his citizens under control

Italian mayor uses drone to chase down people violating quarantine and yell obscenities at them through a speaker, telling them to go home. from r/funny

In Italy, one tech-savvy mayor has employed drones to help to maintain the city's quarantine protocol. The drone is used to track down and hurl obscenities at them in an effort to get them off the streets.

15. This Brooklyn-based man got some coffee delivery by drone

Brooklynite finds a way to get coffee while in quarantine using his drone from r/Brooklyn

While hunkered down in his apartment in Brooklyn, this chap managed to get some much-needed coffee delivered by drone. 

16. These drones are being used to sanitize the streets in Dubai

PsBattle: A drone sanitising the streets of Dubai during the quarantine from r/photoshopbattles

In case being under lock-down wasn't enough of a message to residents in Dubai, authorities are now employing drones to sterilize the streets. This example of drone communication really does speak volumes. 

17. Drones are being used to help share video games while people are under quarantine

How to share physical games in quarantine? Drones. from r/gaming

Some clever gamers have turned to use drones to help them how to share physical games in quarantine? 

18. This parent is using his drone to help homeschool his daughter

In a great way to while away the hours while under quarantine, this chap decided to use his drone to help homeschool his daughter. By taking some footage, he showed her how to use Adobe Premiere to cut a video. 

19. Some people are using their drones to share inspiring photos to keep people sane

Many drone users around the world are also using drone communication to help people stay sane. As many major landmarks are now practically empty, they make for some interesting, and inspiring messages. 

20. Here's another home delivery of toilet paper while under quarantine

This chap decided to use his drone to also deliver some toilet paper to his embattled sister. It seems this might become more and more popular the longer quarantine continues. 

21. Spanish authorities are also using drone communication to get people off the streets

Spanish authorities are also employing drones to try to persuade people to stay at home. the drones are fitted with speakers to publically shame anyone floating quarantine requirements. 

22. Inevitably, drones are being used to deliver beer too

Forget toilet paper and wine, beer is an essential item during the current COVID-19 lockdown. Thankfully many drones users are coming to rescue with drone beer delivery services.

23. This church is using drone delivery to help their flock during communion

Churches Switch To Remote Drone Delivery For Communion from r/babylonbee

And finally, you might not associate the church and drones much in your daily life. But some churches are switching to drones to help their congregation stay connected during communion while under quarantine. 

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