30 Cool Tools for Every Engineer's Desk or Office Space

The daily grind can be, let's face it, excruciating at times. This list of 30 gadgets is bound to make your day a bit more bearable.
Christopher McFadden

A well-supplied desk is essential in the modern world. This mantra doesn't have to just apply to the mundane essential stationery. Here's our selected list of 30 great desk and office decorations.

1. Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer

We've all been there, a quick call to a client or minor adjustment to project that suddenly takes 2 hours.

Simply plug this little gadget into your USB port, pop your cup on the hot plate and it’ll extend your drinking time by up to 30 minutes.

2. Light Up Waterproof Bendi Keyboard

Flexible and practically indestructible this keyboard is a must for anyone who tends to spill drinks or crumbs all over their desks. Glowing with a soothing electric blue you can type silently day and night. It doesn’t need any software, you just plug it into your computer or laptop and enjoy the glow.

3. Voice Recording Spy Pen

Ever dreamt of possessing a 007 pseudonym? This pen will at least let you feel slightly Bond-esque. Supplied with three ink refills, this spy pen actually works and looks like a "normal" albeit fancy pen.

4. Babble Voice Privacy System

Got a private or confidential call to make? The Babble voice privacy system uses patented technology to allow you to speak freely and securely right into your workstation. No matter what you have to say, no matter where your workspace is located your words will remain confidential.

5. USB Mini-Cool Aroma/Humidifier

Do you suffer in drier climates or air-conditioned rooms and offices? Then you'll need this USB humidifier. You can even add fragrances. Using ultrasonic waves this portable device produces a cool, moisturizing steam.

6. Wiki USB Fridge

Frustrated with trips to the canteen or office kitchen to get yourself a cold drink? Forego the effort with this desktop USB mini fridge. It is a "plug and play" device compatible with PC and Mac.

7. Levitron Globe World Stage

A simply amazing gadget fit for any engineer or child alike, the Levitron Globe World Stage is a fantastic gadget. According to its makers, advanced magnetic drive technology allows the globe to spin on its axis for months at a time on a single battery.


8. Cable Drop

Is your desk a riot of unruly cables? Why not get organized with this self-described "cable management system."

9. Desk-Sized Catapult

Yep it works! Desk toys (or replicas for the avid fan) are an essential addition to any professional's life. The desk-sized catapult has moving parts and fully functioning ratchet system to fire whatever projectiles you have at hand.

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10. Tornado Demonstration Model

Whether you need an actual demonstration model for educational purposes or simply for pleasure, this Tornado Demo model is an awesome gadget. Though a little pricey it makes for a fascinating display piece, it also comes with seven experiments.

11. Plug Mug

Plagued by mug thieves at the office?  Frustrated with your favorite mug constantly used and not cleaned? Then you'll need one of these gadgets. Simply unplug between uses to render those less scrupulous colleagues attempts to ruin your life redundant.

plug-mug-stops-others-from-using-your-coffee-mug-5668[Image source: odditymall.com]

12. Ultimate Geek Pen

This high-tech gadget has enough bells and whistles to make most geeks drool. Twist the metal tip one way and you get a ballpoint pen, twist it the other way and you get a stylus tip for use with PDAs and games. Press the top button to turn on the laser pointer, press the bottom button to cycle through the flashlight and UV light. The flashlight even comes with a flexible rod for precision aiming.

13. FAIL/WIN Stamps

Don't have time to give extensive inspiration or review to a colleague? Perhaps you need to quality check components or completed products? These Epic Win/Epic Fail stamps allow you to remove ambiguity when giving feedback to the relevant team member. How could this not be a good thing?

14. CowCow USB 4-Port Hub

CowCow USB 4-Port Hub is cute and helpful. It helps you to transfer your data and information between your USB device and the computer. It will sound 3 cow calls when you plug it into the USB port.

15. Z Pen

So many "promises" of future gadgets have failed to materialise from our childhoods, giant fighting robots, flying cars, laser rifles. Not so with handwriting-to-typing tech.

Z-pen finally allows you to write as usual, then download everything onto a computer as images and text. If it wasn’t so ruddy simple, you’d think it was witchcraft.

16. 24 Port USB Monster Hub

Monster hub indeed. This beast allows you to connect up to 24 USB devices with a rapid 480 Mbps transfer speed.

This means you can recharge your digital camera, flipcam, mp3 player, cell phone, everything you want, anywhere there’s a wall socket. This top grade hub features automatic over-current protection for each port, hot swapping plug-and-play connection, and the ability to daisy chain up to 127 USB devices if 24 isn't enough.

24-port-monster-hub[Image Source: everythingusb.com]

17. Swinging Stick

This perpetual motion illusion was created by an electrical engineer and designer to baffle and amaze all onlookers. The constant, fluid motion of the revolving sticks creates an almost hypnotic effect that your friends, family, and clients will want to watch for hours.

18. Pacman Arcade Game

Head back to the 80's and indulge your inner child with this great little gadget.

19. Periodic Table Of The Elements Mug

What more needs to be said? We all need one of these on our desks.

20. Magic Penny Magnet Kit

Perform astounding feats of magnetism as you playfully explore magnetic forces, motion and stability. Great conversation starter for geometry - discuss shapes, positions, planes, symmetry and more.

21. Mechanical Clock Kit

With meticulously designed parts, laser cut for accuracy, building a handcrafted wooden clock has never been easier.

43d65825ab6a1d89fefa3cc8e799025e-1000x1000[Image Source: scientificsonline.com]

22. Learn to solder kit

This kit will allow you to learn how to solder on a state-of-the-art printed circuit board using an electronically-controlled soldering station with a temperature range of 350F to 900F.

23. Portable Geiger Counter

This low cost portable Geiger counter instantly measures levels of harmful beta, gamma, and X-ray radiations on its compressed dual scale meter.

24. F-Bomb Paperweight

Made from recycled steel, this sculpture lightens up desk-side chats and tough conversations with a delightfully abstract expletive appropriate for any situation.

20409_1_1200px[Image source: uncommongoods.com]

25. HTML beer glasses

Although not technically a gadget these beer glasses are educational and useful at the same time.

26. Laser projected keyboard

Welcome to the future, friends, and say hello to your new favourite gadget: the Laser Projection Keyboard.

27. Smartphone Magnifier

Coming to a theater near you: viral YouTube videos, your Instagram feed, and cat gifs galore. This portable magnifier is about to blow up your phone—or at least what you see on the screen.

28. Pizza Cutting Protractor

Pizza always tastes best when shared, but cutting precise portions can be harder than advanced trigonometry - no longer!

29. Da Vinci Table Lamp

Whether it's a room dedicated to equation solving or serial television watching, this functional piece of art evokes the creativity, craftsmanship, and sheer genius of the original Renaissance man. Sadly this is not available outside of the US.

42523_1_640px[Image Source: uncommongoods]

30. Solar powered charger

Use the power of the sun to tweet, text, and maybe even make a call or two. Roughly the size and weight of your phone, this solar-powered charger connects to your device via USB port to give your gadgets a full charge in two hours. Several of these exist on the market, so look around for the perfect fit for your mobile device.

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