This 360-Degree Camera Captures Memories Like No Other

Shelby Rogers

One 360-degree camera looks to be a market game changer.

The DOKICAM camera system could be everything to everyone. Its five unique editing modes allows users much more flexibility at a cheaper price than accumulating equipment.   dokicam1[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]

The camera's baseball-sized sphere includes two lenses facing in opposite directions. Each lens captures 200 degrees in stunning 2880 x 1440 3K resolution. DOKICAM wants to be the perfect camera for adventurers on the move.

For those looking to go slower, DOKICAM also does still photos at 4896 x 2448 resolution.

Knowing its active market, DOKICAM anticipated rough use. It's both water and dust resistant.

dokicam2[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]

The five editing modes include:

Tiny Planet Mode: the camera captures your entire surroundings in one compact spherical shot

VR Mode: relive your adventures in virtual reality

Fisheye mode: The traditional ultra-wide angle with lens distortion

Full 360: Get a full 360-degree view in panorama

Hemisphere: Snap a moment as if you're staring onto the horizon

dokicam5[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]

The camera also comes with an app to preview footage to guarantee you're getting the perfect shot. The app can be used to edit remotely, allowing you flexibility to edit quickly and upload to social media. The camera sends files via Wifi, and stitching occurs in the app.

dokicam3[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]

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Rather edit in an office or from your laptop? DOKICAM also offers HD editing software for notebooks or PC.

dokicam4[Image courtesy of DOKICAM]

The company said on its Kickstarter page that tech's biggest players haven't created a camera to affordably shoot VR footage. The cameras that do shoot in 360 and can film VR videos require a lot of post-stitching. DOKICAM wants to make professional-grade footage and editing simple and easy to the public.

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You can preorder the DOKICAM system on Kickstarter for $99 in the super early bird pack A. That includes a 16 GB SD Crad and a tripod.

For more information, check out DOKICAM's Kickstarter HERE.


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