3D Printed Lithium-Ion Solid-State Batteries Are Almost Here

This type of battery has a raft of advantages.
Fabienne Lang
3D printed solid-state batteryBlackstone Resources AG

Much of the world wouldn't function in the same way without batteries. And even though these have been around for a while now, there's always more work that can be done to develop improve them

Luckily for us, Swiss Holding company, Blackstone Resources AG, has been investing in finding a way to 3D print solid-state lithium-ion batteries. It announced on September 16th that it's hit many milestones in its 3D-printing technology on this path.


Many linked advantages 

Working with its subsidiary German company, Blackstone Technology GmbH, Blackstone Resources AG "is convinced that it can produce reliable lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density levels, in large quantities and at lower costs," as per its press release.

One positive about solid-state batteries is that they're safer to use, as they're not flammable. However, they typically cost more to manufacture.

With Blackstone's new 3D printing technology there can be higher numbers of charging cycles, and the cost is kept low. Moreover, it packs over 20% more energy density, and offers more production flexibility with regards to the cell format. 

All good news so far. In keeping with the positive information, this technology would mean that we use up to 10 % less materials that aren't responsible for storing energy, for instance, copper or aluminum. 

Now that the system has been successfully tried and tested, the next steps will be to start producing the 3D printed lithium-ion solid-state batteries and see if it's possible to do so at mass-production levels. 

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If everything goes smoothly, this could mean a huge positive turn in the development of lithium-ion batteries. For instance, Blackstone Resources AG could save up to 70% of the CAPEX (capital expenditure for goods or services recorded) it usually needs in order to produce these types of batteries. 

CEO of Blackstone Technology GmbH, Holger Gritzka, explained the myriad useful uses this new type of technology for printing these batteries would bring about: "In addition to major markets such as the automotive industry, marine applications, and new 5G wireless networks would benefit from the advantages that 3D-printed solid-state cells can offer."

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