3D Printed Pokédex Battery Case is Everything You Need to Catch 'em All

Trevor English

Is your Pokémon Go addiction becoming too much for your smartphone battery? Or maybe you just don't feel enough like a real Pokémon trainer running around holding your mobile device. One committed Pokémon Go 'trainer' has created a retro 3D printed Pokédex that also doubles as a battery case for your phone. The Pokédex is styled after the one in the original series, and it is sure to make all of those other Pokémon players jealous.

POKEDEX 3d printer[Image Source: Sparkfun]

While the case was specifically designed for a Galaxy S4, the creator has made the plans open source and uploaded everything to GitHub, so you can customize it as you would like. Other than the 3D printing files, he has also created a circuit schematic so that you can wire up the case to charge your phone, according to The Verge, which you can view below.

diagram_pokedex[Image Source: Sparkfun]

Pokémon Go continues to explode on mobile platforms across the world, becoming the most downloaded mobile app ever. It is no wonder that we are starting to see awesome nostalgic creations that will make your Pokémon experience that much more awesome. In the image below, you can see how the case was wired up with an extra battery. If you really want to pack in the juice, you can double up the battery packs, or maybe even come up with your own battery design.

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battery case[Image Source: Sparkfun]

What level are you on Pokémon Go? While this case may not help you catch more Pokémon, it sure will make you feel like you are the real deal hanging out with Ash, Misty, and Brock.

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