4 Main Differences Between Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering

While work of both civil engineers and architectural engineers is crucial for a construction project, their roles are significantly different.
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In order to help future students make the right career choice, we’ve made a list of every major difference between Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering.

1. Civil Engineering Encompasses Several Areas of Expertise

Unlike architectural engineering which focuses on building construction, professional working in this field should be able to work on various projects including roads, water systems, bridges, dams and of course, buildings.

It encompasses various sub-disciplines such as structural engineering, environmental engineering, materials science and engineering and so on. Based on a university program, civil engineers can specialize in one of these areas.

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2. Architectural Engineers Focus on One Building During a Project

While both architectural and civil engineers have to complete similar college programs and to study similar subjects, the job requirements are much different. While civil engineer works on the whole project, an architectural engineer is focused on designing and constructing one structure. This means that the person is responsible for floors, walls, beams, wiring, lighting as well as HVAC.


3. Civil Engineer has to Supervise Architectural Engineer

During a project, a civil engineer has a management role. That means that the person is responsible for all the architects, architectural engineers, mechanical engineers and other people who are part of the team. A civil engineer is also responsible for planning, safety, legal, design, technology and materials and so on. Lots of experience and knowledge is involved in the process.

While architectural engineer performs a similar job, has a similar education and training, this professional will be responsible only for one building (as previously mentioned). On the other hand, a civil engineer has to supervise the building of several structures during a construction project and to find any irregularities.

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4. Civil Engineering is Much More Lucrative

According to Glassdoor, a civil engineer makes $68, 638/year in the USA. According to the same site, an architectural engineer may earn $56, 608 during the same time span. Have in mind that this is an average salary; professional development plays a big role as a fresh graduate who has just finished school will earn way less.

Similarly, those who have years of business experience will get much more. Additional technical knowledge and finished courses will help when you apply for a job. 

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