5 Best location-aware apps to try out

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Whilst many of us still find ourselves playing computer games, let alone the fact that every second child starts playing an iPad earlier than learning to talk, technology has taken it to a new level with the rising popularity of location-based games. Let’s check out the best ones!

Ingress – free for iOS and Android

Ingress transforms the world into a battlefield where you walk around town attaching monuments, restaurants and all sorts of buildings. Choose one team out of two: ‘The Enlightened’ are for the power of science that influences the way we think, ‘The Resistance’ are against and are trying to protect the humanity. Pick a side and play in real life locations and in real time.

The National Mall by Bluebrain – free for iOS

Created by two musicians from Washington, this location-aware music album enhances the experience of walking in the National Mall park. Download the album on your phone, put your headphones on and walk in – the music will change as you start moving. Different parts of the park will provide for different music. It's worth trying!

Zombies, Run! – both free and paid for iOS and Android

This app is not just a cool game but much rather a fitness app. Going for a morning run? Turn on the app and run away from the zombies! This will surely make you run faster. Preparing for a marathon? Download the app!

Most Popular

Geocaching – free for iOS and Android

This game differs form the rest of location-aware apps as you would not just be walking through town but will be physically doing things. Users search for hidden boxes placed all around the world by other game players. Go on a search for a geocache and hide a few yourself! Hide and seek – just in a new way.

Traveler’s quest – free for iOS

The world is a ground with hidden treasures and your phone is a key to finding them. Follow the map on your phone and walk around the city (and even the whole world) to find virtual prizes in real-time.

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