5 Electrical Engineering Apps to Help You Get Your Degree

Apps are supposed to simplify our lives, right? These 5 electrical engineering apps will help you in the classroom or at your job.
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How are your studies going? Studying electrical engineering is a massive undertaking. What if you can make getting an education, a little easier on yourself?


Apps are supposed to simplify our lives, right? There are 1.9 million apps in Google’s online Play store. You can take your pick on the site. You probably have one to help with every aspect of your day: alarm clocks, budget management, to view contact lists and create calendars.

Here’s the good news: Now electrical engineering apps will help you in the classroom—or at your job—too.

Which of these will help you get your work done in time?

Graph 89

All English engineers, science students and mathematicians love the TI-89 calculator. And now you can have one on your Smartphone.

The Graph 89 simulates the calculator and don’t be daunted by the fact that your device doesn’t have many buttons. You simply download a digital ROM image of the TI-89 to enjoy CAS functionality, graphing and many other features you need.

If you prefer a Ti-84 or TI Voyager model, you can get that too. However, for copyright reasons, these are paid for features, while the TI-89 is completely free.

Since you’re carrying around fewer study materials, your backpack can be a little lighter too.

Hex Plus

Yes, you’re required to work out hex calculations by yourself. But that’s for exam time, right?

If you’re pressed for time you need a quick answer and that’s when you download the Hex Plus application. Its design allows you to quickly convert between different numbering systems and get the job done. Don’t forget to inform other engineering students too. Computer engineering students will love this app. 

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Do you need a go-to app for all those small calculations that rob you of time? The Electrodroid app is like having your own little helper by your side. The tools help you get quick answers to:

-Calculating voltage drop

-Calculating voltage regulation

-Decoding resistor color codes

Can you see how easy your life would be? And that’s what an electrical engineering app’s policy should be: Helping you with the small details, so you can focus on solving the world’s bigger problems.

Once again you’ll love that this app’s services are yours for free.

Droid Tesla

Why take your computer with you, if an electrical engineering app can do the same job as PC software?

You can carry a SPICE circuit simulator with you wherever you go. It’s called Droid Tesla and it will transform your life.

Please remember there are two versions of the application. The free version only features some basic parts. 

If you need your simulations to incorporate many different electronics or components, you’ll have to opt for the paid version. But at $12, it’s not a huge expense. And you’ll save a lot of time & frustration in terms of getting work done. 

Why struggle on your own if an app’s power and abilities can help you find the right answer the first time? And you don’t need a university lab for your work anymore. Do it on ordinary devices in the comfort and privacy of your room.

Adafruit’s Circuit Playground

With the Circuit Playground, Adafruit attempts to give engineers an all in one solution. Its features include a hex converter and voltage divider calculator for when you work with circuits. But perhaps you need datasheet search in your work? This app can help you with that too.

Adafruit’s support team also adds value to its applications by regularly offering exclusive deals on content. If you want to get used to one app, instead of many different ones, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Which part of your studies causes you the most tension? Perhaps you can finish your current degree with lower stress levels, by simply using the new technology that’s at your disposal. Which one of these apps will help you stick to your deadlines during 2018? 

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