5 Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home

These products will optimize your work-from-home efficiency.
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With much of the world going into quarantine or shelter at home orders, a large portion of the world's workforce is now having to shift from working in an office to working from their home or apartment. Many haven't been prepared for this shift, as their home office spaces may just be a closet or simply a spot on the couch. 

As we shift from being office workers to home workers, it's important that we make the right changes to our routine and have the right gear to make the transition as seamless as possible. Let's take a look at a few products that will help in this new work from the home era. 

1. Readydesk standing desk

The first thing you're going to want to accomplish in maximizing your efficiency while working from home is set up a proper workstation. Since being at home all day already makes us more inclined to be lazier than normal, it's important to be proactive about how we work. This means that utilizing a standing desk might be a pretty good option to maintain good posture and keep from slouching around all day.

5 Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home
Standing desk device. Source: Thereadydesk

There are a ton of different standing desk design, but for those of you new to working from home without an existing setup, you'll probably want to opt for something that is convertible. The Readydesk, along with a plethora of other standing desk devices, allows you to transform a regular table or desk into a standing desk. It can hold two 27-inch monitors, and it is also height-adjustable.

As someone who's used a standing desk for a while now, getting yourself to stick with it is all about finding the right height for ergonomics. If your standing desk is too low or high, then you'll probably never use it.

2. Dell work from Home Bundles

While many people's work might be supplying them with work from home computers, a large portion of the workforce is probably working from their less than stellar home computers. Rather than shopping around for all different types of computers and accessories, Dell has assembled work from home bundles and discounted them heavily during this period.

While this may not be the best option for the experienced technophile who knows exactly what they need and want, this is going to be the perfect and easiest way to upgrade for many people.

5 Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home
 Work from home solutions. Source: Dell

Another thing to keep in mind while searching for a new computer to work on, or really anything on this list, is that every expense is a tax-deductable one come next year's tax season.

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While that doesn't mean you'll get the entire amount back, it means you'll be able to deduct the full expense from your income, resulting in net savings roughly equivalent to your tax rate multiplied by the purchase amount. So, if you buy a $1000 computer and fall in a 22% tax bracket, you'll save roughly $220 income tax in 2021.  

Also, you don't want to look blurry, grainy, or have choppy audio next time you're giving a video call presentation.

5 Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home
Logitech video meeting kits. Source: Logitech

Logitech put together video meeting kits that let you get everything you need in one simple purchase. You can also just snag a nice over-the-ear headset for all your working (or gaming) needs.

4. The Ember Mug

This next gadget to improve work-from-home efficiency is probably going to get a lot of hate, but hear me out here. I start every day with a hot cup of coffee. Maybe you start it with tea, or hot cocoa, or... water? Regardless, starting your day with a hot beverage can be a good ritual to get you focused and ready to begin an often distracting day of working from home. Utilizing something like a cup of coffee to mark the beginning of your work hours is a good mental delineator.


That said, no one likes cold coffee. If you do for some strange reason, then you should probably just skip this next paragraph...

5 Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home
Temperature control mug. Source: Ember

I like my coffee piping hot, but coffee does this weird thing where it cools off. Thanks to the second law of thermodynamics for that one.

However, the Ember mug fights to keep your coffee heated to the exact temperature that you like it. I will say this mug is over-technologized. It has an app, and you have to charge it, but hey, I guess this is the price you pay for having the perfect cup of coffee every morning. 

It also happens to be $80. So, not everyone is going to be able to rationalize this "efficiency" purchase.

5 Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home
Source: Logitech

The last step in setting up an efficient workstation is making sure you have a good speaker system. One that is Bluetooth and easy to move around is also a plus. There are plenty of wireless speakers out there, but the X300 from Logitech is a pretty good combination of sleek design and sound-producing power, while also not being too bulky. 

The speakers internal to the Bluetooth speaker are angled in various directions, so you get more of a surround sound effect from a tiny Bluetooth speaker. It extends up to 30 feet, and it allows you to instantly connect and manage phone calls on the device – a big plus for a work-oriented speaker.

The battery inside lasts for 5 hours, but you can also keep it plugged in through a micro-USB cable. 

If you want to take a look at a bunch of different speaker options for an efficient home office, here's a good link.

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