5 of the weirdest gadgets of 2014 from the CES

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As to expectations the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was very entertaining and it offered the very best when it came to cutting edge innovations. Among tech such as 4k cameras and wearable gadgets came some of the weirdest gadgets that we will see this year, here are five of them:

Real size Dalek speaker

The six foot Dalek will be a must for Doctor Who fans and it comes in the shape of a Bluetooth speaker system from Massive Audio. The Dalek is comprised of 32 woofers around its skirt, with a subwoofer embedded in the head. It has the name of Dalek Massive and the company behind it say that it is the biggest and loudest Bluetooth speaker made, thanks to it 5,000 watt amplifiers. The company are going to upgrade the Dalek so that it can move its head and limbs and then it will be sold off for charity on eBay.

dalek_massive[Image Source: Tom Cheredar]

The Luma Lift Slouch Zapper

The Luma Lift Slouch Zapper is for anyone who wants to keep good posture. The Luma Lift zaps the wearer of the device every time they start to slouch. The device is clipped underneath the collar or into a bra strap and as soon as it feels that the wearer is slouching it will start to vibrate. LumoBodyTech are hoping to get funding for the device and they want to roll out the Luma Lift by late spring, the device will cost between $59 and $79.

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lumo-lift-140110[Image Source: LumoBodyTech]

The IGrow for hairloss

Apira Science has come up with a product that they call the iGrow. This is a light weight helmet that has 51 lasers and LED lights that the company says will promote hair growth. They say that the lasers, which glow red, excite the molecules which are found in the hair follicles and this stimulates hair growth. The user should wear the helmet 20 minutes every day for around 6 months and then continue to wear it every week or so for the rest of your life.

igrow[Image Source: Mashable]

The Smartphone stun gun

Yellow Jacket showed off what could possibly be one of the most dangerous phone cases for the Apple iPhone. This was a stun gun case that can recharge the battery of the iPhone along with giving a jolt of 650,000 volts to any would be attacker. This new model fits the iPhone 5S and is available in four colours with the stun gun pack, which can be detached. The company have put a price tag of $149 on it.

stun-gun-phonecase-140110[Image Source: LaptopMag]

Pet Remote collar

The Pet Remote is a new device from Tractive that allows dog owners to train their pets from afar; the device fits onto the collar of the dog. Owners have to issue a command to the dog as normal, give an order verbally and then give a treat when your pet gets it right. Then you turn on the Pet Remote, which will either vibrate or make an electronic noise, this teaches your pet to associate the feeling or sound with the command you gave. The device stops you having to yell across the park if your pet should be doing something it shouldn’t. The company behind it hope to have it on sale this year if it meets the fundraising goals.

petremote1[Image Source: of Tractive]

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