5 Reasons to swap windows in the summer

It's never a better time to change windows than now!
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Created: 8/1/2023

Summer invites pleasure in our lives, beckoning us to embrace the great outdoors and enjoy the warmth underneath the skies. As much as we love the freshness it brings, there’s also the challenge of keeping your homes properly ventilated and cool to avoid health issues due to excessive heat. 

That's where upgrading your windows becomes a game-changer, not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces but also offering a multitude of practical advantages that can help you save big on your energy bills. Let’s take a glance at some of the best reasons why swapping your age-old windows for brand-new ones this summer might not be a bad idea after all. 

1. Reduce energy costs

The first one, and a pretty easy one to guess, I believe. Replacing windows might not come cheap, but in the aftermath, it does save you a handful of cash on energy bills. New windows built with advanced technology can stop the cool indoor air from leaking out and the hot outside air from seeping in, thus maintaining the temperature and reducing the constant pressure on your air conditioner to keep the space cool. 

If you’re looking out for a company that can help you in window and door replacement with the latest available technology, we suggest Ecoline Windows. Their windows are made of vinyl to reduce heat transfer. Also, they use double or triple-pane LoE glass coatings that reflect heat and UV rays, and insulated frames that prevent heat gain. Each of our products is certified or rated by respected organizations like Energy Star, and NFRC, signifying their ability to promote energy conservation

2. Keeps you ready for the winter

5 Reasons to swap windows in the summer
Ecoline Windows

After summer, it’s all the more challenging to have weak and age-old windows going into the winter. Old windows often have worn-out seals, gaps, or cracks, which allow cold outdoor air to seep into your home while letting warm indoor air escape. This heat loss can create uncomfortable drafts near the windows and make it challenging to maintain a cozy and warm atmosphere inside your living spaces.

Ecoline designs windows that can fill these drafts and hot spots, making your living spaces become more comfortable throughout the day. This allows you to fully enjoy your summer indoors without feeling the discomfort of temperature fluctuations.

3. Your home gets a visual upgrade and more value.

Honestly, we often worry a lot about the decor on the inside but don’t do so as much when it comes to the exterior appearance. Changing windows is a great way to refresh the outdoor aesthetics of your home.

Also, summer is a major time for people looking out to buy new properties, and if you’re planning to list yours on the market, refurnishing it with modern windows will improve its curb appeal, thereby increasing its market value. 

Ecoline designs windows to maximize energy efficiency and comfort, while also augmenting the aesthetic appeal. From casement windows and end-vent sliders to double-hung and awning windows, they offer an array of modern window styles to suit your choice.

4. Faster installation time 

5 Reasons to swap windows in the summer
Summers are a great time for window installation

Summer is comparatively easier to work in for contractors because snowy winters and rainy springs don’t offer that ease of operation. In summer, they can work fast while avoiding injuries, and even the materials are in commendable condition when they’re starting work. It’s just a surety that installing materials in the summer means you get all of them in the best working condition. 

Ecoline can help you choose the perfect window for your home while taking the SHGC rating into account. Also, their professional installation process ensures that windows fit perfectly and perform optimally. 

5. Enjoy quieter indoors

Summer can be a period of a lot of hustle and bustle on the streets, as more than most people are out in the neighborhoods basking under the sun and enjoying the fresh warm air. This can cause unwanted nuisance, especially for old adults or children. So, if you’re residing in a crowded neighborhood and tired of having tried multiple ways and means to combat the outside noise, maybe you’d need to do something about those windows. 

To get your windows or doors replaced contact Ecoline Windows: 343-655-4214

A few questions…

1. What are the best window styles for optimal ventilation?

1) Casement Windows: These windows are hinged at the side and open outwards, allowing for full ventilation from top to bottom and improved control over airflow direction.

2) End-Vent Sliders: This style allows for considerable cross ventilation when both ends are open. It features two operable sashes at the ends and a fixed window in the middle.

3) Hung Windows: Hung windows are available in two types: single-hung and double-hung. In the case of the single-hung model, either the top or bottom half is operable. For the double-hung, both sashes can be opened, offering flexibility in controlling ventilation.

4) Awning Windows: These windows are hinged at the top and open outwards, allowing for ventilation even during rain. When positioned high, they can expel hot air that naturally rises.

5) Custom Designed Windows: These windows can be tailored to the home's unique needs, incorporating a combination of window styles to optimize ventilation.

2. What should be the ideal window placement?

For ideal ventilation, windows should be placed on opposite or adjacent walls to facilitate optimal air circulation throughout the area. It's beneficial to have higher windows or vents on the leeward side (downwind) and lower windows on the windward side (upwind) so you can benefit from the natural stack effect. 

3. What should be the ideal size and the number of windows? In terms of size, it depends on three factors: privacy, security, and ventilation. While better natural light is a given with large windows, it can also lead to increase heat gain in the summer if not installed properly, thus affecting energy efficiency and your energy bills directly. Ecoline can help massively in such cases, thanks to their wealthy 20 years of experience in the window and door industry. 

4. Am I eligible for a rebate amount for my window project? Fortunately, yes! Based on your province, location, and income, you can be eligible for a few of these rebate programs:

1. CleanBC Income Qualified Program Rebates - maximum rebate of $9,500 per home.

2. Canada Greener Homes Grant - $5,600 in grants for window and door replacement. 

3. BC Hydro Rebate - $100 per window or door; maximum rebate amount of $2,000.

4. Canada Greener Homes Loan - flexible loans between $5,000 to $40,000.

For more information, you can visit the rebate calculator to check how much you can save on window and door replacements. 

In Conclusion

5 Reasons to swap windows in the summer
Ecoline Windows

There are a plethora of benefits that you can enjoy post making the decision to swap the windows of your home in summer. From enhanced energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and improved indoor comfort to increased property value and aesthetic appeal, the benefits are abundant.

So, take advantage of the warm weather and invest in new windows to savor the season and reap the long-term advantages that come with this smart and rewarding decision. Your home and your wallet will thank you, making it a summer well-spent on a worthwhile upgrade.

To get your windows or doors replaced contact Ecoline Windows: 343-655-4214

This article is proofread by Matan Korin, a window expert from Ecoline.

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