5 Things to Know About the Foldable Phones on the Market

Samsung released the Galaxy Fold, Huawei the Mate X and Apple filed a patent. Here is what you need to know about these foldable phones.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Just shortly after Samsung announced its Galaxy Fold, Huawei came out with its version of a foldable phone; the Mate X. Not to be outdone, Apple filed a patent for its own device: the iPhone X Fold.


With all these foldable phones designs, it is easy to be confused. Here is a short list of what you need to know about these gadgets.

1. They have impressive but different screens

Galaxy Fold has two screens, one on each side. Its large screen behaves like a book opening from the inside. This is likely to protect the large screen with a cover that also features a small screen for extra flexibility. It features a 6.4-inch exterior screen and a 7.3-inch interior screen.

The Mate X's screen, however, hugs the frame in what is 8.0-inch OLED display. Depending on how you hold the phone, this screen gives you three different versions.

Although we don't know much yet of the iPhone X Fold, Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing worked with Foldable News to bring us some potential designs and it looks like the device would also offer a large screen on the inside, folding open to look like an iPad. 

2. They have 5G configurations

Huawei's version comes only in 5G while Samsung's also comes in 4G. Huawei claims its phone combines the world’s first 7nm 5G multi-mode modem, the Balong5000, with the Kirin980 for unrivaled speed. Time will tell which is really the fastest foldable phone out there.

3. They are pricey

Galaxy Fold goes for $1,980 while the Mate X starts at $2,600. 

4. They have multiple cameras

Samsung offers six cameras which kind of makes us wonder how necessary they can be. Huawei, however, does not fall far behind. The phone features four cameras and even offers mirror shooting which lets you see your picture as it is being taken.

5. They have had mixed reviews

The Mate X seemed to be much more pleasantly welcomed than the Galaxy Fold. Perhaps this is because the first has a patented hinge that allows the phone to open completely flat while the second's hinge does not go so far. Either way, when Twitter reacted to the Galaxy Fold, it was not all good news whereas the Mate X saw great reviews

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