5 things you need to know before buying a smartwatch

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Why exactly do you need a smartwatch? And if you want to buy one, how do you choose from all the various brands out there? All the options out there have their pros and cons and based on these pieces of information, we want to help you find what smartwatch is best for you by looking at some key features. According to Tom's guide, the following are what you should be looking at before deciding on what smartwatch to buy.

1. Operating System

This is perhaps the most important feature you should consider when choosing the smartwatch you want to buy. This is because the type of operating system basically dictates the type of user experience you are going to get while using your device. So depending on your preference, you can choose between the Android, iOS, or Peeble devices. You might also want to consider the compatibility of the smartwatch with your smartphone. Be sure to buy one that actually works with your smartphone.

smartwatch OS

2. Display Type

Smartwatch displays come in two forms; E-ink and a colored LCD or AMOLED display. E-ink is an e-paper display that is very easy to read, especially when out in the sun. They come in monochrome and colored versions as well, and they also consume less battery life. LCD displays tend to be brighter and full of color, giving them an edge when it comes to viewing files such as photos and apps. The trade off with them is the fact that they consume more battery life.

smartwatch display

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3. Interface

Smartwatch interfaces generally come in two forms; touchscreen and buttons. Both have their pros and cons and it really just depends on what you feel more comfortable with. For example, while the touchscreen makes it easier to navigate, it might be difficult to select small items on the screen. On the other hand, while buttons ensure precision when selecting items on the screen, it usually takes much more time to navigate.

smartwatch interface

4. Design

The design of a smartphone is also one of the most important features to look into. Because the smartwatch is not only a gadget, it is also a fashion item and no one wants to wear something that doesn't look good on them. There are many smartwatch companies that give their customers the opportunity to personalize their smartwatches during their purchase. Features such as the type or color of the band, color of the face and even the size of the watch can be tuned to the customer's desires.

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smartwatch design

5. Notifications and Alerts

One of the main value propositions given by smartwatch companies is the convenience. Making and receiving calls and text messages, and receiving notifications is something you should expect of any smartwatch. So in this case, what you want to look at is the way these smartwatches actually get this done. Will you be able to see your notifications easily? How easy is it to respond to them? Can you include notification features for third party applications such as Twitter and Facebook?

smartwatch notifications

Your expectation of your smartwatch will ultimately decide how you review these points when choosing which brand to buy. But ultimately, we hope that these features will help you make a better decision when you decide to get yourself one.

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