5 Top DIY Gadgets to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

With all of the technology out there today, it is easier than ever to turn your place into a smart home.
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With all of the technology out there today, it is easier than ever to turn your humble abode into a technology-rich space. Here 5 of the best DIY projects you can do this weekend to make your home just a little smarter.

Voice Activated Garage Door

If you own a home, you likely have a garage door. Instead of having to press that pesky button, why not make your garage door voice activated? Thanks to a project from Hackster.io, you can easily make your garage door open and close with simple commands. You can view all of the details and technology requirements for this project here.

Temperature and Humidity Through Your Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is one of the best voice-activated products on the market today, but with a little hacking, you can make it even better. Through this project, you will be able to make your Echo audible tell you what the humidity and temperature measurements are around you. You can check out this project here.

Raspberry Pi Pool Controller

Most of us likely don't have a pool, but if you do and you happen to want to automate it, we have the perfect hack for you. This hack is centered around incorporating the Raspberry Pi and other Arduino controls into automating your pool's lighting, cleaning, and even heating. Check out the DIY pool controller project here.

Face-Unlocking Door

Why bother with unlocking your door with keys when you can do it with your face? This hack is likely a little more involved, depending on your skill level. To complete this project you will wire a small camera up to your door or surrounding frame that can be activated on command. This then runs back to Raspberry Pi running a program that can recognize your face and trigger the door to unlock. Check out the detailed instructions here.

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Arduino Smart Lights

Lastly, if you want to control your lights without having to hit the switch, then this project is perfect. There are many products on the market that can do this already, but why buy an expensive gadget when you can make your own. This project uses an Arduino to adjust colors and intensities on whatever lights you set up. Check out the project here and here.

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