7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life

Technological innovation doesn't just affect the wellbeing of humans, it also changes the lives of our feline friends.
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For many of us across the world, our feline friends occupy a great deal of our hearts. They're perhaps the perfect pet for engineers as they can be a little temperamental and don't like it when you mess with them – exactly like us!

As it turns out, the realm of technological innovation isn't just for us bipeds, it can also be for purring quadrupeds... cats. Let's take a look at 7 inventions and products that benefit cat kind that you might want to pick up next time you do some online shopping.

1. Smart Leash

7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life
Source: Pet Club/Amazon

Cats are not known to be animals that like taking long guided walks with their owners, but in the off chance that you want your cat to take walks with you, this smart leash is the right choice.

Cats are quite good at escaping collars and harnesses, so you'll need the right one to take them out on a leash. This harness was specially designed to provide maximum comfort to pets while also being nearly impossible to escape. This all means you can let your cat get some fresh air without being paranoid about him or her escaping. 

Take a closer look at the harness starting at $13.95 here.

2. Window-Mounted Cat Perch

7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life
Source: Amazon

Every cat needs a good lookout perch – but unfortunately, modern architect trends do not include random ceiling height perches. Instead of going out and buying one of those tall cardboard perch castles, one of the most flexible and least intrusive ways to create a perch for your cat is with this window-mounted perch, listed for $19.99.

This platform attaches to nearly any window using suction cup mounts specifically engineered for the task of holding your cat up. The other added benefit to this perch is letting your cat look outside with ease to survey their exterior kingdom along as well. This handy invention is a must-have for any space-strapped apartment dweller. 

3. Odor Eliminator 

7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life
Source: Hamilton Beach/Amazon

As much as we love cats, we all have to admit, they kind of smell. This custom-designed pet odor eliminating HEPA filter takes care of that minor downside to pet ownership, err parentship, with ease. 

This Hamilton Beach pet odor eliminator is available for $59.99 on Amazon. It features a custom-engineered triple filtration system that filters out pet hair and larger pet particles using carbon zeolite filters. 

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All that technical jargon aside, this is a modified air filter specifically designed to reduce your pets allergen and odor. A nifty little invention.

4. Laser Cat Toy

7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life
Source: PetSafe/Amazon

We had to feature at least one toy on this list, as inventions can sometimes be all fun and games.

Cat's love laser dots. That's a fact. It gives housecats something to chase with those primal instincts beckoning back to their much less tame ancestors. Instead of your cats only playing with lasers when you're around, now there's a robot that can take care of dancing a dot across the room! 

This robotic Pet-safe laser cat toy is available for $18.95 on Amazon. It randomly dances the laser dot across the room for the best chasing patterns and automatically turns off after 15 minutes so your cat doesn't get overstimulated. What more could a time-crunched cat-loving engineer ask for than robots, lasers, and a happy cat? Probably nothing.


5. Poop Scooper

7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life
Source: Nature's Miracle/Amazon

The pooper scooper isn't a new invention, but it is pivotal in the very in-depth history of pet waste management technology. First, there was the leave, then there was the bag, but now, we don't stoop to the levels of our ancestors, we keep ourselves a solid 2 feet away from any excrement at all times. How very civilized.

In all seriousness, this pooper scooper works perfectly for cleaning out cat's litter boxes or picking up after any accidents. And when you're done picking up poop, you can take a closer look at the springed-mechanism that makes it work! It's available here for $17.89.

6. Motion Activated Cat Toy

7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life
Source: SmartyKat/Amazon

Machines and technological inventions have made the lives of cat owners a lot easier. This mechanical toy is sure to keep your cat busy whenever needed. Utilizing a motor and some internal gearing, it mechanizes the traditional stick and feather toy to make it much more enjoyable for the cat. 

While it might take some adjusting to at first on your cats part, after a while this toy invention can be a perfect addition to your cat's belongings. It's available on Amazon for $12.49

7. Massage Center for Cats

7 Amazing Cat Toy Inventions That Will Change Your Cat's Life
Source: Catit/Amazon

At the end of a long stressful day playing their new motion-activated cat toy and robotic laser pointer, every cat needs some time to wind down and relax too. This fancy little "Wellness Center" gives cats massages, has a catnip container built-in and even has a self-grooming brush so your cat can take care of its own hygiene needs.

Assuming your cat likes this wellness center, it's likely bound to be one of their favorite places to hang out and get pampered. For only $24.99, this cat massage center seems like a steal assuming it brings relaxation to your feline friend.

Which one of these cat inventions and toys was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments and suggest any feline inventions that have become commonplace in your house as well! 

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