7 Audio Tools For Engineers Interested In Music Production

We have listed 7 of the audio tools you might need if you're looking to set up a music production studio at home.
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If you want to crown your engineering skills with music production, you don't need a large professional studio. Installing professionally equipped studios that you see on the internet is not as difficult as you think. Building a home studio should not be so much of a big deal, too. As long as you have some of the professional audio tools that you need.

Firstly, decide what purpose you will use your studio for. Do you want to stream your music for a profit, and it will be your job, or just for pleasure? If you're an inexperienced music enthusiast and willing to share your talent to others, it's still good to check our list to find the best equipment for your recording studio at home. 

If you don't know where to start yet, here are some basic audio tools for you. 

 1. Computers

Nowadays, people choose their houses instead of professional studios to work on their music. It's not only professional producers but beginners prefer the comfort of their home, too. Though at home, you might need some professional tools such as quality computers.

7 Audio Tools For Engineers Interested In Music Production
Source: Amazon Renewed

Here you can find a review of iMac for music production by Sean Dive, who shares audio production tips on YouTube: 

When producing music, your sound can change in the blink of an eye, meaning you need a fast processor with high performance. There are many products on the market claimed to be a good fit for the task, however, what matters the most is the price-quality ratio. Here are some of our picks.

Apple iMac

Microsoft Surface Studio

HP Envy 34" Curved

2. Headphones

A good sound producer should be able to notice even the tiniest details in their sound, so using the headphones connected to a smartphone, like an ordinary listener is not enough. To be able to listen to and detect fixed frequencies in critical sound tasks, a good quality headset is necessary in a music studio. 

7 Audio Tools For Engineers Interested In Music Production
Source: East Brooklyn Labs/Amazon

We have a few headphone suggestions for those who want to be able to hear their mix in stunning precision.

Audio-Technica ATH M50x Headphones

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80

Sennheiser HD280PRO

3. Audio interfaces

For songwriters and producers who make music on their computers, an audio interface is essential to record high-resolution sounds. With an audio interface, you can easily upgrade the sound output of your computer. Most of the computer outputs are not designed for quality sound and music production, so you are going to need a quality audio interface. 

7 Audio Tools For Engineers Interested In Music Production
Source: PreSonus/Amazon

Depending on what type of music you do, there are various types of interfaces. Whether electronic music or film scores, we've got you covered.

Arturia AudioFuse

Universal Audio Apollo x8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio 68c 6x6

4. Microphones

I seem to hear that you are looking for the best microphone in the market for vocal recording. This is one of the first questions that haunts newbie producers. Microphones are indispensable parts of vocal recording in order to get organic sounds that producers wouldn't be able to achieve any other way. They're also of great help in understanding your voice better.

7 Audio Tools For Engineers Interested In Music Production
Source: Rode/Amazon

Some microphones are suitable for vocals, while others are suitable for recording with different instruments. Make sure to check out these options and pick the one you need. 

ZealSound Microphone

Shure SM58-LC

Rode NT1

TONOR Professional Studio Microphone

5. Studio monitors

Would you like to know how to influence the audience with your tracks? If your answer is no, studio monitors can tell you. 

7 Audio Tools For Engineers Interested In Music Production
Source: Austin Bazaar/Amazon

To define how your recording sounds like, you need reliable studio monitors. From home studios to professional music studios, they are the key elements of the recording process. Studio monitors allow you to listen to how the track you worked on for hours sounds. If the mix you recorded in the studio sounds odd when you listen to it elsewhere, then it might be better to re-evaluate your monitors. If it's time to upgrade, there are some options below. 

KRK Rokit 5 G4

Presonus Eris

Edifier R1280T

6. Bass traps

You want to know what these big geometric cubes do in the studio, right? Bass traps provide acoustic treatment with their absorption power. Maybe they don't look as fantastic, but these cubes offer much more than what the other tools do. 

If you can't deal with low frequencies in the recording studio, bass traps will correct any lifeless and/or bass-heavy sounds in a music studio. 

Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam

JBER 4 Pack Acoustic Foam Bass Trap

NEW LEVEL Charcoal Acoustic Foam Bass Trap

7. Control surfaces

You always thought how cool these panels were, where the producers sat in front of and controlled everything, right? With the control surfaces, you can control the speed of the music flow, and improve your music. You put in your vision, these offer you control over it. 

7 Audio Tools For Engineers Interested In Music Production
Source: PreSonus/Amazon

If you have a studio in the house, you can pretty much handle everything with a computer and a keyboard, but if you want to take this a little more professional, you need a control surface in a music studio. 

Working with a computer for a million-dollar recording at home studio can be a bad idea, and you probably wouldn't want your business to slow down. Then, getting a portable control surface is just what you need. 

PreSonus Faderport

Icon Pro Audio DAW Controller

Audio2000'S AMX7332

After getting all the equipment on this list, there may still be a few more small items you need.

-A mic stand 

AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

-Instrument Cables

Straight to Straight Guitar Cable

-Pop filters

Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter

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