7 Food Processing Machines Behind the Making of Your Food

Food processing isn't an easy thing to do, so here are seven machines which make it easier.
Nursah Ergü

Ever wondered how food processing works? You probably know that the foods on the market shelves aren't made by people with their bare hands. If they did, it'd take a long time and the prices would be higher, obviously. But then how does it work?

How is the food we see in the markets made? How do they prepare our favorite chocolate, the cake we always buy, or the ice cream we go for all the time?


Well, with the technology we have today, it's not so difficult to make it all within seconds with machines which would take longer if humans made the same.

Here are seven wonders of processing that will show you how the foods are made. 

1. Unifller Cake Finishing Equipment

Without a doubt, you wonder how your favorite cake in the market is made and it tastes the same every time. Well, wonder no more. With this cake finishing equipment, it's easy to create the same delicious cake all the time. Yeah, it may be difficult to make the same cake without a mistake if it was made by humans, but technology never fails to succeed, or at least in food processing.

Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

2. Handtman PVLH241 Sausage Making Machine

With this machine, it's much easier to make both cooked sausage or dry ones like mini-salami. Of course, sausages or salami don't come in the shape you're familiar with. They need a long process to end up with the shape you're familiar with. And once again, humans would take longer to create it, but with this machine, it becomes easier and less time-consuming, also the margin of error of a machine is less than a human being.

Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

3. Egg Breaker OVO-tech 

You must be familiar with the fuss of breaking eggs and separating yolks from whites. And maybe you wonder how they do it in big factories. Do a group of people come together and while some of them are breaking eggs, the rest of them are separating the yolks and the whites. Well, not really. Mostly thanks to these kinds of machines, it's much easier to do it. This machine can wash, disinfect, and break 25,600 eggs per hour. Crazy, isn't it?

Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

4. Weber SmartLoader Side Loading System

This machine is an automatic side loading system for single products or individual portions. It can be used for sliced products and it can be combined with different types of slicers and portioners. So again, we have the technology for everything, even for grouping the products, which can be done by humans. But again, since machines are faster, why bother humans, right?

Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

5. Julie's Organic Ice Cream Production

It's always refreshing and pleasing to eat a tasty ice-cream. And probably at one point in your life, you've wondered how are ice-creams made? You've been buying the same ice-cream which has been your favorite since your childhood and you never saw a difference in the ice-cream over the years. Surprise, it's not difficult to produce ice-creams with a machine.

It sounds like a dream right? An ice-cream production factory and a machine that creates thousands of ice-creams per hour, yummy!

6. Chocolate Covering and Tempering Machine

Chocolate is the most favorite dessert of many people in the world. And you wonder, how can something be this good? It's actually so simple to make chocolate with this machine. So, no, your favorite chocolate that you think comes from heaven it's actually made in a factory by some machines. But don't be disappointed, the machine is your friend, and you should be thankful for the mighty chocolate that it makes for you. 

Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

7. Textor High-Speed Bacon Slicing Line

Even thinking about bacon makes you hungry, right? It's one of the most mouth-watering tastes in the world. But to be honest, it's not so easy to make bacon with an amazing shape. Because creating really thin bacon, which is the distinctive feature of it, can be really difficult and time-consuming for humans. So, here's another brand to save the day; they have the machine that can slice perfect shaped bacon for you.

It works so smoothly and quickly to deliver the most delicious bacon to your local market. Everybody say thank you Dear Bacon Slicing Machine!

Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube