7 Great Free and Pay To Use Voice Changing Apps

If you ever wanted to sound like a robot or an alien, why not try out one of these 7 awesome voice changing apps?
Christopher McFadden

If you've ever wanted to change the sound of your voice, or just play mischief with your friends and family, then a Voice Changing app might be for you. If this is the case, then we've got you covered.


Here we've found 7 great Voice Changing apps that do exactly what they say on the tin. 

What is the best free voice changer?

When talking about the 'best' app for this or that, the answer tends to depend on your personal preference. Of course, some are just better at what they proclaim to do than their competitors, but as you will find out, Voice Changing apps are pretty much all the same.


They tend to only differ it which effects they offer or how intuitive their user interfaces are.

In this article, we've included a collection of free and pay to use apps for both iOS and Android. 

They all pretty much do the same thing, but each one will have its own unique features and effects. Most of the ones on our list are free to use or at least try out so you can always try them all and delete the ones you don't like.

Otherwise, you can check any one of the myriads of review sites on apps on the web.

Is there an app that changes your voice during a phone call?

Why yes there are. We have even taken the liberty of including a few examples below.

But you should be aware that most of the good ones will charge per phone call. This can prove to be pretty expensive for longer or regular short phone calls.

Best use it sparingly, if at all.

1. Snapchat is very popular

voice changing apps snapchat
Source: Snapchat

Whilst Snapchat is primarily a photo messaging service; it does incorporate a pretty decent voice changing function. It also happens to be very popular for both.

It also now has a feature called Snapchat memories that lets you actually save snaps rather than losing them in the ether. You can use this make permanent recordings of your own voice in funny and whacky ways.

Most Popular

Do be careful with Snapchat, however. It does tend to drink your smartphones battery.

Snapchat is free to download but does contain ads.

2. Voice Changer by Androbaby is a veteran

voice changing apps voice changer
Source: Google Play

Voice Changer by Androbaby is another very popular voice changing application for smart devices. It is also something of a veteran now.

Whilst older than others on our list, users have benefitted from regular updates throughout its service history. This app uses the fmod sound engine, and the app is very stable compared to others.

You get a choice of around 12 voice changing effects including their most popular ones like Chipmunk, Helium, and others.

One of its more unique effects is called Backwards. This, as the name suggests, lets you play back your recording in reverse. It also has an old radio effect for a truly vintage sound changing experience.

3. Voice Changer by AndroidRock is pretty decent

voice changing apps androidrock
Source: Google Play

Voice Changer by AndroidRock has a fairly decent catalog of voice changing effects. These include bee, old man, martian, fan, hoarse, drunk, underwater, and many others.

Like other voice changing applications, Voice Changer works by you recording your voice and applying a filter afterward. You can also apply filters to other audio recordings saved on your phone externally of the app.

Like others, it is also free to download and use if you can tolerate the odd add.

4. Voice Changer by e3games

voice changing apps e3games
Source: Google Play

Voice Changer by e3games is another voice changing app that makes use of the fmod voice changer engine. Its user interface is also very colorful and intuitive to use.

For this reason, it shares some of the same voice changing effects as other apps that use the same engine. At its core, this app is very similar in function to Androbaby's app.

This is a very stable voice changing application and worth a crack if you want to try one. It's free to download and use.

5. Best Voice Changer is a bold name

voice changing apps best
Source: Google Play

Best Voice Changer has a bold name and is certainly a competent voice changing application. The app has a very clean user interface and includes a good choice of features.

Like others, the app lets you record audio files and import existing ones on your phone. Once loaded, you can add any of its various vocal effects like a robot, alien, bee, and many more.

Some of the voice changing effects can be disappointing, but those that work, work very well indeed.

The application is free to download and use but does include some adds. But that isn't a deal breaker of course.

6. Call Voice Changer is good, but you pay for the privilege

voice changing apps call
Source: Google Play

Call Voice Changer differs from others on the list by its ability to change your voice in real-time during a call. It allows you to alter the pitch of your voice as well as applying various other sound effects.

You do need to pay for its full functionality, but you can try it out with its free demo mode.

The demo version lets you listen to yourself to find out how others would hear you. You also get a free 2-minute call to test the app with your friends and family before committing to buy it.

Prices range from $1 for a 5-minute call to $40 for a full 170 minutes.

This app is available on both Android and iOS.

7. Funny Call is, well funny

voice changing apps funny
Source: iTunes

Funny Call is another well designed a stable voice changing application, but this time is only exclusive to iOS. Whilst the interface can take some getting used to, its very easy to use once you get used to it.

Like Call Voice Changer above, the main feature of this application is your ability to change your voice during love phone calls. However, it doesn't have a try before you buy demo mode so you will need pay to use it per call from the off.

A fair few of the voice effects are also included with the application free of charge, but you will need to pay for the rest.

The app is also plastered with intrusive ads that can get annoying after a while, so be warned. Thankfully, they don’t come up too frequently.

Otherwise, you get 30 seconds for free, and then prices range from $1 for 1 minute up to $20 for 64 minutes. Worth a punt.

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