7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets

Here are the most expensive iPhone gadgets out there which will make you say, "Take all my money!"
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iPhones are one of the most popular phones out there, and they make us shook for every other new model they have. Of course, our iPhone journey never ends with buying an iPhone. You should also get the coolest looking gadgets to make your iPhone look like it's the most badass phone in the world. 


The colorful and fancy world of cases, Apple Watch, AirPods, and earphones... The gadgets you can buy for your sweet little iPhone are never enough. And there are loads of options, which are wallet-friendly. But there are also some jaw-dropping gadgets that aren't wallet-friendly at all. 

If you want to take a look at some of the most expensive iPhone gadgets, here's a list for you.

1. Louis Vuitton Golden Crocodile Case

This glamorous phone case of Louis Vuitton costs only $5,050. I know that it sounds crazy, but for some people, it's just another case that will get tossed in another corner of a room after a couple of months. And for you, maybe it'd be the most expensive thing in your house, I know buddy, but don't worry, your $10 phone case is cool too!

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Louis Vuitton

2. Gresso Diva Design iPhone Case

Here's a diva case for divas only, which only costs $7,700. It has 15 diamonds and 18K yellow gold inserted, I mean, isn't it so good? For some people, it's the monthly income of a 4-people-family, while for some it's just a fancy looking phone case. But do these 15 diamonds make it more protective than a regular phone case? Well, I'm not sure. 

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Gresso

3. Alter Ego Aurora iPhone Case

This cool Alter Ego phone case will draw all the attention on itself, of course, it's not surprising because it costs $2,807 so it's pretty flamboyant. It was made of titanium so no doubt that how much protective it'll get over your phone. If you like your phone more than your home, you can get this phone case instead of having security cameras at your home.

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Alter Ego

4. The Billionaire's Club iPhone Case

Okay, this one is not that expensive, I mean it's still expensive compared to most of the phone cases in the world, but in this list, it looks like it's the cheapest thing in the world. It only costs $549. It comes both in gold or silver, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. It doesn't matter if you're a billionaire or not, you can get this case either way if you have enough money.

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Golden Concept

5. Buccellati iPhone Cover

It's evident that everyone would love this case, especially if they're a Leonardo da Vinci fan since da Vinci's sun was the inspiration for the design of this cover. It's a beautiful gold case with silver star-like objects on it, which make it pretty elegant and stylish to carry around. It'll draw a lot of attention, no doubt about it, but after paying $208,000 for a case, that's what you deserve for sure. No, you didn't read it wrong, it's actually a six-figure for a cover, crazy right?

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Buccellati

6. Brikk 18K Gold Apple Watch

Apple watch is something that started to gain popularity, it's not surprising since you can manage a lot of things from your Apple watch. It can be a little useless for some, but it's actually one of the coolest and most useful Apple gadgets you can have. If you want to make it cooler, maybe you should try to have this Apple watch in 18k yellow gold, which only costs $73,995. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it or not; to spend your annual salary on a watch. 

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Brikk

7. Brikk Earphones

If you want to have the most stylish earphones around, you should totally go for this pair. Of course, it's not so easy to get it since it's $14,995 but if you want to spend your kid's college fund on something efficient and won't call you boomer in the future, you can buy these earphones.

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Cyrus Blacksmith/YouTube

8. Brikk AirPods 2

AirPods are a comfort that we are willing to have nowadays. You don't have to deal with cables, you don't have to walk around with a huge pair of headphones that will make you look like Princess Leia. It's the easiest way to listen to music, watch something, or just to look cool. These AirPods are the coolest looking AirPods out there; however, they have a little drawback; they cost $6,995, and $12,995 for the deluxe ones. 

7+ Ridiculously Expensive iPhone Gadgets
Source: Brikk


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