8 of the Most Interesting Websites for Engineers

Interesting Engineering

cool[Image Source: YouTube]

Tired of scrolling through endless feeds of mind-numbing material on social media? We scoured the internet for you so you don't have to bring to you the most interesting and interactive websites perfect for an engineer (or any curious person!).

Control a Robot

Meet sid, a robot that can be controlled by you! Over a 250 million people have done so already. The objective of the game is to drop balls inside holes surrounding the robot. Live stream video is relayed to your computer and then you can control the bot using a keyboard. Others can look on as you try and take the high score! Unfortunately, as of now the robot is offline, but the company is in the works of bringing forth another user interactive game that you can sign up for updates and be one of the first to use it!

sid[Image Source: Si Digital]

View Earth from the ISS Live-stream

NASA has your curiosity covered with the ISS Livestream video. Why check the weather on another website when you could see it first hand? Okay, so maybe it's not so great for the weather, but if you have not yet visited the site, you won't regret doing so.

iss[Image Source: Ustream]

Text Yourself a Reminder for Later

You might be a busy person with barely any time to spare at all. With all that's going on, sometimes it's hard to remember what you need to do. With Wakerupper you can set and send yourself a reminder to text you a later time. Never miss an appointment again!

Watch Earth in a Time Lapse

Wonder what Earth looked liked 30 years ago? Google teamed up with TIME to bring to you time lapses of many areas of Earth. Select a destination like Dubai or Las Vegas and watch how it has changed over the years as the city grew and the lakes shrank.

Explore 100,000 Stars

The night sky is mesmerizing, but unfortunately, it is only around a few hours a day. Luckily for you, with this project you can scroll and zoom through the Cosmos and individually investigate 100,000 nearby stars.

space[Image Source: Chrome]

Drive a Car on Google Maps

Had a long day at work? Unwind a little bit and take a cruise down the interstate- from your computer! This website allows you to cruise through

Check out other Funny Thesis’s

So you will be submitting a thesis soon, or maybe already have. You thought to yourself- 'mine is awful'. You are not alone. Join the hundreds of others that openly submit their laughable theses for all to enjoy, and possibly make you feel better about your own!

Most Popular

Track a Whale

Ever wondered where the whales are? Probably not, but that shouldn’t hold you back from seeing now! With a few  tagged whales, a team of scientists has uploaded the live tracking feed so you can see where they are at any time. Just last year one whale was discovered to have veered off over 1000 miles for no apparent reason! Check it out for yourself.

whale[Image Source: Smartmine]

Have another website that we missed? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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