8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs

Functional and innovative flashlights that light up whenever you're in the dark.
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Finding the best flashlight is essential for emergencies, outdoor activities, and household works. It's kinda challenging to find the right one because it's important to find both an easy-to-use and durable flashlight. Also, according to your purpose of using it, it requires different capabilities.

We've listed the most functional flashlights for you for different purposes from camping to emergencies. You can choose.

1. Keychain Light

A flashlight that you can carry in your pocket, especially for emergencies. Designed for everyday use, this flashlight can also be attached to the keychain. It's optimized for the human eye, so forget the lights that disturb your eyes. Despite its small size, it offers an impressive 300 lumens brightness.

8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: SureFire/Amazon

2. GearLight Flashlight

As they say, the bigger the brighter the better. Providing a substantial construction and blinding brightness, this flashlight is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Both very bright and long-lasting features, it lasts for an entire camp trip. Thanks to this flashlight, you can zoom out to distant objects and see everything in detail.

8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: GearLight/Amazon

3. Emergency Flashlight

 It's possible to stay safe during natural disasters. With its new design, you can charge your phone with this flashlight and communicate with your relatives in case of an emergency. You can get information about the hazard in your area and learn about the weather. It's a must-have product for your emergency kit.

8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: RunningSnail/Amazon

 4. Super Bright Flashlight

With the main light designed as a spotlight, you get an ultra-bright image in camping, climbing and all kinds of outdoor activities. The searchlight reaches 2600FT, so it can be used in any important situation. It also comes with a tripod, then you can use it hands-free. It can be adjusted to 6 brightness settings.

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8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: IKAAMA/Amazon

5. Outdoor Camping Flashlight

It's another one of the easy-to-carry flashlights. The most functional feature of this WUBEN flashlight is its waterproof structure. It can work well 2 meters underwater for 1 hour, and it's a good option for those who want to have a durable flashlight even under the heavy rain and other extreme conditions.

8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: WUBEN/Amazon

6. McDOER Flashlight

It's the best flashlight to see the smallest things that can never be seen with naked-eye. Especially, if you have a pet in your house, there could be some accident that you don't even know. Thanks to the McDOER flashlight, you won't need to overlook any clue that belongs to your furry friend. Also, you can use it to enjoy the games with your family and friends. 

8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: McDOER/Amazon

7. Outlite Flashlight

You can put it in your pocket or handbag, it's very easy to carry a flashlight with its small dimensions. It works with 3 AAA battery and has 5 illuminating modes. Although it's too small, it provides super bright nights as days. It's functional for an emergency, outdoor activities, and home use. Also, you can observe up to 200 meters with it.

8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: outlite/Amazon

8. Headlamp Flashlight

A perfect flashlight for nighttime runners for the best experience. Even if it's just a headlamp, is bright enough to light up large areas. It fits for both adults and kids and provides hands-free use. You can use it for the household works to see every detailed area, and read something without disturbing others.

8 Practical and Innovative Flashlight Designs
Source: Foxelli/Amazon
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