8 Things Every Engineer Needs on Their Desk

Since desks are where engineers spend most of their time, having the best gadgets sitting around can make the work day go by much faster.
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Engineers notoriously spend their days sitting at desks designing machines or buildings. Since desks are where engineers spend most of their time, having the best gadgets and toys sitting around can make the work day go by much faster. Check out our list of 8 of the best gadgets that every engineer needs to have on their desk.

Soda Can Cooler

usb drink cooler[Image Source: Think Geek]

We all know that engineers love their caffeine, but having a warm soda after letting it sit for a while doesn't do anyone any good. Instead of letting your soda get warm, throw it in this USB powered single can mini fridge and stay refreshed all day long.

Phone-Controlled Mini Robot

remote control robot[Image Source: Think Geek]

Why not spend your breaks driving a mini robot around the office and pester all of your annoying coworkers? This robot is controlled through Bluetooth on any wireless device, featuring tank wheels and even an autonomous setting, but don't let it get stepped on.

Endless Notepad Roll

endless notepad roller[Image Source: Amazon]

Whether it be phone calls with clients or the next task your boss has assigned to you, taking diligent notes can change the way you work as an engineer. Instead of hassling with single sheet sticky notes, why not keep a roll of paper handy for all of your most important scratchings.

Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener

cat pencil sharpener[Image Source: Amazon]

A sharp pencil makes a good engineer, but we all need a good pencil sharpener to keep it that way. Why hassle with boring sharpeners when you can get that lead nice and pointy in a plastic cat butt? Now that is a sentence I never thought I would write, but nonetheless, if you're a cat lover, or you just need a creative pencil sharpener, this one is for you.

Most Popular

Galileo Thermometer and Barometer

thermometer desk[Image Source: Amazon]

The Galileo thermometer is based on the principle that liquids change density with temperature, this will make an awesome conversation piece for any desk. As the temperature rises, certain spheres will rise to the top, and others will sink to the bottom. The one on the top will indicate the current temperature. The Barometer is etched to look like a globe, and it will tell you the atmospheric pressure so you can sense when a storm is headed your way.

Miniature Microscope

microscope tiny[Image Source: Think Geek]

Every engineer loves taking a closer look at things, so this desktop smartphone microscope is perfect for closely examining that next expense report. Joking aside, this microscope will give you 100X zoom so you can see some pretty awesome things!

Desk Gong

desk gong[Image Source: Amazon]

Now, you may not think that a desk gong is something an engineer needs, but think about banging on this when you finish that next big project. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel when you ring your desk gong, marking the end of your work, and the beginning of your coworker's annoyance with you. This is a must-have.

Robot Arm

robotic arm[Image Source: Amazon]

Engineers thrive off of drinking coffee, but you also can't use your keyboard while taking a sip out of your favorite mug. You can use this remote control robot arm for a lot, but why not let it serve you coffee while you finish drawing up those plans.


What is your favorite office gadget that helps the day pass a little faster? Let us know in the comments.

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