8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020

Here are the best devices that can be controlled by your voice.
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A voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, and natural language processing to listen and respond to verbal commands. Voice assistant devices bring a new, hands-free experience to our lives. From playing music to setting a reminder, voice assistant devices make daily tasks easier for us. You can monitor your house while you're outside on your smartphone, turn the lights on with your command from your laptop, and also access all your smart devices using just your voice. This is all thanks to smart speakers, which are a type of wireless speaker and voice command device which is a virtual assistant that enables interactive actions and hands-free activation.

The best voice assistant for you might be Alexa if you are into smart home setups. Amazon's Alexa prices are in the mid-range which is always a plus. Alexa is the assistant which is included in Amazon's smart speakers and smart home devices. It is actually a simple "wake word". After you wake it up, it uses voice recognition to perform a wide range of commands on command. 

Here are the top 8 Alexa compatible devices that include Amazon Alexa's best skills which everyone should own in 2020. 


1. Arlo pro 3

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: Arlo Technologies/Amazon

If you're looking for a new security camera for your home, it's one of the best cameras in 2019, and probably will be the best again in 2020.

Day and night, it keeps around your home every time. Thanks to its color night vision and integrated spotlight, it'll light up the night and show you unwelcomed guests. This smart camera detects the difference between an animal, person, or object, so you'll see what's going on around your home. It is one of the best home assistants for your home. 

2. Echo show

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: Amazon

Alexa is here to entertain you with your favorite movies and audiobooks. On a 10.1 HD screen, you can make a video call with your family and friends, watch movies, and display your memorable photos after you use Alexa login.

Echo Show brings more than Echo Show 5 and 8. The screen is bigger, and the camera is improved. It's also letting you control other devices in your smart home. 

3. Echo dot

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: Amazon

Enjoy the hands-free speaker experience with the Amazon Echo Dot. For better quality sound with its modern design, it's time to meet this voice assistant speaker. It allows you to make hands-free calls with your loved ones.

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You can ask for information, music, audio, and news to Alexa. It uses your voice to play your favorite songs, or top hits through any music app. Also, you can set timers and create reminders with your voice.

4. Kasa smart WiFi plug

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: TP-Link/Amazon

Sometimes we forget the lights on or forget to unplug the kettle. Now, all of them are controllable with Kasa Smart WiFi Plug. You can access all devices in your home through your smartphone. All you need to say is "Alexa, turn off the lights" to command. 

Instant control over your switches, plugs, and bulbs by using Kasa Smart app. You can also set schedules to turn lights on or off. Thanks to this smart plug, you'll save energy in the long term.

5. Ring video Bell

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: Ring/Amazon

You'll never miss any guest with Ring's video doorbell. With its compatible feature with Alexa, you can talk to your visitors via your mobile phone or tablet. It sends alerts when someone presses your doorbell and you can easily access who's in front of your door.

Just say "Alexa, open the door" and it's done. It's also a good security system to detect unwanted visitors.

6. Acer spin 5 

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: Acer/Amazon

It makes your school and work-life easier. Just ask to search a topic on Google, and it'll do it for you. 

If you always bring your laptop everywhere, it's the easiest way to do your work. It can be paired with other Alexa compatible smart devices, so you can do everything from your laptop. You can set the alarm, create lists, and use its other various features. 

With its convertible design, it's perfect when space is limited. Use it as a tent mode, notebook mode, or tablet mode.

7. Kwikset obsidian deadbolt

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: Kwikset/Amazon

It provides a remotely controllable door from your smartphone. You'll get notifications when your door is locked and unlocked. It detects fingertips, so no need to carry your keys anymore. Enter your home with user codes, it's that simple.

If you like minimalist designs, this keyless locker makes your flat more modern than before with its glass-like screen.

8. Roav viva car charger

8 Voice Assistant Devices You Should Own in 2020
Source: ROAV/Amazon

It's impossible to take care of other things while driving for careful drivers, but now you can do anything you want with the Rova. You can play your favorite songs, listen to the audiobooks, order a pizza before arriving at work.

When you need to find the nearest gas station, there's no need to look for a map. Ask for Alexa and it'll find it for you. Call your friends while keeping your eyes on the road. It's also equipped with a high-speed charger to the fastest possible charge on the go.

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