9 Amazing Must-Have Gadgets For Pets

Modern life is hectic enough as it is so why not employ the services of these labor-saving gadgets for pets?
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Pets are a great addition to any family or home, but there at times when you need to keep them occupied when you otherwise busy. These gadgets for pets allow you to tidy-up and entertain your pets when you haven't the time.

From automatic pet-toilets to remotely controlled pet-human toys, these gadgets are bound to be food for thought for any pet owner.

The following list is, trust us, far from exhaustive, and is in no particular order. The following are also primarily aimed at dogs and cats, we do apologize to any Slow Loris owners out there

1. Petcube Play 2 is like a baby monitor for pets

Price: From $199

gadgets for pets Petcube
Source: Petcube/Amazon

PetCube Play 2 is basically a baby monitor for pets. Its video function lets you check upon, and even talk to your pets when you are out of the house.

It connects to your phone via its handy app and lets you talk to them via a two-way radio.

This gadget for pets even lets you treat your pet remotely. The dog version, for example, allows your dispense a treat remotely using your mobile phone.

The cat one is arguably even better. It integrates a special built-in laser toy, so you are never deprived of tormenting your poor feline prisoner.

2. Wagz Go Smart is a smart catflap for dogs

Price: $550

gadgets for pets Wagz
Source: Wagz

For too long cats have literally had the 'run of the house,' being able to come and go as they please thanks to catflaps. Now, at last, the 'dog can have its day.'

Sorry, we get carried away some times. Wagz's Smart Go, as seen at CES 2019, is a high-tech 'dog flap' and much more. By adding a tag to your dog's collar, you can ensure that only authorized canines can use it.

You can also configure the device to give each collar-tag access between a set period of time. Pretty handy.

Wagz also produces other products that use the tag to activate an automatic feeder. They also produce an e-ink collar shows the owners info and allows you to track your pooch during their 'to-ings' and 'fro-ings' throughout the day.

3. The Little Cat is very futuristic looking

Price: From $1,800

gadgets for pets The Little Cat
Source: Petding

The Little Cat might look like a prop from 2001: Space Odyssey, but it actually a great little pet gadget for the home. If you live in a high-rise block or apartment and you have a housebound kitty, this is a great way to at least give them the opportunity to do some exercise.

Developed by Petding, this rotary cat walker takes its inspiration from traditional hamster wheels but takes the concept to the next level. Of course, as any cat owner will tell you that is all well and good but inspiring the cat to actually use it might be harder than getting 'blood from a stone.'

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To help in this department, the device has a built-in laser to entice your feline friend to at least check it out. The device even comes in four different colors to suit your home decor.

4. LavvieBot Purrsong might be the kitty-litter box you've always dreamed of

Price: $379

gadgets for pets Lavviebot
Source: LavvieBot

Here's another great gadget for pets that really does solve a common problem for owners. Noone, and we mean no one, enjoys the chore of cleaning out the cat's litter box once it's done its business.

If only there could be a device that automatically cleans it up, keeps the litter topped up and filters out the, often, pungent odor.

Well, Lavviebot Purrsong has answered the call. It is WiFi-enabled and takes care of your cat's business, so you don't have to.

All cat mess is shifted into a handy drawer for ease of later disposal, and it includes a clever grid shelf to prevent cats from traipsing litter all over the house.

It's accompanying app sends you prompts when the litter reserve is running low and even keeps track of your cat's daily toilet routine - if you ever wanted to know.

5. Check your cat's pedigree with Basepaws Cat DNA Kit

Price: $95

gadgets for pets Basepaws
Source: Basepaws

For those cat owners who have always been a little suspicious of their cat's apparent pedigree, you now have the opportunity to check. Basepaws Cat DNA Kit is just like a human DNA testing kit but, funnily enough, is specifically designed for cats.

Once you've nabbed yourself a sample of their DNA, and sent it off for analysis, you will get a very in-depth report detailing your pet's ancestry. Whilst it will never tell you if your cat is a distant descendant of Ghengis Khan (though it would explain their attitude), it can tell you vital info on their ideal weight and potential future health issues.

Each kit is delivered in the post with return postage and the test needs you to get a small swab from your cat's cheeks as well as some of its fur. Once you've posted it off, expect to wait up to 12 weeks for the final results.

6. Get a dog's eye view of the world with GoPro Fetch

Price: $40

gadgets for pets Go Pro
Source: GoPro/Amazon

If you have ever wanted to view the world from your dog's perspective, this might be the perfect pet gadget for you. Whilst you could get yourself an old GoPro and tape it to your dog's back, this might not prove to be that effective.

But thankfully, GoPro has developed a special GoPro and harness to make sure it is comfortable for your canine and provides unparalleled footage of your dog's world.

Being a GoPro it is also waterproof, and the video quality is bound to be the first-rate. Amaze your friends and family, and surprise your pet, by grabbing yourself one today.

7. Inubox is an over-engineered solution to cleaning up your dog's business

Price: $1,200

gadgets for pets Inubox
Source: Inubox

As if the Lavviebot wasn't enough, there is also a canine toilet cleaning-up gadget for your home. Inubox is a self-cleaning toilet for dog owners who don't have the privilege of a back yard when your dog gets caught short.

The device's tray is hydrophobic and has an integrated weight sensor to detect when your dog has made a visit. Once the dog steps away from the pad, it automatically rises to clear the waste away.

It can also dispense a treat to reward and encourage your dog to keep coming back instead of randomly depositing its business around the house.

All waste is stored in a litter-like substance that clumps it all up and packages it ready for disposal. For any dog owner who doesn't have an easy way to take their dog outside all the time, this might prove to be a very handy gadget indeed.

8. Playdate might just be the coolest pet gadget ever created

Price: Available for pre-order from $250

gadgets for pets Playdate
Source: startplaydate

Playdate is one of the most innovative pet gadgets we've seen in a long time. This combination of camera, ROV, and a sturdy plastic ball is great fun for owners and pets alike.

Operation is simplicity itself. Simply set up the Playdate Smart ball's base anywhere in the house. Turn it on, open the mobile app and "Drive, play, smile, REPEAT!" as the manufacturers website so aptly details.

The ball itself is chew-resistance and resilient being made of polycarbonate and charge through wireless docking once you're done for the day.

It also integrates two-way audio and can be operated from anywhere in the world with internet access. Its wide-angle camera will give let you connect with your pet in a manner you'd never thought possible and the app itself is both iOS and Android compatible.

Ideal for both cats and dogs, this is, frankly, awesome.

9. iFetch the ultimate lazy dog-owners better friend

Price: From $119

gadgets for pets iFetch
Source: iFetch/Amazon

iFetch might just be one of the laziest, yet awesome, pet gadgets ever devised. For any dog owner who has become jaded by playing fetch with their pet, they can now outsource this menial task to this handy labor-saving device.

Dogs love to play and this kind of activity is vital for physical and mental health. iFetch allows them to play one of their favorite games for hours on end without exhausting the owner in the process.

The premise is pretty simple. It is able to launch a small tennis ball anywhere between 10 to 30 feet (3 to 9 meters) from the launcher.

This dog-sized artillery piece is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and is actually quite a nice looking piece of kit. The dog then returns the ball to the launcher and deposits it in the handy hopper on the top.


Rinse and repeat. iFetch also has a range of other pet-maintenance-outsourcing devices if you want to take a look.

This is a very clever device and has proved very popular amongst dog owners. It has also won various pet tech product awards.

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