9 Best Back-to-School Calculators for Engineering Students

Here are some of the best calculators you can buy right now.
Christopher McFadden

Studying engineering? Need a good calculator? Looking for suggestions for the best calculators on the market?

Then this is your lucky day. Whether you are taking the SAT's or need one for those pesky stats classes, a good graphical calculator is essential for any technical student. Here are some of the best calculators money can buy. 

(However, we always say that -- technically speaking -- the "best" calculator is the one that you are actually allowed to use in exams.)

The following are in no particular order and are far from exhaustive. And so, let us present 9 of the best calculators going and a special bonus.

1. Sharp

Its keyboard is not the best quality but it'll do the job, as they say. Given the price tag, you would probably expect a few more features as its menu is rather basic. Being Sharp, however, it will be reliable and looks alright if you like a lot of white on your electronics and especially scientific calculator. The scientific calculator will help the user do some math, calculate a few numbers but please don't expect too much from it; there are much better professional calculators out there. 

It comes with a reversible keyboard on both the basic and advanced models, slideshow feature, solver function, and matrix function.

Price: $80.00

9 Best Back-to-School Calculators for Engineering Students
Source: Sharp

2. Corner Office Graphing Scientific Calculator

Here's a rough and ready one for you with a pretty decent price tag. This model has 400 program steps letting you divide among up to ten program areas.

Its price tag is pretty decent and shouldn't break the bank. It does suffer from unreliable quality, however, and it has mixed reviews online. 

It has a 35 by 23 pixel graphing screen allowing 11 characters plus 3 for scientific notation exponents. The keyboard has 50 keys including 4 positions on the 4-way rocker. As you'd expect it comes with normal arithmetic functions, common and natural logarithms, trigonometric functions in three angular modes.

Most Popular

Price: $25.00

9 Best Back-to-School Calculators for Engineering Students
Source: pricemachine

3. Texas Ti 30XS

Ram packed with features, this is a beast of a calculator. It comes with a four-line display, one and two variable statistics, fraction/decimal conversion and step by step fraction simplification.

It has a trademarked MathPrint feature, edit, cut and paste abilities and comes with both solar and battery power. You can even select your favorite color! 

Price: $30.00

9 Best Back-to-School Calculators for Engineering Students
Source: Amazon

4. Texas TI-36 X Pro Scientific Calculator

Another entry on our list of the best calculators for engineers here from Texas Instruments. This is one impressive looking gadget and it's also a very reliable calculator to boot.

It is a vital go to for students and professionals and comes with multiple and unique features for scientific calculations. It comes with a four-line display, one and two variable statistics as well as, of course, solar and battery power. It also comes a with a print option.

Price: $20.00

5. Texas TI-89 Graphical Calculator

Yep, Texas technology again. But they make such great calculators, so can you really blame us? This machine is crammed with useful features like symbolic operations, matrices, equation, and differential equation solving. It also has built-in excel, graphing features, and USB connection. Texas Instruments also run a version of Derive which the same concept as Mathematica.

Price: $70.00

6. Casio FX-115ES PLUS

Here's a nice little example of one of the best calculators out there. It has a natural textbook display that shows expression and results exactly as they appear in textbooks.


It has over 280 functions that include fractions, statistics, complex number calculations and base arithmetic. You also get linear regression, standard deviation, computer science and polar-rectangular conversions.

This bad boy has a multi-replay function that lets you track back step by step through calculations and edit them. That is always invaluable.

Price: $13.00

7. Casio FX-991 MS

Casio definitely makes some of the best tech tools. This is one of the optimal calculators for students as it is usually allowed in exams. It is based on batteries and solar power, so (like other dual-power devices) it's basically immortal and will guide you and support you throughout the college. 

This one has a two-line display and, of course, offers fraction and integration calculations as well as combination and permutation. It also has a STAT-data editor, standard deviation, normal distribution calculations and regression analysis. Nice and pretty cheap too.

Price: $18

8. HP 50g Graphing Calculator

HP used to make some of the best calculators going, but have slipped of late. This is an exception, however. It has a 2.5Mb total memory with 512 kb RAM and 2Mb flash ROM.

This machine comes with 2300 built-in functions such as log, cos, sin, acos, asin, tan, ln. Because of its powerful operating system, it does drain the battery very quickly, so bear that in mind.

Price: $70.00

9. Texas TI-NSpire CAS with Touchpad

Well now, this looks the business, doesn't it? It wouldn't look out of place in a Star Trek episode. Anyway, although it looks cool this calculator is also fit for any purpose whether we're talking about academic education or engineering work. 

It's unique on the list owing to its touchpad feature. This makes navigation very simple and easy. It does require 4 AAA batteries but you can also recharge the calculator.

There is no direct access to stored variable sadly and no program editor.

Price: $90.00

Bonus: HP-15C

This one is a bit of a dinosaur but is well loved by any engineer who is longer in the tooth. The original model was discontinued in the 1980's but was brought back by popular demand.

You could always get your hands on a second-hand one obviously. Users will often mention that is probably the best calculator ever made. The main standout for this old timer was its speed of calculation. It has a relatively small size in comparisson to an average product you can find today. Its only downfall when compared to the rest of the list? It's not a graphical calculator like the others. 

Price: Varies whether secondhand or re-release

9 Best Back-to-School Calculators for Engineering Students
Source: eBay

So there you go, nine of the best products out there, plus a golden oldie. Most, if not all of these should suit you. On the whole, they should be allowed in exams as well, but do check before big exam days.

Have we missed some cool engineering calculators? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below and add your favorite mathematical tool!