9+ Great 3D Printed Gift Ideas to Make for Christmas

Looking for Xmas gift ideas? Why not print one yourself with a 3D printer?
Chris Young
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Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Sick of going to the shops at the frantic height of the festive shopping period? We have heard of a way out. It is called the 3D printer and it is a tool that will magically print a gift in a matter of minutes or hours.

The things that technology does these days.

Here are nine ideas for Christmas gifts that you could print out using a 3D printer.


1. A Thor hammer-style pen holder

As the old saying goes, 'the pen is mightier than the sword.' That's especially the case if the pen in question is being kept in a Thor hammer-style pen holder.

9+ Great 3D Printed Gift Ideas to Make for Christmas
A pen holder in the style of Thrall's Doomhammer from World Of Warcraft, Source: Fotis Mint/My Mini Factory

This design, made by, looks a lot like the God of Thunder's hammer from the Marvel universe. However, the design is specifically based on Thrall's Doomhammer from World Of Warcraft.

9+ Great 3D Printed Gift Ideas to Make for Christmas
Source: Fotis Mint/My Mini Factory

We can't think of a better metaphor for the power of the written word. The STL file can be found over at My Mini Factory.

2. A fidget spinner Lazy Susan

Not only is a 3D printer a great way to build objects from scratch, but it also allows creative people to attach components to existing objects and turn them into something completely new.

I needed a Lazy Susan but all I had was a Fidget Spinner... from r/3Dprinting

Take, for example, this lazy susan spinning table made by K_V_Design using a fidget spinner and 3D-printed plastic attachments.

The design completely repurposes the fidget spinner and allows it to be utilized for a practical purpose.

3. AlexR2-D2

We've previously written about accessories that can be added to Alexa and other smart home assistants in order to stop them from spying on you.

While this doesn't go quite as far, Reddit user Xparatrooper77 customized their Alexa devices with a sci-fi look. 

GF wants Alexa in the house... OK.. lol from r/3Dprinting

Want your own real-life R2-D2 to help with tasks around the house? This might be the closest you can get.

5. A steaming dragon

This is a fun little distraction for anyone steaming rice or vegetables, as well as any kids that are bored waiting for dinner to be ready.

Best IP accessory I’ve seen on here, so I had to make my own from r/instantpot

The design allows you to attach a dragon head to a steam cooker. A great little design for anyone with kids. The STL for the design can be found over at Thinkverse.

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6. A 3D-printed bounty hunter

The Mandalorian recently dethroned Stranger Things as the most-watched original streaming series. That's no small achievement for a show whose protagonist has so far kept his face hidden beneath a helmet.

9+ Great 3D Printed Gift Ideas to Make for Christmas

It might be because that helmet is so cool, and Pedro Pascal's acting so good that you can empathize with the show's faceless antihero.

This picture by Reddit user Burakdonertas shows a print of a design by Rob Pauza based on the Mandalorian's helmet. As one Reddit poster put it, "this is the way."

8. "Thou shalt never juggle Oreos and milk again."

Holding a mug of milk and opening a box of Oreos at the same time is one of life's great problems. If only there were some kind of plastic attachment you could add to the side of your mug in which you could keep the cookies while drinking your milk. 

9+ Great 3D Printed Gift Ideas to Make for Christmas

Thanks to the magic of 3D printing, now there is. It is truly a technology that has opened our lives to so many possibilities.

Ok, being serious, it actually has. Did you know that 3D printing is being used to build homes for the homeless and corals for fish in the sea?

Nevertheless, Oreo containers while mundane in comparison, show the way 3D printers have democratized designs. Almost anything you can think of can be printed using a 3D printer.

9. A top-selling toy, it is

Baby Yoda was designed to be cute, sell toys, and generate millions of memes. It has succeeded. Baby Yoda has become a sensation to the point that many now jokingly refer to new Star Wars series the Mandalorian as "the Baby Yoda show."

9+ Great 3D Printed Gift Ideas to Make for Christmas
Source: nosmigon/Reddit

Reddit user Nosmigon printed and painted his own Baby Yoda. That'll certainly save them from having to fight for it Black Friday-style when the toy is inevitably sold out in stores in the leadup to Christmas.

As Yoda himself said, "you must unlearn what you have learned." The same words of wisdom might apply to what we know about gift-giving at Christmas — 3D printing has opened a whole new world of possibilities.

10. A hidden meaning

This design looks innocent on first viewing but quickly reveals a completely different intention when viewed from a different angle.

A friend of mine gifted me this from r/3Dprinting

It makes a silly little gift for the significant other and again shows how 3D printers can be used in an incredibly creative way — even with a seemingly simple design.

Once again, the design can be found at Thinkverse.

So what do you think? Will you be turning to your 3D printer this Christmas? Or, for those out there who don't own a 3D printer, maybe now you know what to ask Santa for.