9 Mesmerizing Mechanical GIFs You Need in Your Life

Do you live and breathe machines and mechanical devices? Then these 9 GIFs will make your day.
Christopher McFadden
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If you love machines and all things mechanical, here are some great GIFs for you to waste, sorry invest, some of your precious time on. These are but a sampling of the many, many, great mechanically-related GIFs you can find on the net. 


How do I find a GIF?

There are various ways to find GIFs online with ease, but one handy method is a special feature of Google's search engine. 

"When using Google Image Search, track down any GIF by clicking "Search Tools" under the search bar, then go into the "Any Type" dropdown and select "Animated." Voila! A page full of GIFs to pick through. Not 100% of the results are animated, but you'll find a lot of gems." - mashable

What exactly is a GIF?

A GIF, in case you are not aware, is an animated image that has been encoded using the graphics interchange format (GIF). It can be a series of still images stitched together, time-lapse footage or even a specially designed animation.

"An animated GIF is an image that's been encoded using the graphics interchange format where it has multiple frames encoded into a single image file and a web browser or other software will play those images back in animated sequence automatically. ... An animated GIF is a digital version of that." - commoncraft.com. 

How do I send a GIF in a text?

If you want to share that hot GIF with your friends and family by text, the process is actually pretty straightforward.

For iPhone users: 

  1. Open Messages and compose a new message or open an existing one
  2. Tap the 'A' (Apps) icon to the left of the text field
  3. If #images don't pop up first, tap the icon with four bubbles in the bottom left corner
  4. Tap on #images to browse, search and choose a GIF

For Android users: 

"On Android, open up the Messages app and then tap the smiley face icon where you'd normally find emoji. ... Once you've found a GIF you want to send, just tap it, and the GIF will be pasted into the message compose field. You can write additional text below the GIF if you want, or hit sends to share the GIF alone." - dailydot.com

What are some great examples of machine or mechanical gifs?

So, without further ado, here are some great examples of machine/mechanical GIFs we've managed to find on the web. Trust us when we say this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

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1. Check out this tool for making square holes

In need of a square hole? from r/MachinePorn

First off is this amazing mechanical/machine GIF from Reddit.

How do you fit a square peg into a round hole? Don't bother, just make a square hole with this awesome tool.

This GIF is completely mesmerizing; we could watch this for hours on end. 

Is there any way to use gifs as a screensaver? Apparently, as it turns out, you can! 

2. Slow zooming is always good fodder for gifs

Slow zoom is mesmerising from r/mechanical_gifs

Here is another fantastic mechanical/machine GIF for your titillation. This incredibly over-engineered machine is simply amazing to watch at work.

The slow zoom really does add to the overall GIF-watching experience.

We are not entirely sure if this machine falls into the category of a CNC machine or not, but it's a brilliant GIF, nonetheless.

3. Check out this industrial pencil sharpener

Pencil sharpener. from r/MachinePorn

Here is yet another amazing mechanical/machine GIF for your delectation. This might be one of our favorites so far?

Did you ever wonder how new pencils are sharpened prior to being shipped out to the shops? Well, this GIF shows you exactly how.

And there we were thinking teams of pencil sharpening "engineers" spent hours on end manually doing each one. Silly us.

4. Crushers are always fun to watch in action

I like crusher gifs [960 x 960]. from r/MachinePorn

Here is yet another amazing machine/mechanical GIF that will blow your mind. This time it's some footage of a car crusher in action.

It's amazing how these machines make such short work of crushing used cars. The only thing that could make the GIF better would be a glimpse of the waste coming out of the other side.

But everyone is a critic, as they say. 

5. Here's the forerunner to General Grevious' iconic "Revenge of the Sith" transport

A GIF of a neat machine from u/aloofloofah [600 x 450]. from r/MachinePorn

If you ever wondered whether that vehicle (Tsmeu-6) General Grevious used in "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" was possible in reality, then this GIF should cast aside all doubts.

Fittingly called "monowheels", these forms of transport have actually been around since the mid- to late-1860s. Original models used hand cranks or pedals for propulsion but later models, as seen in the GIF above, use small combustion or electrical engines. 

And they are still very much around today but are used mainly for entertainment purposes. That being said we'd love to get our hands on one!

6. Check out this train bridge-building machine

Possibly the best GIF of building a train bridge [640 x 640]. from r/MachinePorn

Here is yet another amazing machine/mechanically related GIF. This time it's one of an amazing specialized bridge-building machine.

Called the SLJ900/32, this machine is known by locals as the "Iron Monster", and it makes short work of the task at hand. 

It's footage like this that really restores your faith in humanity at times. What an incredible piece of equipment. 

Do they make model train set scaled versions? 

7. Gatling Gun GIF anyone?

Gatling Gun Gif [500x500] from r/MachinePorn

Apart from their incredibly destructive power, there is no doubt that Gatling Guns are one of the most amazing weapons ever conceived. First invented in the mid-1860s, early models were hand-cranked. 

"A modern, helicopter-mounted version of the Gatling gun, the Vulcan minigun, was widely used by the U.S. Army in the Indochina war. The minigun, popularly known as ‘Puff, the Magic Dragon’ for the flames and smoke emitted from its muzzle, fires at the staggering rate of 6,000 rounds per minute, enough to decimate an entire village in one burst." - History.com

This amazing GIF gives an insight into how these amazing weapons work in practice. No wonder they have such a fast rate of fire!

We wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this beast. 

8. Check out this V-22 Osprey unfolding its wings before takeoff!

[GIF][800x428] Osprey unfolding for takeoff from r/MachinePorn

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an amazing piece of military hardware. Famed for its folding wings, this multi-mission, tiltrotor VTOL/STOL aircraft is designed for long-range, high-speed cruise performance.

One of its most famous features is its ability to fold its wings and wing-tip mounted engines into a more compact form for storage on aircraft carriers (or other ships). Watching them unfold like this is something very interesting to watch. 

9. This time-lapse of a Ferris Wheel construction is cool

Erecting a carnival Ferris wheel [GIF][600x404] from r/MachinePorn

And last, but by no means least, is this amazing time-lapse GIF of a Ferris Wheel being erected.