9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer

Are you looking for help choosing equipment indispensable to every DIYer? Look no further, these 9 should get you through most jobs.
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Looking for tips in equipment indispensable to every DIYer? Then you are welcome. The following are generally agreed to be the bare essentials. These 9 will tend to get you through most of your DIY needs and do not include power tools.

For those who are a bit more hands-on, the following video will give you some more food for thought.

1. Hammer

The hammer is probably 'the most' essential piece of equipment and is indispensable to every DIYer. Afterall, what use is a nail without a hammer? Or vice versa for that matter. Hammers are also useful for generally whacking and breaking things, job done!

Claw hammers are particularly useful as they can be used to remove stubborn nails and other "sticky out" things. Most DIY experts tend to agree that a 16-ounce to 20-ounce (0.45 kg) claw hammer is the most versatile hammer on the market.

9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer
Source: Harbor Freight Tools

2. Screwdrivers

Of course, a hammer is almost useless when it comes to screws. You could bash them into place but that rather defeats the object of them. This makes screwdrivers another piece of equipment indispensable to every DIYer. Those flat packs won't put themselves together after all.

You'll need a nice selection of flatheads and Philips of course. Basic sets start from a few dollars and can get fairly expensive. You can, of course, buy an all-in-one if you want to save some space in your toolbox. If you'll be using them a lot, it might be worth considering a ratcheting/springing screwdriver.

9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer
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3. Adjustable wrench

When your DIY target includes nuts and bolts, a hammer and even a screwdriver will fail you. This is where the humble adjustable wrench comes into its own as equipment indispensable to every DIYer.

Traditional wrenches will do the job too but the adjustable one should be able to handle most nut and bolt sizes. Experts tend to suggest buying two wrenches of different lengths. A small 6-inch (15.2 cm) for tight spaces and a longer 10-inch (25.4 cm) where you need more leverage. Some might recommend an 8-inch (20.3 cm) instead of two so long as it's a good one.

9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer
Source: Amazon

4. Pliers

Most DIYers will find they need to grab onto something at some point. Of course, you can use your fingers but they might not be strong enough or the surface is sharp. A pair of pliers is, therefore, an essential piece of equipment for any DIYer. They'll let you grab things, leverage them, bend or twist them. 

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Pliers can be used to loosen bolts, pull nails, straighten stuff, remove wall plugs and pinch wires to name but a few. Frankly, pliers are awesome things. There are many types of pliers out there but it's usually a good idea to get a set. A craftsman's 5-piece set should do the trick for most DIYers. 

9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer
Source: Amazon

5. Putty knife/Scraper

Need to remove some wallpaper? Perhaps you need to fill a hole?


The putty knife is a great piece of kit for these and many other jobs. The narrow blade is fantastic for scraping, smoothing and prying open cans, plus the handle is useful for banging stuff closed.

A blade around 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) wide is usually enough for most jobs, but of course, this can be a personal choice. Narrower blades tend to be most useful as they are small enough to fit into corners yet broad enough to do the job. The better blades tend to be made of flexible stainless steel as they are easy to clean and won't rust.

You should pay attention to the handle design. It should be comfortable and long enough to give good leverage.

9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer
Source: Harbor Freight Tools

6. Utility knife/Stanley knife

You will often find yourself needing to cut something as a DIYer. This could be opening boxes, trimming wallpaper, cutting PVC flooring to size or liberating all those newly bought tools from their impenetrable packaging. This is where the utility knife becomes an invaluable piece of kit.

A good knife should have a secure and comfortable handle and plenty of spare blades. Good knives start at around $10 but you can fork out for a Stanley knife for a little bit more. Getting a knife that sheathes and unsheaths with one hand is always a good option.

 7. Handsaw/Hacksaw

For those more stubborn of materials that the utility knife cannot deal with a handsaw becomes another piece of equipment indispensable to every DIYer. These saws are great for making quick cuts in wood when a power saw is OTT. 

All saws tend to come in three forms. The regular western saw with its tapering blade, the Japanese pull saw which cuts when you pull back and the pruning saw that also cut on the pull stroke. Some tests by The Sweethome, seem to indicate that pull saws provide the quickest and cleanest cutting action. 

9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer
Source: Amazon

8. Tape measure

Measure twice, cut once as they say. During DIY jobs accurate measurements are essential. You'll want a good tape measure to check the size of pipe, get your picture in the right place or generally see if an appliance will fit. Tape measures are an essential piece of kit, to be honest. According to building Doug Mahoney, a tape measure is “the single most-used tool on a job site.”

A decent tape measure should be a locking a retracting one. Experts will tend to agree that a 25-foot (7.62 meters) one is best for most situations. Plus they can have some other interesting uses...

9. Toolbox

You'll need somewhere to put all those lovely tools, nails, screws, nuts and bolts and 'waste' from your DIY products that you're sure will come in handy in the future. This is why any self-respecting DIYer has their very own toolbox.

A good sturdy and well-organized toolbox will save you a lot of time finding the right tool for the job. 

9 Pieces of Equipment Indispensable to Every DIYer
Source: Amazon

Have we missed any tools or equipment indispensable to every DIYer on our list? Feel free to add your suggestions below.

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