9 Stylish Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses to Ease Eyestrain

Protect your eyes from blue light coming from various screens while looking cool in front of them.
Deniz Sagir
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Eyeglasses make people look cool and smart most of the time. Even though having healthy eyes is great, we bet you considered how cool you would look wearing eyeglasses at some point in your life. 

The good news is, you don't have to have a visual impairment problem to come up with an excuse to wear some cool glasses. Especially if you are sitting in front of a computer for hours, getting exposed to blue light that can strain your eyes, blue light blocking glasses could help you protect your precious organs. 

And it's not only the computers that emit blue light. Mobile phone screens, tablets, TVs give out blue lights that can strain our eyes, stop organic melatonin production, and elevate cortisol. Therefore, anti-blue light protection glasses could be a huge aid for your eyes.

While you will be giving your eyes a good rest, the people in the office will notice your new style. 

1. HORUS X - Blue Light Blocking and Gaming Glasses - Buy Now

Source: Horus X/Amazon

An orange-tinted glasses with a sporty frame, Horus X offers one hundred percent blue light and UV protection.

CE and ANSI-certified, its gaming glasses are made of UV-treated polycarbonate. Horus X has a cool design and lightweight polycarbonate frame. Overall it weighs  0.95oz (26.9 grams) so you won't even feel the weight while wearing it.

If you love gaming or spend a lot of time in front of your computer, Horus X can protect your eyes while adding your computer time some style. It comes in a premium package which includes an ultra-light neoprene case and microfibre quality cloth, costing you only $29.90. 

2. Element LUX Blue Light Blocker Glasses - Buy Now

Source: Element Lux/Amazon

Element Lux is a great option if you are into classical Aviator style when it comes to glasses. 

The amber color is not a coincidence, because amber offers up to %99 protection against blue lights. Wear it during a night of gaming or watching some movie, and get a better quality of sleep free of eyestrain. Plus the aviator style offers a lot of coverage thanks to the size of its lenses, not to mention how cool you will look in the office or at home. 

Element Lux glasses are made of nylon, which combines the advantages of glass, polycarbonate, and CR-39 lenses. It comes to you with a travel case, microfiber cloth, and a sleep guide to make you sleep better. Element Lux glasses weigh 8.8oz (249.4 grams) and cost $27.97. 

3. AHT Computer & Gaming Eyeglasses - Buy Now

Source: AHT/Amazon

Coming in a variety of frame colors, AHT eyeglasses offer 99% UV and blue light protection with 93% high transmittance in order not to compromise your visual experience. Another big plus is that you can wear AHT protector glasses over your regular glasses.  

The wrap-around style frame is good for stability once you wear them, alongside its unique style. It weighs 2.39oz (67.75 grams), which is pretty lightweight and costs only $12.99.

4. Sleep ZM Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Buy Now

Source: Sleep ZM/Amazon

With deep amber orange lenses and a cool-looking sturdy frame, Sleep ZM glasses could be your pick. 

Its lenses are made of polycarbonate, offering you 99% blue light protection, as well as UV 400 protection. It also has an anti-glare coating to protect your eyes further, making sure they rest enough for a sound sleep.

It has a thick-looking cool black frame with solid-looking wide lenses, which are pretty stylish. Sleep ZM glasses weigh 2.4oz (68 grams) and cost $39.88, including a case and a cleaning cloth. 

5. HORUS X Casual Blue Light Protection Glasses - Buy Now 

Source: Horus X/Amazon

Modest yet stylish, Horus X's casual model combines simplicity with style and quality. 

It has a polycarbonate frame and glasses, offering anti-UV 400 quality that has 100% protection for UV rays, anti-reflection protection, and 50% filtration of harmful blue light. If you are looking for transparent glasses rather than any tinted ones, this could be your pick. 

As stylish as it comes, Horus X casual model weighs only 0.71oz (20.12 grams), so you will barely even feel you are wearing it. The whole package, including a super light neoprene case to carry your glasses and a microfiber cloth, costs $23.90.

6. Cyxus Classic Browline Blue Light Blocking Glass - Buy Now

Source: Cyxus/Amazon

Browline models are classic and always popular no matter how long they have been around. 

And what's better than walking around with one at your office? Apart from the style, Cyxus has Anti UV 400 protection and HEV Absorb lens technology with anti-blue light protection up to 450 nanometers, which is slightly below %100 due to the transparent glasses, which is a compromise for 100% color vision if you like. 

Made of polycarbonate, Cyxus is as stylish as they come, with 3.52oz (99.79 grams) weight, costing only $19.99. 

7. Gunnar Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses - But Now

Source: Gunnar Optiks/Amazon

Its solid style is one of the reasons for the popularity of Gunnar. 

Gunnar offers 35% blue light protection, 100% UV light protection, as well as being anti-reflective to protect your eyes from the glare of bright screens. It has wide-format lenses that offer you a wider range of protection. 

Made of polycarbonate, Gunnar weighs only 0.96oz (27.2 grams) and costs $41.99.

8. Hack Your Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Buy Now 

Source: Hack Your Sleep/Amazon

Hack Your Sleep is literally built to hack your sleep by reducing your eyestrain 99 percent down, which is the amount of UV and blue light it blocks. 

Having a smooth, sporty design, Hack Your Sleep glasses are dark-tinted amber, which increases the protection rate compared to transparent or lighter-colored models. It weighs 3.21oz (91 grams) and costs only $19.99.

9. Sleep ZM Clip On Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Buy Now

Source: Sleep ZM/Amazon

Sleep ZM Clip-on model is a great option if you are planning to wear it over your regular glasses. 

Made of polycarbonate lenses and a metal frame, it offers 99% protection from both UV and blue light. The lenses are wide enough to cover your regular glasses, being 2.48 inches (6.3 cm) wide and 1.69 inches (4.3 cm) high.

The glasses weigh 1.76oz (49.89 grams) and cost $39.99. 

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