A Cybertruck-Inspired Remote-Controlled EV Could Help You Clear Snow

The CyberKAT starts at $1,299.
Deena Theresa
The CyberKat.Spyker Workshop

Tesla enthusiasts who have been awaiting the Cybertruck, which has been pegged for a 2022 rollout, can now buy a miniature, remote-controlled snowcat, which is almost a mirror image of its inspiration. The CyberKAT, aptly named by Ryan Butler of startup Spyker Workshop, is designed to help you clear snow during heavy winters.

The CyberKAT has plenty in common with its doppelganger, the Tesla Cybertruck, namely the sleek electric appearance, with a sharp, angular silhouette and very few curves. What distinguishes it from the Cybertruck is the wide tracks that allow it to cut through a thick, white blanket of snow.

With a plasma-cut aluminum frame, the CyberKAT spans 29 inches long (73 cm) by 19 inches wide (48 cm) and has a ground clearance of 4.25 inches (10.7 cm) that enables it to glide across uneven terrain. As for power, the CyberKAT runs on a standard 775 electric motor and four 12-volt batteries. The aluminum transmission can be easily set to high speed or high torque modes, according to Spyker Workshop.

'Snow' much fun

While the startup hasn’t unveiled any figures regarding power or speed, a video shows the CyberKAT effortlessly prowling through the snow without any problems.

According to Robb Report, the coolest part of the EV has to be the CyBlower. This neat attachment, which is still in development, can be mounted to the CyberKAT’s trailer hitch to help blow away snow in a snap. Consider it as a snowblower on wheels that you can control from the comfort of your living room. You can also use the hitch to pull a wagon or wheeled cooler, for instance. The CyberKAT is replete with light bars like the original Cybertruck that gives it a futuristic feel.

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While the CyberKAT starts at $1,299, you’ll need to fork out an additional $120 for the electronics kit to power it and another $80 for the optional radio. The first models are currently estimated to start shipping in January or February 2022, which means the CyberKAT will likely beat the Cybertruck to market.

The additional fittings would mean that you could build the beast yourself. What better than a good DIY project to begin the new year.

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