A Database of 100,000 AI Generated Faces Is Changing the Way We Think about Stock Photos

Artificial intelligence can now give you a quality stock photo of a model… that does not exist.
Donovan Alexander

You have to admit it. Some of the uses of artificial intelligence are simply fascinating. One of the more exciting aspects of artificial intelligence is seeing all the potential ways the technology can be applied to our daily lives, even if it at times it seems a little creepy. We have seen artificial intelligence technology shape everything from the medical world to art. However, did you ever think that AI would go on to shape the world of stock images? 


Now if you are familiar with people using AI to create portraits of people who do not exist, then surely this idea came to your mind at some point. Yet, another industry influenced by the world of AI

Imaginary faces 

Now if you have ever worked for a creative agency or have worked on any creative project in general, you have dealt with the often frustrating world of stock images. Stock images themselves are very convenient. However, there is always a small fear of using a stock image as you definitely do not want to come across another company using the same imagery as you. It is like seeing someone with a similar STEM project in class. 

AI seems to have a solution to this problem and it is a bit creepy. Artificial intelligence can now give you a quality stock photo of a model… that does not exist. That’s right, AI can now generate imaginary faces for your next project. Dubbed Generated Photos, the collection of faces was created by Konstantin Zhabinskiy and his team.

As stated on the webpage by the Generated Photos team, “These people aren't real! We are building the next generation of media through the power of AI. Copyrights, distribution rights, and infringement claims will soon be things of the past.” 

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Future faces

The library of faces comprises of 100,000 different “people” all with various expressions, looks, skin colors, hairstyles etc. However, the process used to generate these photos was rather unique compared to what you might think. 

The team spent thousands of hours shooting models in the house. Each of the models signed releases for the database so that when you decide to use one of their faces, you will not have to worry about copyrights for commercial or personal projects. 

Using the power of AI, the team was able to churn out even more photos, creating the free database that you can access right now. Maybe the world of AI could change the way we work with stock photos in the near future, to the point that you no longer have to fear any copyright issues.  

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