A Firefly-Inspired Concept Redefines Bike Design. With Vertical Doors?

Combining the comfort of a car with the thrill of a bike.
Deena Theresa
The Husqvarna Devil S Concept BikeHaochen (Wenson) Wei/Behance

Two-wheelers have always been synonymous with the adrenaline rush. Add to that a sporty look, exuberant with style and elevated performance, and they're unquestionably a young crowd's favorite. These elements largely influenced design student Haochen (Wenson) Wei to design a motorbike that is radically different from what bikes are perceived to be.

Wei's Husqvarna Devil S Concept Bike is more than just looks. Motorbikes are generally tagged as unsafe since they expose the rider's body to high-speed dangers in case of an accident. The firefly-shaped Husqvarna gives supreme importance to safety.

Inspiration transformation
Source: Haochen (Wenson) Wei/Behance

The rider sits inside the Husqvarna branded bike as one would typically do in a car, and the doors open to resemble the shape of a firefly – vertical doors that open like a Lamborghini. These classy doors hug the rider in a safety cocoon which is reassuring at high speeds. While doing this, the bike maintains its edgy looks – perfect for a futuristic ride that young people will find irresistible.

The side profile of the Devil S is truly diabolical with a balanced artful charm. The rider sits relatively low due to optimal positioning – the seating position is secured by the lightweight yet reinforced body of the bike.

A Firefly-Inspired Concept Redefines Bike Design. With Vertical Doors?
Source: Haochen (Wenson) Wei/Behance

Can you handle it?

The state-of-the-art bike concept has an automotive-inspired interior with red LEDs and seatbelts that complement the rider's needs. Additionally, there are panels on each side of the interior that display the ride's telemetry and vital information like battery percentage GPS and Bluetooth. The firefly-inspired bike is also an equally good city rider as it is out there in the open patches of the outback, according to Yanko Design.

A Firefly-Inspired Concept Redefines Bike Design. With Vertical Doors?
Source: Haochen (Wenson) Wei/Behance

Wei's striking renderings are a case in point for the dimension of mobility that will evolve and shapeshift in the next few years. Hopefully, the aerodynamic bike will come alive and add a new facet to the exhilaration of riding motorbikes.


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