Team Designs a Gracious 70-Foot Hyperboat Concept That 'Flies on Water'

And it only needs 10 knots of wind to reach full-foiling mode.
Fabienne Lang
The Persico F-70 conceptPersico Marine

There's a new full-foiling yacht concept on the scene, and it's marvelous. Thanks to a wonderful trifecta collaboration between Persico Marine, Carkeek Design Partners, and Pininfarina, you can now almost literally fly over the water in a dual-purpose racer and daysailer hyperboat: the Persico F-70.  

As futuristic as it is innovative, the yacht blends the latest naval tech and sleek architecture with sci-fi-worthy interiors. 

Sharing the exciting news on Thursday, October 28, the companies' respective press releases and social media posts highlighted the flying yacht's impressive design and performance. You can particularly enjoy its features on Persico Marine's YouTube video (embedded below).

The ultra-fast lightweight Persico F-70 is a whopping 70-feet long (21.33 m), and is a foil-assisted carbon composite hyperboat. As Persico Marine stated, "The goal is to deliver an innovative concept for owner drivers: a stylish, simple, strong, safe and highly competitive foiling yacht, offering a seamless transition between day sailing and racing sailing modes."

The length of the boat was carefully chosen, explained Shaun Carkeek, lead designer at Carkeek Design Partners. "Seventy feet has been deliberately chosen as the starting mid-range size most able to provide an optimal all-round solution. It takes into account low crew requirements, dual usage, racing and lifestyle requirements, while also keeping an eye on cost and the bigger picture."

The yacht's retractable wings and elevators on the rudder blade allow it to glide over the water with ease, like a knife cutting through warm butter. Adding to this ease of movement, the Persico F-70 only allegedly needs 10 knots of wind (18.5 km/h) to go into full flight mode. "Full flight" has yet to be disclosed, as no numbers about the yacht's top speed were disclosed. 

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And when you're not gawking at the shiny silver exterior of the F-70, you can marvel at its futuristic interior. Created in an ultra-simplistic, modern way; the boat's interior is as simplistic as it gets. "Indeed, the interiors are open space with a series of structural rings, creating a perspective illusion that emphasizes the length and width of the boat and expresses a dual passion for daysailing and racing performance," said Daniele Mazzon, chief yacht designer of Pininfarina Nautica, in the press release.

There you have it, a hyperboat to put all others to shame. And there certainly are others out there, including the next-gen electric hydrofoil Candela speedboat, and the hydrofoil sailing yacht by Creaform. Though neither of these designs merge a racer and a daysailer in one carbon lightweight full-foiling yacht.