A Luxurious Swiss Yacht Is Powered by Two Sustainable Fuels

And it offers limitless range
Ameya Paleja

Zurich-based Swiss Sustainable Yachts has unveiled its new luxurious yacht that is powered by not one but two sustainable fuels, solar and hydrogen. Dubbed Aquon One, the yacht has all the amenities that your heart can desire on a yacht and comes with zero guilt, the New Atlas reported

Even as cars are going the electric way, maritime transportation is yet to see the same kind of enthusiasm. The first electric ship may have made its maiden voyage, however, the limited range offered by electric batteries is a major challenge that still needs to be overcome. The makers of Aquon One couldn't agree more and therefore, have opted for a hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric propulsion than massive batteries. 

They have gone a step further to set up a hydrogen fuel generator on the yacht itself that completely eliminates the need for a fuelling stop, taking away any limits on its range. The hydrogen generator is powered by solar panels that occupy 689 square feet (64 square meters) on the vessel rooftop, which can output more than 75 kWh/day in the summertime. Hydrogen is generated by electrolyzing desalinated water and then compressed to be stored in carbon tanks, for long-term usage. 

The yacht is powered by a 134-horsepower hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric motor, placed in each hull, New Atlas reported. Hydrogen from the long-term storage tanks is used to generate the propulsion needed with water and heat being the by-products of the process. The heat is trapped again to be used for onboard heating of the water supply and yacht overall.  

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Electricity generated by the solar panels is also stored in a small capacity electric battery for short-term usage that includes meeting onboard energy demands as well as for propulsion if required.  The makers of the yacht have also included waste and black water management treatment plant that gives a second life to used water used on the vessel. Adding on to the sustainability quotient is the use of bamboo, cork, natural fibers, and recycled leather in the interiors of the yacht. 

The Aquon One does not sacrifice luxury for the sake of sustainability. Onboard the yacht, you will also find a living room, large glass windows with automated shading, a private terrace, along with the master and guest bedrooms with appliances like a fridge, washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher all connected with a smart energy management system.

The 64-feet (19.4 m) long yacht has a top speed of 16 knots but cruises at a maximum of six knots in its eco-speed mode. If you decide to take a limitless trip, there is sufficient space for 10 people to stay overnight on the sustainable vessel. Priced at 6.79 million dollars (6 million euros), the vessel is planned to be available in 2023, New Atlas reported. 

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