A mini PC that is Endless aimed for the developing world

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Endless can turn any television set into a PC that is fully functional and it has its own OS along with apps that will be able to work online and offline. At the moment it is on crowdfunding to raise funds for its development.


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The PC is small and colourful and will run on the lower end dual core Intel Celeron processor and have 2GB of RAM. The Endless PC is aimed at developing countries and offering offline functionality was the main focus of the company. Over 100 apps are available and they include an encyclopaedia that has been designed to work without a connection to the internet or with it.


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The PC runs on the Endless operating system and this has been designed so that it doesn’t need any additional training. The PC is similar to what is in a smartphone and the designers behind it believe that this is going to make it more accessible.


[Image Source: Endless]

The PC can connect to any display through HDMI or VGA and it will be available in a choice of three different configurations. It will have either 32GB flash storage or a hard drive of 500GB. If you go for the 500GB version you get WiFi and Bluetooth along with a speaker, these are optional if you choose to go with the smaller version. All units have two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port along with a 3.5mm audio jack and Gigabit LAN.

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[Image Source: Endless]

Earlier this month the Endless PC was successful in raising funds and has already raised US$176,000, which is well over the target that was set at $100,000. The developers of the small PC are going to use the funding to enter into markets in Guatemala and Mexico and they hope to expand into Latin America.

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