A New Ski Lodge Hotel Uses 18 Shipping Containers as Building Material

And ensures that you have a very 'eco-friendly' holiday.
Ameya Paleja
The Pad.The Pad

For those who are looking forward to skiing this winter, a boutique ski lodge in Colorado offers a special reason to visit. The new ski lodge is built with 18 recycled shipping containers that have been craftily arranged to provide budget bunk-bed stays or full-sized private suites, Business Insider reported

Shipping container constructions have gained popularity in the architectural world. Built to last the toughest conditions on the planet, shipping container structures can brave different weathers. What's more, repurposing them helps reduce the need for further mining the earth for additional metals. While buildings made out of shipping containers are usually smaller homes and working spaces, The Pad in Silverthrone, Colorado is taking things up a notch with a whole ski lodge hotel. 

Built on the site of a dairy building, the hotel features 11 hostel-style dorm rooms and 24 private rooms, some of which that offer private balconies overlooking the snow-clad mountains. Run by a wonderful husband and wife duo, the boutique hotel is built to ensure that the business is sustainable, has a purpose beyond profits, and creates high-quality jobs as well. This is why The Pad has sought a B Corporation certification that it will gain after being in business for 12 months. 

However, the couple goes way further than constructing the building with shipping containers to be 'eco-friendly.' Instead of blowing up the previous building on the premises, it was deconstructed in order to salvage as much material as possible to reduce construction waste. The salvaged parts can now been seen in the new building that has been strategically placed to allow heating of the common areas with passive sunlight. 

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All materials used in the construction were sourced from vendors who are trying to be sustainable in their works and items like beds and mattresses that were purchased locally to minimize the carbon footprint of transportation. Food that is going to be served in the hotel is also made from local produce, and instead of using bottles, the bar will serve more tap drinks. All the waste from the restaurant and the bar will also be composted in partnership with a local conservation center, the hotel claims on its website

Those seeking a great skiing adventure in the mountains can do so with an eco-friendly experience by staying at The Pad.

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