A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021

Looking for the most advanced tech out there? CES 2021 probably has it.
Trevor English

As ever, CES 2021 was filled with the year's hottest technology announcements. From gaming tables to new wi-fi routers. Even though it was completely digital, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Consumer Electronics Show did not disappoint.

If you're curious about which gadgets were unveiled this year that might pique your interest the most, this list is for you. Take a look.

1. Vuzix NGSG

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: Vuzix/PRNewswire

The Vuzix smart glasses are a sleek, wearable piece of technology that allows for hands-free connectivity through your smartphone, along with a transparent 3D Display. Think of the Vuzix glasses as a better Google glass. 

The glasses work as an accessory to smartphones and has hands-free voice commands and gesture controls for easy useability. If you're looking for the latest in wearables, these glasses may be for you.

2. Shifu Tacto

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: Shifu

The Shifu Tacto is an add-on device for tablets that transforms the screen into interactive board games. The Tacto attachments allow the tablet to interact with different game pieces. For example, the user can play checkers, chess, or even learn to code with tactical visual methodologies.

As you might guess from the colors and design, the Tacto is geared more towards a younger crowd. However, for parents, attaching the Tacto to your child's tablet may help you feel better about how much time they spend on it. 

3. The LG Rollable Phone

At the end of LG's initial CES press conference, they teased a rollable smartphone. While there were no details given about the phone, the tech is reportedly more than just a fancy show gadget. LG is poised to release the phone later this year, according to insiders familiar with the company's plan. 

A brief glimpse of what the phone can do is available in the video above, but if LG is able to deliver on the promises in this sneak peek, the tech looks to be a better design for expanding phones than the folding phones of some of its competitors. 

4. Infinity Game Table

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: Arcade1Up

Are you a board game fan? Is your closet full of board game boxes that you pull out when friends come over? The Infinity Game Table hopes to condense all of those boxes into one sleek coffee table. 

The use case of the table is straightforward: it aims to allow users to play any board game they want on a digital touch screen. 

The table not only has a large number of board games already digitized, but it is also connectable to board game tables in other households. This is particularly relevant for all of the board game junkies who had to put their addiction on hold, or play over Zoom, in the era of social distancing. 

The Infinity Game Table is still in development but has so far raised $1 million from backers on Kickstarter. It plans to retail for $600, and there are already working prototypes out to reporters, so the entire concept isn't just a pipe dream like some Kickstarter projects.

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5. The Oova Kit

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: Oova

Medical technology was another big trend in gadgets at CES 2021. The Oova is a fertility translator kit that allows women to track their fertility and connect the data through an app. The app then gives the user the clearest steps on the path to conception.

It works quite easily. Oova is an at-home urine test that measures progesterone and luteinizing hormone to determine when a woman will ovulate. Oova takes care of all of the calculating work necessary in fertility planning and gives the user clear steps on the best time to "try" for conception. 

6. Linksys Velop Router AXE8400

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: Linksys

Since everyone is still stuck at home in 2021 from the ongoing pandemic, Linksys decided now would be a great time to unveil their next-gen wi-fi router. Called the Linksys AXE8400, arguably one of the catchiest names on this list, the tri-bandrouter launches this summer.


The new router is part of Linksys Velop line of mesh routers, capable of Wi-Fi 6E. This latest and greatest wi-fi infrastructure allows the router to boast some of the fastest and most efficient internet performance on the market. It can also output a 6GHz band, giving all of your connected devices in your home the perfect high-speed internet highway.

7. Portable Sunlight Solution, Olly

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: Olly/Kickstarter

Have you been struggling to get outside and soak up enough vitamin D? The Olly light hopes to bring the beneficial sun rays insight right to your desk. While "getting some sun" while sitting at your desk may seem like a joke, the Olly light mimics natural sunlight and claims it could help users to regulate their body's natural circadian rhythms.

By varying the light based on the time of day, the portable light helps your body regulate its melatonin secretion so that you can sleep better at night, without having to spend time outside. The project was fully funded on Kickstarter.

8. Alarm.com Touchless Door Bell

Are you tired of ferociously sanitizing your doorbell after the 5th delivery driver of the day dropped off your burrito for dinner? Well, this gadget solves that issue. 

Alarm.com has released a touchless video doorbell that works in conjunction with a mat. Whenever the visitor stands on the mat, the doorbell rings and the video camera is triggered to capture the event. The mat itself isn't actually a smart device, rather, the video doorbell senses the location of movement and determines whether it is on or off the mat, depending upon how the user calibrated it.

Having a touchless doorbell isn't a bad idea in general, even in non-pandemic times. Being able to just walk up to someone's door and have the owner alerted is a great security feature, and this may be an option to Ring. 

Alarm.com doesn't expect the touchless doorbell to be the solution for everyone, but they wanted to make sure that they had a touchless option available.

9. CarePredict TouchPoint

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: PRNewswire/CarePredict

10. Otterbox Mobile Gaming devices

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: Otterbox

Gaming is hotter than ever and Otterbox, the super-strong phone case manufacturer, wants to get in on the action. Otterbox has designed a whole array of products for mobile gaming, like a clip, a controller shell, a case, a privacy glass guard, and more.

Most of the products are designed for Xbox controllers, but the mobile gaming accessories should allow users to game on the go with a lot more ease.

The products will be available for pre-order on January 25th.

11. Samsung Bespoke Fridges

Samsung is developing a line of technology that caters to the designer household. Their new bespoke fridge is one of the sleekest kitchen appliances around now. The modular refrigerators have 4 doors. Purchasers can choose the finish on the outside, and can customize the colors of each of the individual panels too to mix it up. 

Like most of Samsung's appliances, the new line of bespoke fridges is sure to be a hit in households that can afford them.

12. MyQ Pet Portal

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: MyQ

If you've got a pet but can't keep jumping up to let them in and out of the house every five minutes, then there's a new device that will let you automate the entire process.

The MyQ Pet Door can be activated remotely and it includes an app that allows you to live video stream the action to your phone. You can set it up to be triggered by a custom collar system on your pet, or you can set it up to only let your pet out when you okay it.

Although this type of pet door has been around for some time, this one may give your pet some more autonomy around the house. However, be ready to pay up, the door will cost $2,999.

13. LG G1 OLED

A Roundup of the Must-See Gadgets from CES 2021
Source: LG

LG announced its newest G1 OLED TV series at CES 2021, which features HDMI 2.1, a new "magic" remote, and integrated Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The G1 series of televisions feature the Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI processors from LG, which boast some of the most incredible AI picture optimizations on the market.

If you're looking for a new TV, LG's new line might be the right place to start.  

14. Samsung JetBot 90 AI+

For the robot vacuum lovers out there – pet lovers too – you might want to check out Samsung's new JetBot 90 AI+. The robot vacuum cleaner comes with all of the latest robot vacuum tech consumers have come to know, but it also boasts a LiDAR and 3D sensor for better imaging around its environment. The robot can even avoid delicate items before it touches them, closely optimizing its path.

The vacuum has 30W of suction power, giving it the ability to pick up dust from the air around it, not just the floor.

Notably, the JetBot can also serve as a video monitor for pets, letting you remotely monitor your furry friends while away. 

CES 2021 has been home to some of the hottest tech unveilings of the year this past week, and we've rounded up some of the new gadgets that you're probably going to want to buy.