A Tokyo Startup Created a Pen with Conductive Ink that Allows You to Draw Your Own Circuits

This pen literally makes your work light up on the paper. The Tokyo-designed pen lets you design any type of circuit you can imagine.
Donovan Alexander
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Seeing your work light up on a sheet of paper may seem like a gimmick, but it could have cool and practical uses. Soldering and creating electronic circuits can be downright annoying and occasionally unsafe.  A Japanese start-up has provided the perfect solution for those of you looking to create more electrical connections. 

Make Your Work Electric

Elephant Tech has produced impressive products, each with the aims to allow you to create electric connections from home. Making it so easy that your five-year-old niece could do it.  One of their more flashy products is their electric prototype kit, the Erasable Circut Marker. The premise, if you know how to use a marker, you can use the Erasable Circuit Marker kit. A very popular Kickstarter campaign, the kit is comprised of a Circuit Marker and a Circuit Eraser. The Circuit Marker allows you to draw electric circuits quickly and easily. The Marker is filled with the patented AgIC nanoparticle silver ink. When you draw with the ink and connect two points you are able to create a working electric connection. 

Do not worry if you make any mistakes. The Circuit Eraser is there to help you clean them up. Similar to the eraser on one of your art class pencils, you can remove any unwanted marks from your masterpiece. "We invented the Circuit Eraser to bring the process of trial and error to making circuits on paper. When we offered Circuit Markers in workshops and events, we noticed that many people made short circuits, and would have to start from scratch after making a mistake," says the team on their Kickstarter page.

A Tokyo Startup Created a Pen with Conductive Ink that Allows You to Draw Your Own Circuits
Source: AgIC Inc./Kickstarter

If you want to get started, do not forget to pick up some of their conductive paper to begin your electrical masterpieces. Whether you are making sensor interfaces on a paper or your sister wants to draw a sketch that lights up, the kit is perfect for your creative ideas. 

A Tokyo Startup Created a Pen with Conductive Ink that Allows You to Draw Your Own Circuits
Source: AgIC Inc./Kickstarter

Unbounded Creativity 

Elephant, formerly known as AgIC is an award-winning start-up based in the tech-friendly Tokyo. With two successful Kickstarter projects under their belt, they took the world by storm with their innovation of electric circuits.


The Elephant team's mission is to teach, educate, and make electric circuits more accessible to "people of all ages and levels of experience." Tools like these are exciting and democratize technology that might have been inaccessible to the masses for years. The idea that you could create circuits or a fully functioning city is exciting for those interested in electrical engineering. The Elephant shop was closed at the end of June 2017 because of the company's shift from business to industrial manufacturing services. If you want to get your hands on the Ink Pen, or Circuit Paper, subscribe to their newsletter.


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