ABB Debuts Next-Gen Robot With Multi-Industry Suite of Digital Robotics Automation

ABB has debuted a robot designed for a wide spectrum of industries for the next-gen of automation.
Brad Bergan

ABB has debuted a suite of new digital robotics automation products, solutions, and services designed to help customers more fluidly address key trends set to revolutionize the face of manufacturing at the 2020 China International Industry Fair (CIIF), according to a recent press release from ABB.

Called IRB 1300, the company's new robot has high lifting ability, reach, and path accuracy "in a faster, more compact package," according to the release.


ABB debuts suite of next-gen digitial robotics automation

Automation is more prevalent in manufacturing than ever before — and the overwhelming relevance has pushed ABB to explore the boundaries of digital robotics automation to transform a wide range of industries "with more than a dozen robotic products and solutions all designed to help our customers adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape," said President Sami Atiya of ABB's Robotics and Discrete Automation.

"Designed and built in China, the IRB 1300 is the latest addition to our robot portfolio and a great example of how we are innovating to help our customers pivot to flexible manufacturing," added Atiya.

IRB 1300 is 60% lighter, with 27% faster cycle sequence

ABB's new robot IRB 1300 is designed to enhance productivity and new flexibility in production-lines, and the company claims it will help customers meet demand "for a faster and more compact robot able to rapidly lift heavy objects or loads with complex or irregular shapes," in the press release.

Roughly 60% lighter, with an 83% carbon footprint, and 27% faster cycle sequence, the six-axis industrial robot is built to reach and lift high-load applications in general industry, logistics, electronics, food and beverage, in addition to tier-1 automotive production.

"Today China is a global driving force in robotics and automation. The promotion of new economic development models and new infrastructure in China has enabled us to explore new opportunities in many industries, such as new energy vehicles, 5G and consumer electronics, logistics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, education and areas such as healthcare where robots have huge potential," said ABB China's Chairman, Chunyuan Gu.

Robotics take center-stage for fourth industrial revolution

"At this year's CIIF show, we are delighted to showcase our vision for the Hospital of the Future, as well as the Factory of the Future and how we will enable a more flexible approach to the manufacture of the Vehicle of the Future," added Gu.

As the world's leading manufacturing industries prepare for the fourth industrial revolution — notably, with examples like Tesla's 'alien dreadnought' — machines truly are adapting to fill the role of human factory workers, in ways physically impossible without a tireless, robot body.

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