Ability Hand – a revolution in bionic technology

It is the first bionic hand with a multi-touch feedback feature and boasts a 32-grip pattern.
Kavita Verma
psyonic - ability hand - eight examples of movement
psyonic - ability hand


Psyonic, a bionic device manufacturer, presented the Ability Hand at CES 2023, the world's first touch-sensing bionic hand. The hand can feel the things it holds, even the most delicate objects. It is a bionic prosthetic device, and the company aims to deliver it to more people than ever.   

The product is the first bionic hand with a multi-touch feedback feature. It weighs only 490 grams, which is 20 percent less than the average human hand. It has a 200-millisecond closing speed that makes it faster than any other bionic hand available on the market. It means it closes its fingers at a lightning-fast speed that shows its capability to grasp things faster than other bionic hands. 

In addition, the Ability Hand automatically positions its thumb on the selected object to maintain a strong grip and hold it precisely. The product is water-resistant, and its good grip prevents objects from slipping from its fingers. 

CES 2023 witnessed many AI-based products, including the bionic Ability hand. Another product that captured the attention at the event was the Autonomous Dual-arm Humanoid Robot that mimics the movement of human arms.  

The Ability Hand is highly durable, and each finger can handle a blunt force impact without breaking. If the fingers or the entire hand does break, the user should send it back to the manufacturing company Psyonic for repairs. 

Ability Hand – a revolution in bionic technology
psyonic - ability hand

Grip patterns and control

The Ability Hand comes with a 32-grip pattern for enhanced control while holding objects. However, it uses only a few core grip patterns throughout the day. It changes the pattern according to the grip level required to hold an object. The hand has myoelectric sensors, electromechanics, and a control system to use core grips for holding various objects. 

The product is compatible with most third-party linear transducers, force-sensitive resistors, EMG control systems, and pattern recognition systems.

Sensory feedback

Only a few bionic hands, including the Ability Hand, come with sensory feedback. The hand has sensors in its fingertips that trigger vibrations in the residual limb. These vibrations tell the user when the hand comes in contact with something and how much pressure it applies to the object. Although the Ability Hand is durable, it can pick and hold delicate objects like a berry or eggshells without crushing them. This is important as anything that allows the user to feel more connected to his bionic hand and helps in control is a welcoming feature.

Why are sensors important?

With the most bionic hands available today, the user has to visually guide the hand for every little movement and perform actions more slowly than naturally. This increases the mental stress on the user. With fast closing speed and sensory feedback, the Ability Hand reduces the user's mental load, shrinking the gap between bionic and real human hands. 


In the event of accidents, whether small or large, people lose the function of their hands, fingers, or arms due to an injury. The same is true with the Ability Hand. The fingers of the Ability Hand are made of flexible rubber and silicone, making them compliant and durable for most objects. Check the video below to see how it can destroy the flaming boards.

Dust and water resistance

The Ability Hand comes with an IP64 rating which means it is completely resistant to dust and water. It can tolerate water splashes from any direction, but users should not submerge it in water. 


The Ability Hand features a high-capacity, rechargeable 7.4V DC lithium polymer battery pack that provides sufficient power for a full day's usage. Users can charge the battery through the USB C charging port, which requires only an hour of charging. 

User software

The Ability Hand comes with access to an IOR or Android-based mobile application for the convenience of users and prosthetics. 

Above-the-elbow solutions

The product is a component hand designed to be used with other bionic devices. The Ability Hand is compatible with most 3rd party bionic devices, sensors, and control systems. It may be suitable with most above-the-elbow solutions. 


The Ability Hand is available for sale in the United States only. Psyonic, the manufacturing company, may make it available in the rest of the world in the future.

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